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RPDR s6e12 Sissy That Walk • 5 May 2014

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the queens threw a Glitter Ball.

Adore won the SEWING challenge!

Can you believe it?

BenDeLaCreme was eliminated,

leaving the longest message ever on the mirror.

The queens walk back to the work room.  Bianca seems a bit rattled, unnecessarily so.  Hmm.

This weeks challenge is what used to be for the final three:  Michelle Visage presents the video challenge.  There are two acting segments, a group lip synch choreographed, and an individual lip synch, on a treadmill.

Jamal Sims teaches the dance moves.   Bianca is stressed, but might be getting it.  Darienne is shown struggling.   You know how it goes, you see all the mistakes while learning it but when it come time to perform, they'll all do great.

Ru has a Chinese take-out box full of Tic-Tacs this time around.   Courtney is accused of coming off 'canned.'  Darienne is asked how she will deal with what the viewers will say about her.   Miss Lake talks about having to leave home, that her family thought queers are below others.  Wow.  Ru gives Bianca a major compliment, saying she is one of the most astute contestants.   Bianca credits all her mentors in life.  She interviews that she has enjoyed mentoring fellow contestants.  Adore shares that she is close to her mother, but not the father.   Ru advises her to remember the healed broken bone is stronger than before being broken.

During the group lip synch Bianca & Courtney are fierce and in synch.  Adore and Darienne are not.

Question:  How much work time did the girls get before acting challenge #1?  It seems like they were WELL prepared.  There's talk that there will be improvisation.  Some of them did so well with it, very nice.  Courtney forgets to slap Ru, but makes up for it by slapping him, what, 25 times?  Ha!

For the 2nd acting challenge, they all seem alright.  Dang, it's close.  Mathu Andersen needs to rethink the beard.  He's overcompensating for no eyebrows, or something.  Darienne turns it out at the very end, but that means she didn't so much at the beginning and the middle.

It's just Ru, Michelle and Santino at runway time.

It's a lame photoshop job, but you get the idea.

Oh, now you've done it, Ru.  In 1984 my mom had her bedroom done in a certain fabric.  She had matching wallpaper, bedspread and curtains.  Yes, she also had a dress made of the same fabric, and then I started teasing her that when she walked in the bedroom, all I could see was her head floating by in the air.   Ru is doing the same thing with her dress on that set.  





Santino likes Adore's look.  Michelle likes the solo lip synch, and the 2nd acting bit.

Bianca's look is praised, and both group and solo lip synchs are a hit.   Her acting is celebrated, too.

Courtney's look is called perfect.

She does a funny fall right on the spot.
Ha!  Her close up shots are deemed too frenetic.

Darienne's 2nd acting challenge was weak, but everything else is admired.

It kind of looks like it could go any way.  Uh-oh!  When asked why they should  be the next drag queen superstar, each has a reasonable response.  (Remember last year when only Alaska gave a decent reply?)

Over on Untucked, while they wait in the silver lounge, the girls bond.  Adore compliments Bianca, as does Courtney Darienne.   Going in to the challenge Courtney thought Darienne would place fourth and be eliminated, but now she is thinking otherwise.   

The judges admire Adore's acting, and that she is so charming.  Adore's aesthetic can be said to be all that she can do.  Bianca's intelligence is evident, and she helps everyone else because she isn't threatened.  Michelle wants to see more variety in her looks.  The judges didn't like Courtney's 2nd acting look.  Santino is impressed with Courtney's runway output.  Darienne's work is admired, but there have been low points.

Ru has them ALL lip synch, but, to me, this seems unnecessary.  It looks like it breaks down as this to me:  Bianca and Courtney at the top, but each has a weak spot.  Adore and Darienne are the bottom, but each has major strengths.  It is nice to see everyone lip synch, and, they all do fine.    The lip synch doesn't change anything in my eyes.

Ru eliminates Darienne on the spot.
Whew!  Ru got it right.

Last week I was so upset with BDLC being kicked off, and it got me to thinking.  How often does Ru get it wrong?  Really.  I can only come up with 1.5 times, including BDLC's elimination.

Yes, that would be the 0.5, bringing
Kenya back after elimination.

Oh, how quickly you forgot me!

Oh, okay, 2.5 grand total.
Nina *was* robbed, after all.

Ru asks for fans to vote for the top three, but we know she will make the final decision.  Next week is a recap clip show, and the following should be the reveal.

Which queen are you rooting for?

Good news, everyone!
There WILL be a second season of All Stars.
Who do you want involved?

Morgan!  Morgan!  Morgan!  Morgan!


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  1. At the time of this episode coming out, people only had about 24 hours to 'vote' for who they wanted to win, as the reunited episode was filmed the day after, on the Tuesday, so I doubt voting will do anything other than to see who people like.

    As for all stars, definitely Willam or Detox