Friday, July 18, 2014

Jogging  7  18 July 2014

I was able to jog the 7 mile path just fine.   So fine that I already set the alarm early enough to do the 10 mile path tomorrow.   My foot did just fine.   (I didn't jog very much Wed., and took 'off' Thurs. because of the Wed. foot pain that I couldn't assign its origin.)   Je suis heureux.

For a couple of miles I had Aretha Franklin's early 1986 "Another Night" going in my head.  For the rest I had the Luther Vandross produced 1983 "Get It Right."

I am not sure Ms. F. is the right person to be inspiring me to be physically fit.
There's that problem with entitlement, too.
God, I certainly need less of that in my life!


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