Saturday, August 30, 2014

Project Runway s13e06  Rock The Wedding  28 August 2014

Last time on Project Runway the designers attempted to create Emmy red carpet looks for Heidi Klum.  
 Amanda, Kini and Sean were the top three

with Sean winning the challenge.

Korina, Kristine and Mitchell were the bottom three.

 Both Kristine and Mitchell were eliminated.

"I have had it officially."

"Me, too.  It hurts just to look."

Yeah.  So much was WRONG with the entire episode.

"I know!   As soon as I leave, the whole thing falls apart!"

"I liked ONE of the outfits."

"Well, how would *you* change it, if given the chance?"

Thank you for asking, Detox, dearie.

1.  Korina should focus on her own work instead of being concerned about other people's personalities or creations.   I don't care WHY Korina is acting the way she is.   No matter the reason, she is wrong.  The designers are there to create fashion, not give psych evaluations.  That means pay attention to one's own work, and leave the judging to, well, the judges.

2. Char should have utilized her distaste for Sandhya's BRIGHT yellow to course correct at Mood, right on the spot, after having the realization.   She should have used her pale yellow idea, and maybe marry it to a supporting color.

"Like black."

Well, no, but she should have just done something for herself, and let Sandhya go off on her own tangent.   Sandhya was clearly shooting herself in the foot with her garment.   There was no need to jump in front and TAKE her bullet.   You are loved and missed, just the same.

A thought:  Do they not watch the international versions?

"She should have used some fringe."
"She could have WON the challenge if she
had just covered the crap with fringe."

3. Sean should have made it explicitly clear that Kini had made his top.   He unfairly won like no contestant before him, eh?   Okay, that's a little strong, but, still, Sean, not good.

4.  Tim shouldn't have dangled the possibility of rescuing Char right in front of her.    That is mean.   Just let her be gone.  Don't tell her to her face that you thought about it, but decided it was too early, especially when you saved Justin EXACTLY AT THE SAME POINT LAST SEASON, episode six.

5. As long as I'm picking on you, Mr. Gunn:  By this point in season eight, we were seeing how marvelous Mondo was.  (He had had three top 3s and three safes.)    Mr. G. had gone on record early that he was enamored with Mondo's work.   He was right.

"Of course."

This season he did the same thing with Alexander Knox.  Now that there is a rescue to be used, don't you think it inevitably will be used on him?  But, I'm not seeing him living up to the hype.   He's got two bottom 3s, three safes and a top 3.   Sandhya called him out for having two silhouettes.   Now I can't get that out of my mind.

"Maybe you just like the dulcet tones
of my voice playing in your head."

6.  It may be unfair to say this, but, in hindsight, don't you wish that the judges had had the double elimination THIS week, and gotten rid of BOTH Char and Sandhya?  Or maybe they could have had a double elimination both last week and this week, and then brought someone already eliminated back onto the show?

"We would certainly like another shot."

7.  I cannot believe that Amanda & Korina were just coincidentally paired together.   All the buttons in the bag are blank, I know it.

Poor Dita Von Teese.   Didn't you almost feel bad for her, for seeing all the wonkiness?   Maybe I'm just on crack this week.  Let's peek at what they did for the alternative wedding challenge:

Kini • Wedding

Sean • Reception

Alexander • Wedding

Samantha • Reception

Korina • Wedding

Patricia Amanda • Reception

Evidently this girl is getting drunk at her reception
BEFORE she ties the knot.

Emily • Wedding

Fade • Reception

Sandhya • Wedding

Char • Reception

Heidi tells them that only one team placed in the top.  According to how things went on the runway, this is how they placed:

     1.  Sean & Kini
     2.  Amanda & Korina
     3.  Fade & Emily
     4.  Samantha & Alexander
     5.  Sandhya & Char

So, not only were A&K proclaimed safe, they were 2nd best for the challenge!  Wow.  All that drama and hatred from one to another for nothing.

Okay, I know what I'm gonna do.   I'm gonna flag down Jason Cameron, and we're gonna sledgehammer the entire show.  Then he can rebuild it better.

And, if not him, well, Mike Holmes can make it right.

While I'm at it, we'll put Christopher Meloni back on SVU.  No one new has to leave, they can just make room for Stabler.

And, yes, of course, we'll bring back Futurama.

And, Felicity will never have had that god-awful 4th season dream.

Next week, Tim rescues the eliminated contestant, because it is SO much later in the season than it was this week.   Well, if you can believe Wikipedia