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RPDR s6e6 Oh No She Betta Don't! 31 March 2014

Last week on RuPaul's Drag Race the contestants showed off their impersonation skills on The Snatch Game.   On the runway they presented RuPaul realness.  Well, some of them did.

Winner BenDeLaCreme's Maggie Smith was hilarious.

She edged out Bianca Del Rio's Judge Judy and Adore Delano's Anna Nicole Smith for the win.  It helped that BDR and AD didn't show much Ru realness on the runway.

Bottom two were buddies Laganja Estranja (Rachel Zoe) and Gia Gunn (Kim Kardashian.)  Gia Gunn was eliminated.   


Now if only we could see more of this from Michelle Visage, and less of this from Milk.  I have a theory:  Milk will NOT attempt to be more glamorous, as the judges are clamoring to see.  It's her way of self-eviscerating.   She says she is doing her own kind of drag, but she is afraid to do anything else.  She's in a rut.  Just a theory — let's see how close my guess is in the weeks to come.  Or minutes.

Right after Gia's elimination, when the queens go back to the work room, Laganja Estranja wipes off the mirror that held Ms. Gunn's goodbye message.

Quickly we get an edit of Adore & Laganja as friends turned enemies.   They know each other in real life.  Adore is doing better than L.E. in the competition, whereas outside of the show it is sometimes the other way around.  BenDeLaCreme is weirdly bragging about her wins.  Darienne Lake is bent out of shape for it.  

Trinity K. Bonet interviews that she and Laganja both need to get out of themselves.  TKB tells the rest of the queens that she is HIV positive and wants to be a role model to the community.

Okay, that was a lot to take in for just the first minute!

Next day, for the mini challenge the contestants read each other.  It is pretty standard.  Darienne Lake wins.  Yes, Bianca Del Rio did very well, too.  

The main challenge is a "1990's style rap battle royale."  Ru must really mean it, he's employing the Tim Gunn power hands position.

Oh, great, another challenge I can't do.

Darienne Lake gets to choose which four will be her team members.   She chooses Laganja Estranja, Biance Del Rio, Adore Delano and Courtney Act.

That means the remaining contestants form the other team: BenDeLaCreme, Joslyn Fox, Milk, and Trinity K. Bonet.

We get vignettes of the girls learning the music and writing their raps.   Trinity K. Bonet gets her feathers ruffled when BDLC encourages her to enunciate.

Darienne Lake and BDLC spat in the work room as they are getting ready.  It's too quick of an edit to know what to believe.

Eve & Trina are on set to help the teams as they go through their prose.  The edits show everyone messing up on their takes, but we know the end result will be polished.  You know, we don't *really* know how long these bits are, but if we are to believe what airs, they might be only four lines long.  That's NOT that much to memorize, to mess up so much.  Maybe they are starstruck by Trina and Eve?   It's not like it's the first episode and they are new to the camera crew et al.

Who looks good at this point?  Joslyn Fox and Adore Delano come off competent & polished.    Darienne Lake and TKB seem to be the worst.

While getting ready for the runway, Bianca pays Trinity a compliment.  She interviews and tells the cast that she lost a friend to HIV/AIDS, and that person went into hiding out of shame.  Bianca ties TKB's shutting down at times to that.  

Joining Ru, Michelle & Santino at the judges table are Trina and Eve.

Michelle still looks better than usual, channeling early 1990s rap couture.

For the runway they were asked to show off favorite body parts.

Joslyn Fox


Trinity K. Bonet


Laganja Estranja

Darienne Lake

Bianca Del Rio

Adore Delano

Courtney Act

The judges watch the rap video  The queens are all over the place.

Ru singles out Courtney Act for resting on pretty.  

She, BDLC and Laganja Estranja are safe, and leave for the silver room.

Joslyn Fox's runway look is busy, overdone and messy, even with all that skin.  She is praised for her rap.   Ru sees that she has stepped up her game.

TKB's look on the rap is a hit, but she didn't find her groove with the rap.

She starts giving excuses and Ru CUTS HER OFF.  Wow, we don't see that a lot, usually Ru will let someone finish.   Ru's done with her, yes?

Milk is half admired, half mocked for her take on 1990s hip hop.  Michele rips on her, though.  Both she and Santino call Milk's glamor look cheap.

Darienne Lake is once again called pretty and pretty run of the mill.  She's accused of holding back on the rap. 

Bianca Del Rio is called 'most beautiful yet.'   The guests enjoyed her comedy slant.

Adore Delano is commended by the guest judges.  Michelle is still complaining about her hem lengths.

At this point we see over on Untucked that Trinity is struggling with feeling ganged up on by the judges.  To her, they never see what she does well.  Joslyn Fox is over supporting TKB.  She also hates that she is always the subject of conversation when back in the drinking rooms, during judging deliberations.

Laganja thinks Adore should be on the bottom, but BDLC and Courtney Act thought she was already the winner.  Strange.  Laganja is really hung up on not doing better than Adore on the show. 

At the end, the girls find a printed lette from a bitter, delusional Gia Gunn.  Unreal.  Or, typical.  As Bianca puts it, "reading from the dead," well, it's just sour grapes.  It's even worse, because GG really thinks she is on a much higher plane than the rest.  Amazing. 

Bianca Del Rio is safe.

Adore wins the challenge!  It was earned, good for her.

Joslyn Fox is safe.

Bottom three are Trinity K. Bonet, Milk and Darienne Lake.   Darienne is safe.

Trinity K. and Milk battle it out to "Whatta Man" by Salt N Pepa feat. En Vogue.  In the end, Trinity stays and Milk is eliminated.  She gives a heartfelt and respectful thank you.   Atta girl.  I almost thought Trinity would go, taking a cue from Ru cutting her whining off so swiftly on the runway critique.

I wasn't expecting her to be in the finale, but I do wonder just how much further she could have gone if she had addressed the 'one-note' and 'anti-glamor' critiques much earlier in the season.

Next week: Two episodes on the same night?  Or are they just going to have an immediate repeat?  Better Ru than Roseanne and all those other sitcoms from another generation.


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  1. I cannot get past Joslyn's 'just-ate-a-powdered-donut' runway lipstick this episode. I think light lipstick can look good, but this didn't. Did she not have a mirror? C'mon.

    I wanted the judges to give Milk a little more credit for having stepped outside her comfort zone and tried to go glam. I didn't want TKB to be sent home, but I was sad to see Milk go on her first glam attempt.

    I'm done with Darienne; I don't see what the judges see in her. I think her negativity toward BdlC seems way overmuch. That could be editing, but I thought BdlC was pretty honest when he said his feelings were hurt that he wasn't picked for D's team, and I thought Darienne was unattractively graceless in responding to him.