Saturday, July 12, 2014

Health  7  12 July 2014

I managed to do the 7 mile jog this morning.   I kept playing two songs in my mind, depending upon my speed, while I jogged.

Waterloo was a bit too fast, but S.O.S. was a bit too slow.   
And now you know how current I am not.

On the way back, as I neared April & Hoffner Streets, Cousin Itt sped by on his (her?) bike.   The bike was one of the 1950 retro lookalikes.  Cousin Itt was dressed in white, but not very dressy.

I started to feel bad for Itt.  I mean, that's not a good look for ANYONE.  Then I remembered I looked like Pugsley, so, well, I went right back to thinking about ABBA.   There's, that's better for denial.

Works for me.


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