Thursday, July 31, 2014

Face Off s7e2  American Gangsta  29 July 2014

Last week on Face Off we met 16 new contestants fighting for 14 spots in a 4-hour Foundation Challenge:  Make the creature of one's choice, incorporating two different items, with the theme of either life or death.  Judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill (for only a few episodes this season,) Neville Page and Lois Burwell sorted them out.

Dina beat out Keaghlan, Sasha & Vince for the win.

Jason & Gwen were in the bottom four,

 along with Scott & Gabby,
the latter two being eliminated.

Right after last week's cut from 16 to 14, the competitors move into the Face Off house, and jump into the pool.  Not the one with the Koi, right?

Next morning they meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at Universal Studios.

She's usually in Heidi Klum attire (short, tight, shiny) but in a muddy brown, the top and pants almost come off like PJs.   In heels.   Just because she is gorgeous and model thin, that doesn't mean she can wear just *anything.*  Sorry, I was in Project Runway mode.

Ooooh, stop that now!

The challenge:  Create an over the top crime boss.  Think Warren Beatty's 1990 Dick Tracy.  McKenzie explains that the items nearby represent real-life gangsters.  They have been paired off (seemingly evenly) as follows:

Drew & Gwen grab the shark, which gives them Michele "The Shark" Sindona.

Rachael & Vince select the typewriter, which turns into Charles "Chuckie" "The Typewriter" Nicoletti. 

Doc & Stella are smitten with needles, turning out to be Leonard "Needles" Gianola.

Barry & Sasha run with the clock, which becomes Albert "Allie" "Tick-Tock" Tannenbaum.

Cig & George capture the tuna, representing Tony "Big Tuna" Accardo.   Chicago newspapers dubbed him such for a fishing excursion?  

Dina & Jason choose peanuts, which earns them John "Peanuts" Tronolone.

Damien & Keaghlan pick up the truck, which means they get Opal "Bernice" "Mack Truck" Long.

No one is interested in the bananas or the guns.

Then McKenzie introduces the Oscar winning SFX artist for Dick Tracy, Doug Drexler.  He advices them to not be too on the nose.  They ought to veer into fantasy, but not completely?

Soon the makeup artists are designing, and then sculpting in the workshop.  Barry and Sasha don't agree with the vision, and Sasha ends up caving for Barry's 'rat' vision.

And then they got personal pan pizzas
on the way back to the work room.

Ah, let's just jump right to
Westmore time!

Michael wants 'finger cups' utilized, instead of the quills off of the head.  Doc & Stella are on board for that.

Mr. W. is worried that Dina & Jason's gangster's peanut head will read broken egg.

Mr. Westmore calls Barry & Sasha out on not following the brief (there is no clock at all.)  He suggests a time bomb, which Sasha makes.

Vince explains the type font vision.  Michael wants their work to be clean.   Wait, that's it?

At the end of day two, many are helping Rachael & Vince with their molds.   I know, old news, but it is so refreshing when they all help each other.

On day three most are still working on pieces when the models come in.   What a difference from last year when Tyler and Rashaad seemed to always be painting on day two, huh?

Stella doesn't like the edge of the head piece and decides to play UP a hard edge, instead of trying to hide it.   Is that wise?

Joining judges Glenn, Lois and Neville is Doug Drexler.

Drew & Gwen

Barry & Sasha

Rachael & Vince

Damien & Keaghlan

Dina & Jason

Doc & Stella

Cig & George


Okay, was it just me, or was Glenn approaching
the first creation like it was a scared puppy?
Maybe I should stop picking on him
and thank Jesus he looks like he is showering this season.

McKenzie calls out Drew & Gwen, and Damien & Keaghlan as middle safe.  Rats, I wanted to hear the judges talk about ALL of them.

Glenn loves the face, but not the literal aspect of the head piece / hair / hat.

Lois is not a fan!  What was with all the bunny nose twitches by the model?  Neville says a lower ear does not equal damage, as Barry says.

Cig & George's work is a big hit with everyone.  Neville applauds the execution.  Doug likes the body suit.   Lois calls it the 'catch of the day.'  Ouch!

Doug doesn't think the cowl and the face go together.  The judges don't like the paint job at all.

Glenn LOVES the typewriter aspect.  If only they had done better paint, the judges lament.

Glenn tells them there was a clear winner:

Tuna man!

Cig is declared the winner of the challenge.   Cig, George, Rachael, Vince, Doc and Stella are deemed safe and sent out back.

Bottom two teams are Dina & Jason, and Barry & Sasha.

Barry is eliminated.  The character was flawed, and, per Glenn, he was the driving force behind it.

Next week, aliens?