Thursday, April 10, 2014

Face Off s6e13 Bloodsuckers 8 April 2014

Last time on Face Off the contestants created robots.  

Rashaad nabbed his first win of the season. 

Daran's annoying mantra was "I Don't Do Robots."
He proved it by getting eliminated.

The last four makeup artists head over to the Angeles Abbey Mausoleum.

"I love the colors."  Yellow beige?  Oh, I get it.  
It took me a minute to remember his hair. 

Host McKenzie Westmore and former regular judge Patrick Tatopoulos are at the mausoleum to great them.  The Spotlight Challenge:  To fabricate an original design based on the most famous movie monster of all time.

Alec Baldwin?  Lindsay Lohan?  Christian Bale?

Nah, it's Vampires.  They pick coffins to find out which country's version of a vampire to be inspired by.  I thought that they were gonna get help, that maybe eliminated contestants were hiding in the coffins for the last four to choose from.  

"C'mon, gimme Graham!"

The identifying country clues on a stick aren't in English, so they don't quite know what they have at first.

George • Yara-ma-wha-who • Australia
Niko • Aswang • Philippines
Rashaad • Jiangshi • China
Tyler • Sasabonsam • Ghana

They must add a unique trait or skill to their vampire, something not normally associated with vampires.

That shouldn't be too difficult.

Pretty soon it's mentor time!

Niko is incorporating a long tongue.  He doesn't know what extreme ability he will add yet.  Ability to lick?  Niko struggles, he has an idea, but it isn't showing on his creature in any way, shape or form!

Rashaad's guy is more like a zombie.   Michael is concerned that the sculpt doesn't go right up to the edge of the mouth or eye.

George gets painting advice from the Westmores.  Wait, that's it?  That was quick.

Tyler's bat boy has fangs in the wing.  He wants to go with dark skin.  Mr. W. reminds him to go light.  That's it.  Wow, that was quick, even for four contestants.

Niko is the last to start molding.   He's not phased.

Rashaad wants to incorporate a venus fly trap on his guy's chest.

Is that really the way to go with this?

Wait, did Tyler really abandon his wing idea?  That's not good!  Don't go home!  No, he's scaling back, the wings won't open anymore.  =o(

On runway day they all start painting.  That's later than they normally do.  Uh-oh!

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is Len Weissman (Underworld.)





Niko's vampire is a slew of missed opportunities per Glenn.  Ve doesn't think his tail is cutting it as an extra ability.  Len sees a clown, not a vampire.

Rashaad explains the plant aspect of his plant.  Ve is impressed, Neville admires the face sculpt.  Len thinks that the work is complete.  Glenn wants to see the ears more, the wig is covering them.

Tyler's body sculpt is overdone and muddy per Neville.  Len thinks it is like oversized clothing.  Ve says it is disproportionate.  Glenn sees the amount of work, but doesn't like the paint job.  "It could be responsible for sending you home."  No!

The oversized fingers are a big miss on George's guy.  The judges like the head, though.

Ve makes him take off the sash and the fingers.

Now the judges like it.

Rashaad and George are top two.  Niko & Tyler are bottom dwellers.

Rashaad wins!  That's two in a row.

McKenzie surprises the contestants.  They are about to start the second part of the challenge.  Next week the judges will decide who is in the challenge based on these TWO challenges.  It's got to be something related to the vampire, eh?  Does their guy get a wife?  Or a Frankenstein cohort?  How about it becomes a cyborg?  Okay, I'm reaching there.  

As long as Tyler is still around,
that's all that matters.  Whew!



  1. OK, first of all: did you catch Tyler's little "Woah, you're catching up to me!" comment at the top of the show to Rashaad? Come on, that was a dick move. It just pointed out how often T has won, and how R is NOT, in fact, catching up to him whatsoever. With that comment, T spent any good will I had banked for him. Poof! (sad trombone)

    I think Rashaad is surging nicely at just the right time. Worried about my buddy Nico with the nice hair; I actually liked his gross vampire.

    Also, come on! Jim Henson's Creature Shop requires a recap!

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