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Face Off s7e1 Life & Death 22 July 2014

We knew the scenario going into it:  Sixteen makeup artists show up but they're only letting fourteen on the show.  It sounds like sloppy production to me.

The episode is one big Foundation Challenge.   The 16 contestants show up at 214 South Main St. in Los Angeles, CA, which is the Cathedral of St. Vibiani.   Hmmm, they have to pray to God to 'really' get on the show?  Oh, and 'be on the show' in this case really means getting eliminated before unpacking and moving into the Face Off house later after the challenge, and actually setting foot in the regular work room. 

Host McKenzie Westmore welcomes them to a "Life or Death" challenge:  Four hours in which to create a character representing life, or death.   They seem to be eight models for life and eight for death.  Each has a mystery item that must be incorporated into the look.  As they run to choose, the group seems to divide up evenly, but Scott later interviews that he didn't get the death that he wanted, being inadvertently tripped up by Barry.

A handful of contestants get a Winner's/Loser's edit, but they are fake-outs, thank God.   Damien is self-taught, Scott just rediscovered his love for special effects a few years ago.    Drew teaches special effects, but wants to work in film, and/or have his own studio.

Cig already holds my heart if he's
wearing a brain slug on his head.

George has worked in film, but has always been a grunt.  Orlando's "Doc" has auditioned for several seasons before making it on.  Vince actually already won an Emmy in 1993 working WITH (under?) Michael Westmore on a Star Trek show.  For some reason he didn't stay in the industry, and is reentering the world of special effects.

Thirty minutes in, McKenzie has them stop, and introduces "Freddy Krueger" Robert Englund, who gives some obvious advice (be inspired by your model, the prosthetic, and the extra items.)

Let's see what they did on their final audition:





Cig Neutron












McKenzie welcomes regular judges Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page.   What, no Ve Neill?   No sub for her?  (She's gonna be busy with Hunger Games production.)    Glenn and Neville get a closer look at each creation, and have something positive and negative to mumble about nearly every one.

Then McKenzie sends them to some hotel.   The next day judging commences with Glenn, Ve, Neville and Lois Burwell, who comes on board as Ve will only be around for a couple of episodes.

McKenzie calls out Cig, Rachael, Stella, Damien, George, Drew, Barry and Doc as the middle safe.

Keaghlan wanted to make a creative muse.  Glenn calls it an impressive first showing.  He Hindu inspiration.  The other judges gush over her work.

Sasha is chided for "ignoring" one of the pieces to be utilized, hiding it on the hand, and for not looking very 'death.'  Nevertheless, they love the cohesive look of it.

Scott's guy is a celestial soldier.  Lois doesn't think it works.  Glenn is disgusted that the neck piece isn't used as such.   Ve is disappointed.

Jason's girl represents death by eating her victims.  Ve thinks it's muddy, and says he flunked out.  Glenn likes the forehead idea and little else.

Glenn informs McKenzie that they have already
decided upon one of the two to leave, and —

Scott is eliminated first. 
Glenn twists the knife by saying
Scott isn't even ready to compete with the rest.

Dina incorporated the whites and greens from the set of Vibiana.  The judges admire that, and go ape over her cake piping of the veins.   

Gabby immediately tells the judges that her work went wrong.  She didn't honor the challenge.  Lois calls the work confusing and unappealing.

Gwen covered her guy with illness to convey death personified.  The judges like it from far away, but the work is too muddy up close.  Glenn doesn't like the cleanliness of the eye patch.

Vince made a mutated zombie demon.  The judges love the colors and the cheek protrusion antennae.  His decision making is especially applauded.

Dina is the winner of the challenge.
Glenn proclaims that special effects, not cake decorating, is her calling.
Dina, Keaghlan, Sasha and Vince are all safe, and sent out back.

In addition to the already eliminated Scott, the others in the bottom are Jason, Gabby and Gwen.

Gabby is eliminated for not having much of anything correct with her look.   They respect that she was smart enough to see that that was the case.

Fan Favorite for the episode was shown to be Drew.  Wasn't he just safe and in the middle?
Oh, I get it, model good looks.

I look forward to seeing these looks soon:

And, go Orlando!


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