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RPDR s6e9  Queens Of Talk 14 April 2014

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the contestants performed stand up to a mostly geriatric audience.  Top three included Trinity K. Bonet and Darienne Lake.

Bianca Del Rio nailed the challenge and more than earned the win.

Bottom two were Joslyn Fox and Laganja Estranja,
with the latter being eliminated, oki?

Back in the work room immediately after LE's departure, the remaining drag queens are lamenting that Laganja went out with such raw emotion.

BenDeLaCreme and Courtney Act interview that they expect Joslyn Fox to go next.  Courtney calls her the DiDa Ritz of the season.  Wow, that hurt!

Next morning, in the work room the contestants get to play Hungman!

Dear God, please, whatever it takes,
have purple undie man knock at my door.

 I *think* his name is Ross? 

Never mind.  I'm still waiting on Rayce and Wayne from Face Off.

BenDeLaCreme wins the mini-challenge and a bunch of … eyelashes.   A year's worth.  Yeah.

Not a year's worth of Ross.  =o(

The main challenge is a talk show.  They are to interview Chaz Bono and his maternal grandmother, Georgia Holt.

What, no mention of me?

No, no one mentions you.  It's a show about drag queens.  You're a straight girl.  Why would they know or care who you are?

Ru-thru!  Doesn't he look scared?  Will one of these bitches cut him if she doesn't win?

Adore says she is freaking out that she won't come off natural.  Ru reminds her that if she's prepared, she'll be fine.

Joslyn Fox promises she won't wear any straps on the runway.    Ru doesn't like her mentioning Cher's vagina so much.

"Is this challenge going to allow the judges to see the 'real' you?"
"What are you afraid of people seeing?"

Wow.  DeLa has an answer though, and I'm not too worried.

Courtney Act asks for general advice so she can please the judges.   Ru sees the polish, but wants more.

Trinity is pleased that in this challenge she gets to be herself in this challenge.

No Bianca, no Darienne.  Bet they are safe middle.

Joining the regular judges are Georgia Holt, Chaz Bono and Paula Abdul, who evidently is in for Cher.

During the initial filming vignettes we see so many mistakes.  They only get to do these once, right?  Adore is lost.  Bianca runs out of time.  Trinity calls Chaz "Chad," several times, in fact.  Is it her speech impediment?  Is it just nerves?  Courtney seems to be doing alright.  Darienne doesn't seem to be fully on, or fully there.   DeLa seems quite comfortable and on point.  Joslyn Fox makes light of unusual, touchy subjects.  UNcomfortable.

Darienne Lake
The judges love the runway look.  Michelle says she came off nervous on the interview.

Adore Delano
Adore's look is mixed to bad.  It does look second rate, huh?  She struggled unsuccessfully during the interview.   She had a hard time wrapping her bran around The Depression.

Chaz appreciated that DeLa was prepared and knowledgable.  Michelle does see more of DeLa's personality, and is pleased.

Bianca Del Rio
The runway look is a hit.  The interview was only of Chaz, not of Georgia, too.  Bianca always has quick repartee with Ru, do you notice that?  That's gotta count in her favor.

Joslyn Fox
They were to present animal-inspired outfits, and Joslyn is the only one to be able to present that.  Can't be good.  They take her to task for asking about nearly aborting Cher.  Joslyn apologizes on the stage, and we find out that Georgia was okay with the interview except for the abortion sentence.

Courtney Act
The wings are a hit!  Paula says she is easy to relate to.

Trinity K. Bonet
Her runway look is praised, rightly so.  Michelle calls her out for getting the name wrong.  Trinity blames it on nerves, but doesn't really apologize.  Interesting.  Was it just edited out?

While the judges deliberate, over in the lounge, Darienne has a snotty attitude.  We don't really see why, or get much of an apology, but at least the others do call her out on it.

Bianca and DeLa are safe.   

Courtney Act wins the challenge!   She wins … wigs?  She owns a wig store, doesn't she?  Why, yes she does!   http://shop.wigsbyvanity.com/herstory    Last week Bianca won a dress.  She makes clothes at her day job.  Next time betcha Adore wins singing lessons, or Joslyn wins a thong.

Darienne is safe.  So is Joslyn Fox.  


Adore and Trinity lip synch for their lives to Paula Abdul's early 1992 hit "Vibeology."

Ru keeps Adore and lets Trinity go.  Trinity gives such a sweet departing message of gratitude to Ru.  Damn.  Now I wish I could see more of Trinity.  Maybe on another season of All-Stars?

What do you think?   I would guess Joslyn, Adore and Darienne go next, in that order, leaving a top three of Bianca Del Rio, BenDeLaCreme, Courtney Act.  Don't quote me on that, that is just a guess.  If things play out this way, I'll be rooting for all three in the finale.  It's so nice to not be hating someone in the finale.


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  1. Love BDLC and Courtney Act, but if I had to choose I would definitely choose Courtney to win, with BDLC in second and Bianca in third. I also found it odd that Courtney won wigs, but I guess it's just pot luck. And hey, a girl can never have too many wigs.

    Going back to the last episode, while Joslyn has a right to be upset with Courtney for being, well, a bit blunt about her runway looks, she should also know that the people you idolise aren't always as they seem. You only really see what they want you to see and you don't always see them as an actual person so you should really treat them as if it's your first time meeting them and treat them as a person, not just an idol.