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PR13 Meet The Contestants  Premiers 24 July 2014

Let's get right to it.   I swear, it feels like there are fifty eight of these, eh?

And we still don't know which three of these will make it back onto the show.

Korina Emmerich
28 • Brooklyn, NY
A skull collector?   Korina holds a Bachelor's in Apparel Design from The Art Institute, Portland.   But, really, she collects skulls?   As a gag, when each contestant gets auf'd, there should suddenly be another skull in her room, huh?   We seem to have the same affinity for looking at, but not wearing, the color green.   She admitted her construction isn't the greatest.   Wait, isn't that, uh, kind of important for PR?

fäde zu grau
45 • Coral Gables, FL
Fade comes off so adorable, but I wonder if he is trying too hard, or if that is truly how he acts 24/7.   Okay, I do want an explanation for the name.   Was it just to drive home the point of view of his collection?  I really enjoyed his portfolio more than most of them, but it's casual wear, which is probably not the focus of the show.  He's a working graphic designer, and is self-taught.   Hmmm.  So was Kristin Haskins-Simms.   You know, "Animal Wooly Balls" from s8.

Oh, wait, I get it.   His husband, John is John Grau.  Yes?  And, he couldn't resist going for the pun?  Now I'm worried his name really is John Fuchsia.

Sandhya Garg
28 • Birmingham, AL
Sandhya graduated from both The National Institute of Fashion Technology, India, and from The London College of Fashion, University Of The Arts, London, UK.  I enjoyed her stills, but the video had me questioning the busy-ness of everything.   Her work history suggests strong craftsmanship.   That means she can go far, yes?

Char Glover
37 • Detroit, MI
Working hair stylist.  Self taught designer.  s9 Fallene, right, as in leaves by 3rd episode?   I did like her, and she does design for a girl who exists, there is that, but I am fearful for her when a truly sophisticated / glamourous challenge hits.   Wow, that's kinda cruel.  Hope I'm all wrong on that.  Oh, and be limitless.

Kristine Guico
26 • Brooklyn, NY
She's having a hard time finding places to develop her photos.    1. Oh, girl, come to the 21st century!  2.  I thought Polaroid was self-developing?   

Kristine has a BFA in Fashion Design from FIT, but all I can think of is sending her over to Char Glover so her hair can return to its rightful dark color.  I want to see her on the unconventional materials challenge(s) but I fear she'll be around for only 15 minutes or less.

Sean Kelly
25 • Brooklyn, NY
We have a Kiwi, finally, woo-hoo!   Man, I loved his portfolio, but, will he struggle going from menswear to womenswear?  He graduated from Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand, and even won a design excellence award there last year.   Judging from the videos, so far, Sean looks to be the neediest.   His past work interests me, so I think I am rooting for someone now.

Nzinga Knight
33 • Brooklyn, NY
Jui jitsu?  I can't write anything bad, she'll beat me up!  She seems to be a bit more on the ball than others, I give her that.   I didn't like her stills, but the videos showed a wider range and skill set.  Nzinga has a BFA from Pratt Institute (isn't that s1's Nora Caliguri's alma mater?) and a decent work history.   Looking forward to seeing her work.   And I'm not just saying that so I don't get hit.

Alexander Knox
22 • Chicago, IL
He attended Columbia College in Chicago.   He likes the dropped crotch pants for himself.   Well, he & Heidi can pal it up, I guess.   And Alexandria from last year.  He seems way too cute to be reaching for the punk aesthetic, right?   He's working as a designer, but I am dubious as to how strong he might be.  I need to see more.

Hernan Lander
33 • New York, NY
It doesn't say whether he merely attended or graduated from Altos de Chavon, Dominican Republic, but he did win a full scholarship to Parsons. The New School of Design, NY.   He has a nice portfolio, I am eager to see what he creates.

Jefferson Musanda
25 • Brooklyn, NY
Is it just me or is over half the cast from Brooklyn?  Maybe the 3-4 people who get axed in episode one are all from Brooklyn?  We'll see.   Def Jeff is another one for the dropped crotch.   I guess PR would require a guy to wear Depends.   What's with the 2 years Fisher College, 3 at Pratt Institute?   Did he graduate?   He seems committed.   Good man, he hates leggings.   Oh, and men who look at their junk for his stills.  

Tim Navarro
32 • Minneapolis, MN
Self-taught twin who just closed up his shop.  He does menswear, but he must do womenswear, too, or he wouldn't be on the show.   I hope some season they do all menswear.   Or all non-model sizes.   Or something that precludes using toothpick models.

But I still wanna be a toothpick model.   =op

Seems to be overly interested in the vest.  Hope he can work them into his looks successfully.

Hey, why aren't they BOTH on for s13?  They had brothers over on Top Chef.   They had co-workers on The Fashion Show Season Two Ultimate Collection And Iman Will Eat You, so why not on PR?

Emily Payne
40 • San Francisco, CA
She has an AA in Fashion from Dallas Art Institute.  I know, only a two year degree, but I like her work.   I want to see more.   So, see, there's a few of them that are looking impressive before even seeing them on the show.

Samantha Plasencia
27 • San Antonio, TX
What?  University of the Incarnate Word–Basic Sewing?   Catholic school sewing?   Maybe I'm missing something there.  I did like her past work, but I am fearful this will be Julie 2.0, where I love the portfolio, and not the show output.  Prove me wrong, SP!

The Mitchell Perry
25 • Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Mitch" seems committed, which I like.   I didn't like the "THE Mitchell Perry" in all of the promo material, but he doesn't seem to be playing that card in the videos.   You know, I had enough with Suede, I don't need the "The."

What are you saying?   You WANT The The!

Mitch likes to wear jumpers.   All I can see is a baby's onesie.   That can NOT be good.   I do respect that he makes his own clothes.   I bet he goes far on s13.

Carrie Sleutskaya
24 • Los Angeles, CA
Well, if there's a dress-a-pug challenge, she'll certainly win, eh?   She earned her BFA at OTIS College of Art & Design.   Her cosplay work is interesting.  Okay, I'm game, I'm curious as to how she does.

Angela Sum
32 • Los Angeles, CA
She has an AA from FIT, but writes that she is self-taught.   I like that she made the bulk of her wardrobe.   She got her marriage into a magazine, since she made everyone's outfit, sweet, right?  She sure is color phobic, eh?

Emmanuel Tobias
29 • Dallas, TX
His BFA in Fashion Design is from University of North Texas.  He has impressive work history.   Okay, I'm sold, I want to see more.   But, please, why does he have to be into jumpers, too?   Are all men going to be wearing onesies now, with their overgrown beards?  Ya know, I did complain a few years ago that all we ever saw was an open back on everything.   I'd take that back in order to have men be at least mostly clean shaven, and wearing full length pants which are separate from the top.

Kiniokahokula Zamora
30 • Kapolei, HI
Kini, your fake fur tails are scaring me.  Or, scarring me.   And the blonde hair.   He looked so much nicer in the big pic with dark hair.   That being said, I loved some of his pieces very much.   I am curious to see what he does on the show.

Do you have any favorites?   I do like a lot of these contestants this time around.   Not sure if that speaks of their quality, or my lack of vision at this point.  For the person who returns, either Ken Laurence, Alexander Pope, or Amanda Valentine, do you think they can make it as far as before, competing with this level of talent?   Okay, it just hit me.   I want Mr. Pope to return, if only for there to be confusion with TWO Alexanders.

Just FOUR MORE DAYS, woo-hoo!


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