Monday, June 23, 2014

Meet The Contestants Soon Both PR & Face Off

Oh, thank you, Lord in Heaven, they're back!

I've been sick the last few days (I'd swear it was pneumonia / bronchitis, but I've been checked out by the primary and it's not either) so I haven't been able to get to blog posts to introduce and scrutinize the latest crop of contestants.   I'll be on it soon, never fear.

They premier the 24th and the 22nd, respectively, so I have a few days.   Both are using the PR8 method of telling all of the contestants that they are not quite on the show yet.   Boo.   You merely want to eliminate a bunch early.   Ce n'est pas la meme chose!

Will the right ones be eliminated?

Will they see the production crew and realize they are indeed already on the show even if they are told  RE  PEAT  ED  LY  that they aren't on it yet?


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