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Face Off s6e15  Heavenly Bodies (Finale) 22 April 2014

Last time on Face Off the remaining four guys created wolfmen who were paired up with their previous week's vampires.  

George was proclaimed the winner of the two episode/two creature challenge. 

George, Tyler and Rashaad moved forward to the finale.

Niko was eliminated.  Ugh.  SO close to the finale.

It's morning in L.A. and immediately they give us the Winner's Edit.  Damn, I'm pissed at you, Mission Control Media.   Never fear, I won't pass along this spoiler just yet.

Each of the top three get some Skype time with family.  Both George's wife and Rashaad's girlfriend are pregnant.   That must have been hard to go on Face Off, with the possibility of missing the birth of a child.  They way they were editing it, I half expected Tyler to have knocked up someone, too.  

The three remaining contestants meet up with McKenzie in the work room.

I hate when they all hold their hands like that. 
It makes me think they are giving
themselves CPR, you know, down there.

Their challenge is to create two rival aliens, inspired by a particular constellation.  They get four days, not the typical three.

Then McKenzie beckons the last six makeup artists eliminated.   Oooh, that's rough, how will Niko (last eliminated) be?  Actually, they seem to all be close and happy to see each other.  Here's how it breaks down:

George • Corinne & Niko • Cetus
Rashaad • Daran & Cat • Ursa Major
Tyler • Graham & Chloe • Leo

Did you notice that they just picked their inspirational star systems in the order presented?   I guess that means it didn't really matter what they took.  Or, it was all staged.

When McKenzie declares that their models will be dancing in front of a live audience, the contestants act surprised.   Oh, please, they do this every season's finale.

Then English Dubstep Producer DJ Rusko joins McKenzie and they state that their aliens will have to incorporate lights.   Hmmm … who struggled with lights earlier in the season?  Now I have to watch the season again!

George settles on a jellyfish look and a crustaceous look.

Tyler has a vision of good vs. evil.

Rashaad wants one alien to have bioluminescence,
and the other hunting it down for said trait.

Soon it's Westmore time!

Tyler wants light(ed) dreadlocks.  Mr. Westmore wants a more feline nose for the female sculpt.  Tom Colicchio is the model?

George's female ought to be more pretty, per Mr. W.   Wait, that's it?

Rashaad is reminded that the judges will be 10-20 feet away, and not to go too small.

Wow, every week it is so short and every week I still complain about it.   I think it's time I learned something, and stop ragging on Mission Control Media for barely showing any mentoring.  I'll still complain about the Winner's Edit, don't you worry.

Chloe can't get her sculpt for Tyler done at the end of day one.   On day two most are still sculpting.   Graham is the first to get to molding (for Tyler.)  Most are happy at the end of day two.  

On day three Niko & George look at the rip on the female.  Isn't that easily fixed?  They have all of day three and the morning of day four still.  Rashaad is hovering over Cat's slow sculpting.   Hmmm.   It *is* day three.  Rashaad and Cat are using a hair dryer to dry their mold.   It doesn't work, there's a major crack!  Daran suggests letting it dry overnight, and they can use what they have then.

On day four Rashaad's cowl is good on one side and a mess on the other.   Daran suggests presenting it as a burn victim.

Wow, someone dived in the deep end with the plastic surgery, eh?

George's male alien has a major face crack.     Oh, he is patching it, crisis averted.

Everyone starts painting before the last hour at the presentation site, but I wouldn't say they started early enough.

How many people are in the audience?
Twenty?  That ain't right!

Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page are judging, of course.  Let's see how the contestants did:




Maybe instead of dancers, they could have the finale be a scene from a movie, where their creations are featured?   Dancing in a club, or at a circus, or wherever, always seems strange to me.   These contestants will have a future in horror films mostly, yes?    Dancing in a music video seems less likely, or at least less important.  Besides, everything is so far away.  Feel free to use my idea, Mission Control Media!

Glenn likes the layered effect on Tyler's guy.  Ve likes the girl's paint job.  Neville likes the girl's nose and the guy's chest depth and hollow look.

Ve loves the pant job on Rashaad's creatures.  The judges enjoy Rashaad's work on the messed up area on the female.   Good save!  Neville loves the light work on the female.  Glenn is amazed at the amount of work from the team.

George is commended for his work.  Glenn loves the sculpt work, but the judges see the similarity with the paint.   They are too similar.  Surely he placed 3rd for the season.

Who won?

Rashaad!   Face Off usually gets it right, huh?

Now he can take care of that hair, eh?

Did you agree with the win?  I was rooting for all three, which, really, makes no sense.  I guess that does show how good they all were this season.  Ready for season seven this Summer?  I'll be here, counting the girls who dye their hair an unnatural shade of red.


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