Friday, June 27, 2014

Jogging  7  27 June 2014

I did the 7 mile jog this morning.  I could have done more, but I didn't allot the time.   Or, take the right path.  Maybe tomorrow I'll attempt the 10 mile path?

Every time I go out jogging, I inevitably end up praying.  Here's how today's went:

"Dear God, Thank You for this day.   Thank You for sending Jesus to ... FFF C — — — — — — — FFF C — — — — —  GGGGGGGG C (in an Asian female's voice) The best things in life are free FFF C but you can give them to the birds & bees, I want money, that's what I want."

I'm going to hell because every time I start to pray, I end up sidelined by a trite Billboard Hot 100 song.  Today it was The Flying Lizards' fault.

Oh, it's never YOUR fault, eh?

In all fairness, I suspect it was the tempo with which I was jogging, because I was thinking of that song for more than 6 miles of the 7 mile jog.  Ha!

I'm working on the Face Off Meet-The-Contestants post, and then I'll get over to the PR one.   Soon, I trust.


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