Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RPDR s6e8 Drag Queens Of Comedy 7 April 2014

Last time, mere minutes ago, on RuPaul's Drag Race, the queens promoted cosmetics.

Laganja & Adore Adore & Laganja won the challenge.
Bianca & Trinity got along and did well.

BenDeLaCreme was the bottom contestant, but Ru saved her.
Michelle wants to see more from her.  Will she?

Back in the work room it isn't long till Laganja is seeking more attention.

"Are you not going to congratulate Adore & I?"

I have no words.

Where have I been?  It just hit me,
BenDeLaCreme out of drag is Mr. Tumnus!

Joslyn is still hurt that Courtney called her runway look unpolished.
I won't give her a hard time for it.
It must be hard to endure an idol (not a pun) calling you out with insults.

For the mini challenge Ru has the girls do the old upside down chin face gag.

At least Ru's cracking up.  

Maybe I just had too much of it in college, but it ain't doin' it for me.  Yeah, college.  When would it have been appropriate, elementary school?  Come to think of it, I was reading the Narnia books at the end of my freshman year.  That explains a lot.  Maybe now that I'm elderly I am ready to be 18.

I have no words.

Alright, Joslyn gets three weeks' worth of immunity for noticing that Trinity K. Bonet's chin face looks like previously eliminated Vivacious.  That made me laugh!

Joslyn wins the mini challenge.  The main challenge is to write and perform their own stand up!  It will be in front of a geriatric audience.   Oh, man, now I wish they would do it for kindergarteners.

Again, I have no words.
No, wait, I got it, they ran out of chairs.
She's expecting rain?
They put her in time out?

Wait, there's no runway?  It's only the comedy presentation that is judged.  Let's get to it.  

All I can see is Emily Brandle's PR s5e3 output.
Or would that be aufput?

Joining Ru, Michelle & Santino are Bruce Villanch and Jaime Pressly.

Darienne Lake
Genuinely funny and talented.   She was in command and entertaining throughout her segment.

Courtney Act
Not as funny as I had anticipated.  She seemed poised, I give her that, and energized, but she wasn't funny.  Isn't *that* the point?  She sang a bit, but that wasn't funny either.

Adore Delano
She's charming, and relatively funny, but she wasn't all *that* funny.  Every time she swore I wondered if the audience liked it or not.  Michelle certainly didn't.

Adore breaks when the judges want more from her.  I guess it IS RuPaul's Best Friends Race.  Isn't that adorable when BenDeLaCreme holds Adore's hand?

She's a little rushed, but she isn't funny, even though she is prepared.  I can't say the lines are fresh.

She gets heckled by an audience member and immediately vacates the stage.  What was that?  I guess she should be glad that the knitter WITHOUT ANYTHING KNITTED didn't accost her with a knitting needle.

Laganja Estranja
Laganja comes out with her weird affect, oki?  I don't see one bit that is funny.

Michelle once again explains that it is hard to root for someone who hides behind a mask.  Laganja says she is trying.  No, you are hiding, not trying.

Trinity K. Bonet
Trinity builds immediate rapport with the audience.  She changes the energy merely by getting them to stand up.  Wow, good on you, TKB.  She's real prepared, and does so much better than I expected.

The judges go ape for her change in strategy, attacking the challenge, instead of shying away from the unknown.

Joslyn Fox
Joslyn started out strong and then soon floundered.  Michelle rightly rips on her for such a similar outfit to the last one, which she trashed.

Bianca Del Rio
Bianca brings the house down, she is as strong as you would expect.  She and Darienne were the only ones who truly nailed this challenge.  Okay, maybe Trinity, too, she was indeed good.

Darienne Lake is safe.  So is Trinity K. Bonet.

Bianca Del Rio is the obvious winner of the challenge.  What does the seamstress of broadway win?  A dress!  That ain't right!

Courtney & Adore are both safe.  BenDeLaCreme is chided, but is also safe.

Laganja Estranja and Joslyn Fox are up for elimination.

During the lip synch to P!nk's "Stupid Girls" they organically dropped into a split at the same time.  That was cute.

Ru rightly keeps Joslyn.  Laganja couldn't be kept after not getting ANY laughs on the comedy challenge, and still withholding her real personality.

We have a top seven now.   Is the season panning out the way you expected?  Do you have a winner yet?  


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