Saturday, April 5, 2014

UTG s1e12 Superhero Fashion 3 April 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn, the designers created outfits for real women.  

Blake met his long lost sister.  The judges sent him home so he could catch up with her.  Shan nearly killed his client with sequins, then worked up something new in the last hour and won the competition.  Oscar made an exquisite gown for his client, but because it wasn't footie pajamas with animal ears the judges deemed it too old for her.  Asha celebrated her client's recent weight loss with an outfit that made her look pregnant and placed top 2.

And I placed bottom two, which now has me in a malaise.

I thought you said in a maze.  Maize?  Mayonnaise?  Mamase?

This is as good of a point as any to say I've been feeling guilty about being mad at everyone who's given Natalia crap the past weeks.  Maybe it annoyed me so much because it hit home?

Did you ever regret how you acted?

Aaah, I'm in a good mood.  You know that fashion and superheroes can only be a good thing, eh?  If only they sang, too.

So, the remaining contestants and lite mentors meet up with Tim Gunn at a comic book shop.

Ooooh, my challenge!

The challenge is to use a comic book hero as inspiration for an outfit that will wow the judges.  They are, of course, not to make costumes.

The winner won't get to be in a comic book.
Only Tim gets to be in print.

 Well, Chad & Shannel, too.

The contestants actually get TWO days to create their looks.  Tim continues to belabor the point that if a mentor loses all of their designers, then they are eliminated, too, plus all the current tallies.   Does he get paid by the utterance?

Most of the contestants end up battling ennui.  I guess Sam is contagious.  Let's just skip to the runway.  Joining Tim, Jen, Zanna and Rachel is Jaimie Alexander.  I bet Olivier Green is her favorite PR designer.





Zanna likes Oscar's cape but not the outfit underneath.  Rachel sees complete costume.  Jen and Jaimie love it.  Jaimie wants to wear it all over the planet.

Shan hears nothing but praise from the judges.  Okay, he's in the finale.

The judges do like Asha's work, but Zanna and Jaimie found it anemic.

Sam starts to break down on the runway.  Rachel says the outfit is mundane.  Tim steps in and ties it all back to the vulnerability of the comic book action hero he had for inspiration.  Jen and Jaimie love the outfit.
I wanna say there's no crying in fashion,
but I'd be lying like a rug.

Oscar and Shan make it to the finale.  You saw that coming, ouias?

Bottom two are Sam and Asha.  Two judges want Sam to move forward, the other two are in Asha's camp.

TG: Mondo, since the judges couldn't decide, what do you think?
MG:  Well, they both should move forward to the finale.  Then they both should win the grand prize, and I should get double the mentor prize package.
TG:  Okay.

"You should be happy for me, okay?
Just like I was happy whenever Natalia
made it through to another challenge."

"I coulda sequined a designer outta here.  Even two.  Trust."

Next week:  The finale.  Will Asha get help in making a surprise extra look from Natalia?  Why else would Tim says "Go #$@! yourself?"   How many times will we hear the phrases "being thrown under the bus" and "the judges don't get my aesthetic?"


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