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RPDR s6e7 Glamazon Colorevolution 7 April 2014

 Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the contestants revisited 1990s Rap.

Adore won the main challenge, beating out Joslyn Fox and Bianca Del Rio.

Darienne Lake was bottom three, but Trinity and Milk had the lip synch battle.  

Milk's late to the game attempt at glamor fell short, 
due to the zipper if you believe Santino and Michelle.

Too much, too little, too late indeed.

After Milk's elimination the queens saunter back to the work room.    Trinity moans about continually being challenged in areas unknown to her.  We keep seeing rumblings of a BenDeLaCreme vs. Darienne Lake war.  Courtney doesn't like that she was told she is relying on pretty.  Will she take it to heart and do something about it?  Bianca wants Trinity to change her attitude.

Well, kiss my ass.

Next morning in the work room the queens hand model fruit.  The entendres fly at warp speed, ha!  Ru milks the moment for all the jokes he can.  We even get a laugh track?

— and some Miss DiPesto realness, huh?

Laganja Estranja is the winner of the mini challenge.  

Darienne is not amused.

For the main challenge, they create 30 second commercials, in predetermined pairs, to sell Glamazon Colorevolution makeup line.

Adore & Langanja • Mean Girls (teens)

Courtney & Joslyn • Hot Mamas

Bianca & Trinity • Glamorous Working Girls (Hookers & CEOs)

BenDeLaCreme & Darienne Lake • Cougars

Do you see what Ru did there?  All four couples have trouble relating to each other or are fighting.  Good job, Ru!  They will all be tested greatly!

On the Ru-thru, Darienne doesn't seem to be getting along with BDLC.  Ru wants them to respect the product.   Why did she have to stress the obvious?  Hmmm …

Bianca is going to be the CEO, Trinity the working ho.   Ru talks about Trinity's confidence level and Trinity becomes combative.   Ru stays to the high ground.   When Trinity is lip synching, she shows up, has the skill, but out of her comfort zone, she stops applying herself.

Wait, not the other two?  On set in front of the green screen, we get vignettes of the pairs going through their schtick.  Because it isn't fully ready to be filmed, it's all rather comical.

Nice package.

Okay, I need some Pit Crew males waiting on me hand and foot like the queens have on set!

The runway theme is B&W.  

Had it.

As they get ready Trinity and Bianca seem to be getting along with each other.  Very nice.  I guess it IS RuPaul's Best Friends Race.   Alright, I want Bianca to win the whole thing now.  

Joining Ru, Michelle and Sanino are Lanie Kazan and Leah Remini.  No Kevin James.  =o(

What's with Michelle looking so good the last few episodes?  Gracias, Senor!

Laganja Estranja

Adore Delano

Bianca Del Rio

Trinity K. Bonet


Darienne Lake

Courtney Act

Joslyn Fox

Bianca & Trinity's commercial is a hit.  Their runway looks are strong.  Leah Remini goes through some schtick with Michelle Visage.  

Adore & Laganja's commercial is a success, too.  Lanie calls Laganja's look tacky.  Adore's outfit is GOOD, wow, that never happens.

BDLC & Darienne Lake's commercial focuses too much on plastic surgery.   Michelle has no idea who DeLa is as a person, accusing her of always hiding behind a costume.  

Courtney & Joslyn also hid the fact that the commercial was for makeup.  Joslyn gets ripped by Michelle for giving up in effect the same outfit as last runway, which was all skin, little concept.

Are Michelle and Leah trying to get a sitcom, or are they merely reminiscing about growing up on the East Coast?

During deliberations, in the silver lounge BenDeLaCreme is on edge over possibly being bottom two.  Laganja hijacks the moment, turning it into a 'life is hard' moment for herself.


Later in the gold bar, s5's Alyssa Edwards has a video message to Laganja.

I got a kick out of watching the others.

Joslyn starts to see that Courtney doesn't respect her the way she might respect the other competitors.  Joslyn wisely observes she may be green, but she isn't complacent.   Ha!

Laganja's false affect is mocked by the girls in the gold bar, rightly so.  Adore knows her in real life, and she is more fierce and competitive than she is acting on the show.

Adore & Laganja win the challenge!

Bianca & Trinity are safe

Courtney & Joslyn are scolded, but safe.

BenDeLaCreme and Darienne Lake lip synch to Expose's Summer 1987 hit "Point Of No Return."  The judges are rambunctiously enjoying it all.

Darienne is kept on, and so it DeLa!  Woo-hoo!  Another episode where no one goes home.


(Wasn't Courtney adorable?)

No, I'm glad DeLa is still in the game.  Now will she appease Michelle next time?


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