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Project Runway s13e01 The Judges Decide 24 July 2014

Thursday evening we saw 18 fashion designers converge in NYC.  Just like season 9's premier, they took their rack of garments before the judges, who narrowed the group from 18 to 15 on the spot.  

The judges eliminated Tim Navarro,
Nzinga Knight and Emmanuel Tobias.

The lack of focus in Emmanuel's work was evident.    I'm not sure what to take away from the other two being eliminated.   I know what you're thinking:  Tim Navarro self sabotaged by saying his aesthetic was for middle aged lesbians.   Nzinga Knight, though?  If the judges got rid of her so easily, I guess that means more cut outs, backless tops and showcasing the good china.  Ce n'est pas bon.   

Of note from Road To The Runway:  Hernan is already dressing Jennifer Lopez.  He's shown at Fashion Week twice already.  

Also, Tim Gunn adores Alexander Knox's work.  Or Alexander himself.  Majorly.  The proclamation is like when he talked about Mondo Guerra on season eight.    Tim says Knox is the best he's seen since Christian Siriano.  Brittany Kozerski, Associate Fashion Editor at Marie Claire is gagging at Tim's gushing.

I can't believe anyone would play favorites like that!

Oh, and the few that were *almost* canned, but did make it onto the show are:  Fade Zu Grau, Carrie Sleutskaya and Mitchell Perry.

I am fascinated with Sean Kelly's and Fade Zu Grau's work.   I think Fade's aesthetic is too casual to win, but I still love what he does.

Senility has taken over. 
I keep mixing up Sean, Jim and Greg.

But not me?   You'll start any minute.

To celebrate the fifteen newbies, the Moet cork popped off of its own accord.   Mr. G. thought he was being shot by Tim, Nzinga and Emmanuel.   I guess this ranks up there with season five's cork over the top of the Atlas Apts.

The next day, the designers enter the workroom at Parsons to find a black trunk containing five fabrics, three yards of each, at their work stations.  Tim then welcomes Amanda Valentine from s11 as the runway redemption returnee.  

Their challenge:  To create one look that would represent what they would show at Fashion Week for a Spring collection, should they make it to the finale.  They are allowed to share or exchange fabrics with fellow designers, but there doesn't seem to be all that much variety.  In fact, Jim Greg R. Sean Kelly and Amanda DO exchange, even thought they have exactly the same stuff.   Ha!   It's a one day challenge, bien sur.

Angela is getting a worried klutz edit, and Mitchell is getting the gossip/running commentary edit.  Enough.  Let's get right to —

Tim-thru time!  Amanda was worried about being too much of a presence last time around.   There's no mention of the team aspect in season eleven.   Tim urges her to keep going with the level of finishing she has with the pants.

Tim doesn't think Jefferson's fabric on top will flutter the way that Jefferson intends it to.   What, no mention of the wedgie shorts, pulled up to the boobs?

Tim labels Sandhya's work 'too crafty.'  Every contestant, production crew member, and resident of the tri-state area interviews that they don't get Sandhya's work.  Really.

Chiquitta Charketa is not sure how to finish her draped yellow top.  Tim does not want it tucked in.

No tucking for Tim!

Tim is worried Angela's hip cut-outs are too close to the lady bits, or at least that the model will have to do some extra shaving.   

Carrie hears "architectural" and "good," Kristine is told she just arbitrarily slapped her fabric on the mannequin and Korina's belt is deemed too limp.

Tim wishes Mitchell's onesie would be separates, and less '80s inspired.  Mitchell is getting quite the edit.   If he calls loved ones, or has family members dying, I'll be nervous for him going home.

My God, the models seem so unreasonably thin.   Have they been replaced by robots?

Maybe you're just fatter?

They finally move into Gotham West, is that like Gotham Apts. from season four?   They show footage of everyone commenting on everyone else.

No more Scott Patric or Johnny Lavoy?      Well, I managed to pick up the shattered piece of my life when Collier Strong abandoned me, so, I guess I can acclimate to the Philip B. guy and Luis Casco.  I wonder if his friends call him "Costco."   They didn't play "Hair & Makeup Frenzy" in B Major, either, boo. 

