Thursday, April 17, 2014

Face Off s6e14 • Cry Wolf 15 April 2014

Last time on Face Off the last four contestants created vampires.

Rashaad nabbed his second win.

No one was sent home.  Instead, host McKenzie Westmore told them it was a 2-parter challenge, and the 2nd part was happening immediately thereafter.

They drive over to Universal City to meet up with McKenzie and former regular judge Patrick Tatopoulos.

It's a Werewolf challenge.  Immediately George gets a Winner's Edit.  Thanks for getting rid of that annoying surprise element in the third minute of the episode.  Boo, or, grrr.

Oh, lighten up, it's my challenge, finally!

They are told to add a new aspect to the werewolf.  They also must look like they came from the same world as their prior vampire.

They design and sketch at Universal City, and then head home, and to the work room the next day.

Tyler wants his werewolf to be more human, like it hasn't fully transformed yet.  Rashaad is continuing his Asian theme.

Westmore time!

Mr. W. wants Niko's guy to look less reptilian.

Rashaad is warned not to get too dark.

George's nose needs to be more canine.

Michael doesn't see the werewolf in Tyler's sculpt, there's no muzzle, it's a human nose.  Ruh-roh!  He's told this isn't his A game and that it looks like a vampire.

Tyler goes into another room to sculpt.  On their way out, the Westmores pull Tyler aside and remind him to go big, to aim high.  Wow.  McKenzie sees that he is scared.  Michael likes the sketch, and encourages Tyler to live up to the sketch.  Normally I might be thinking this was too heavy handed, but I agree, it needed to be done.  Tyler must make it to the finale!

I'm *not* going to meet you in real life.

Oh, then, never mind, make a vampire for the werewolf challenge.

Everyone scrambles to get their molds emptied at the end of the first day.

On day two Rashaad has trouble with his hand extension molds.  George is working through an old wrist injury?  Youch!

On day three it looks like Tyler had two face pieces.  He pre-painted one on day two.  On day three he scraps it and starts in on the other one. 

George's model got sick, and his sub's head isn't the same shape, so his prosthetics don't fit as well as they should.

They all started painting before the final hour, which is a relief.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page is guest judge Patrick Tatopoulos.





Tyler explains his werewolf as vampire hunter concept, with the extra bone protrusion aiding in attacks.  Glenn calls the face sculpt beautiful.  Ve thinks the hair and paint are excellent.  Neville sees the major improvement over last time.

Niko's guy is a warrior hunter.  Ve likes the idea and the profile.  Neville is worried that it isn't quite werewolf enough.  Patrick likes that it is original.  Glenn wants the more in the paint, but he likes the profile.  Ve doesn't like the paint job.  She wanted something to be able to cut the vampire's big tongue off.

George thinks that some vampires mutated into werewolves.   Neville and Patrick like the paint job.  Glenn sees what was last week his weakest point become his strongest point this time around.

Rashaad's werewolf can conjure up fire.   Glenn has trouble with the look, he doesn't look like he could take his vampire.  The judges are mixed on the paint job, or color choices.  They just don't like the gold on the head.

Glenn is struggling with Tyler's work from last week and Rashaad's from this week.   Uh-oh!

The winner of the challenge is George!

Also moving forward to the finale is Tyler!

It's down to Rashaad and Niko.  The judges choose Rashaad for the finale.

This means Niko is eliminated.  Aww, poor Niko.  Patrick gives him some uplifting words, and Niko is rather gracious.

I guess there's always acrobatics.

 Next week, the finale!

Did it go down the way that you expected or wanted?  I was rooting for Tyler for weeks, but now I'm wondering if George will take it all?


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