Monday, May 12, 2014

RPDR Fun 12 May 2014

Okay, I am fearing that this clip show tonight is going to be a bit of a meh.   Not that I'm not all kinds of excited for the big reveal next week, more so that tonight's episode won't have more than 5 minutes of fresh footage.


Also fresh.

My jam-packed full day fizzled out early, so here I am plopped in front of the LR TV, watching Love It Or List It Too (or Vancouver, depending upon where you are.)  I'm trying to figure out what my next move, since I suddenly have a few hours of free time.  Then it hits me.

Adore & Jillian were separated at birth!

You know, I would enjoy seeing Adore in some kind of host position on a TV show.  She IS charming.   Just as long as she doesn't call someone's experience in the 1930s Great Depression "great."

"I mean, like, I know, f@#k, amirite, huh?  Party!"

Hmmm.  Maybe more of a scripted show would be in order?

Maybe if we're lucky we'll see more of Ross from the extended Pit Crew?  I better put that on the prayer chain.


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