Mitchell Perry finishes early and offer help to the room.   Sandhya takes him up on it, he ends up fraying fabric for her.   He and Korina certainly do not LIKE it, though.

Joining judges Heidi Klum, Zac Posen and Nina Garcia is guest judge  Emmy Award winning, weirdo-labeling Julie Bowen.  (But, wait, she never DID say who was the weirdo this season.  See end.)

Sandhya Garg

Angela Sum

Alexander Knox

Sean Kelly

Carrie Sleutskaya

Samantha Plasencia

Mitchell Perry

Kini Zamora

Jefferson Musanda

Emily Payne

Hernan Lander

Korina Emmerich

Kristine Guico

Amanda Valentine

Fade Zu Grau

Charketa Glover

Heidi calls out Amanda, Jefferson, Mitchell, Sandhya, Charketa and Angela as top and bottom, and sends the rest of them out back.   Most everyone thinks Sandhya is the bottom scorer, but not Texan Sam.

Nina thinks Charketa's work is charming.    Why did Julie have to explain that she was a human?  The robots *did* take over while I was last in the rest room.

Well, better than pods, I guess.

Nina laments the junior shorts & t-shirt from Mitchell.  Zac wants more of a point of view than merely 'fun.'

Sandhya explains all the fabric manipulation.  Julie thinks her girl just escaped an amorous moment.  Zac thinks the attention to detail is special.  Nina is won over.

Jefferson wanted to deliver edgy & soft.  Heidi proclaims it terrible and super strange.  The proportions are odd for everyone.  Nina is especially bothered that Jefferson doesn't see that the proportions are off.   Julie says his own look is fine, but the work for the challenge is horrific.

Amanda talks of her contrasting aesthetic.  Nina wants to be her girl.  Wow.    Heidi calls them to normal.  

Angela wanted to make wearable asymmetry.  Nina calls it slutty.  Heidi doesn't know where to look.   Nina mentions too sexy and bad taste.  

On closer looks, it is clear Mitchell and Jefferson will be bottom two.  Zac doesn't like Sandhya's construction.  Nina loves the execution of Amanda's pants.

Heidi proclaims Sandhya the winner of the first challenge.   She earns immunity for the next one.   She, Amanda and Charketa are all in, and head out back.  The safe designers heads all explode.   Samantha exclaims that she had called Sandhya's win.  

Starr Angela is in.   Thank GOD.  We need her on the show, if only for comic relief.  You just KNOW she will run into a camera like s8's Ivy Higa before long.

Bottom two are Jefferson and Mitchell.   Mitchell is in.

Jefferson is auf'd.  

Coming this season:  A trip to a movie theatre, rain on the runway, and storage wars!   An alternative wedding dress challenge?   "I'm not hearing team in any of this."

"This is nothing if not the season of the vagina."

♫  This is the dawning of the age of the vagina ♫ age of the vaginaaaaaaaa 

"So I should have had cut-outs — down THERE?"

Now that I've seen an episode, and how they all work on camera, I am certain I underestimated Char.  Good on you, girl.   So, now my faves are Char, Sean, Fade, and maybe Emily and Alexander, too.  That does not mean they are my predictions for top five.

So, now my question is:  Will Carrie and Fade be able to prove to the judges that they deserved to be there?   Will Mitchell Perry go the way of s6's Mitchell Hall?    Wait, that was cruel.  Mr. P. is still sewing.  He's even helping others.   He's the anti-Mitchell Mitchell.

Heidi, be careful!

Be limitless.

No bull@#$%!

Oh, and that show on at 10:30p afterwards?   Completely useless, even if I adored both of the guests.  They missed a real opportunity, they should have on the show the person (or people) just eliminated, plus any that had a particular story line.  And, that little bit where designers voiced their opinions on who should have won or should have been eliminated?   They were all over the place.  Oy.

Weirdo:  Alexander Knox for the work/aesthetic.  Fade Zu Grau for the contestant/personality.  Did I get it right?


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