Friday, May 30, 2014

Health  I'm Gifted  30 May 2014

Thursday morning I jogged 10.25 miles with the finger toe socks.   No problems.   Thursday evening I got a surprise ride to Walmart (the blind do not drive) so I went on a mini capitalistic adventure.  What did I do?   I injured my toe wearing regular socks, just walking around the store.

Okay, everyone, with your best Nancy Kerrigan voice:  WHY?!?!?

Well, of course, I know why now:  Only finger toe socks for me, eh?  My dear podiatrist has me on Cipro encore fois, which makes me all kinds of sick, but it does work.   We'll see how I feel tomorrow, but I did set the alarm just in case I'm up for jogging tomorrow morning.

Dear God, help me be wise with my foot.   I don't want to reinjure myself, but I don't want to take every opportunity to shirk responsibilities either.

On the plus side, the blood pressure reading was 102 over 60.  Nice, huh?


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