Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jogging  10.25  29 May 2014

I'm back baby!

I jogged my longest route ever this morning, 10.25 miles.   Never you mind how many hours it took.

I was so scared when I did such poor numbers earlier in the week that that was the end of my jogging days.   Nope, I was fine this morning.   Well, I was annoyed at the heat and humidity, but I was able to cover ten and a quarter miles!   I was even coherent enough to say hello to some passersby.     One guy was jogging in the other direction, with his shirt off.   Yum.

You were jogging to get healthier, not to get laid!

Now to figure our a longer path that doesn't cross too many streets.   I don't want to press my luck too much with playing in traffic.


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