Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jogging  7  19 June 2014

I was finally able to jog again after a week of paranoia and confusion.

I've had three blood tests in the past week, and a fourth is scheduled for tomorrow.  My creatinine and potassium levels have been off the charts.   Worse, we have no idea why.   I have permission to binge on water, so we'll see how I fare tomorrow, after having done so.

I am just glad I was feeling well enough to jog again today.  A snail was on my heels and helped me knock 3 whole minutes off of my typical time.   What's funny is, the guy was so loud, he kept me going faster than normal for 2 of the 7 miles.   I was sure I would have a significantly shorter time logged.  Nope.  Silly me.

My mom died of kidney failure in 2012, so it's rather worrisome that mine would start acting up now.  This sure makes the quest to live forever in as healthy a manner as possible seem a little less plausible.

Side note:  Face Off s7 contestant information was released.  I'll do a meet-the-contestants post in the coming weeks.


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