Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Face Off s6e12 • Industrial Revolution 1 April 2014

Last time on Face Off the contestants fabricated mutants.

Tyler & Niko were the top 2, and Tyler won his fourth Spotlight Challenge.

Bottom two were Daran & Graham.  Graham was eliminated for the second time.

We're down to five makeup artists.  Did you see these as the top five?  Before we begin, let's take a look at how they are doing so far.  Using the simple point system of 2 for a win, 1 for being in the top, 0 for safe middle, -1 for a bottom dweller, and -2 for elimination, here's how they rank going into the episode:

Geez, it's no wonder I'm rooting for Tyler to take it all.  It's most likely that Niko and Daran won't make the finale, right?

It's morning in L.A. and Rashaad is getting the Winner/Loser Edit.  Hope it's the Winner Edit.  Hope General Mills paid for that commercial.

The five remaining contests meet up with McKenzie Westmore at Union Station, L.A.  She presents the Spotlight Challenge  Create a robot that will replace a particular worker:  Surgeon, Photographer, Hairdresser, Firefighter, Chef and Construction Worker.

Nobody picked me?

McKenzie reminds them to push, and not be TOO obvious & shallow with their ideas.  (Graham was eliminated last week for that.)  They also must feature some aspect that highly improves upon the human level.

They sketch and share their ideas at Union Station.  They head back to the work room and we learn they have FOUR DAYS.  


I don't do robots.

You have a problem with robosexuality?

Tyler interviews that he has worked in a hospital setting before, so he was wise to choose the Surgeon.  Daran decides to sculpt with wood, not clay.  Interesting.  Is that a first for the show?

It's Westmore time!

Rashaad is advised not to show so much skin.

Daran ought to square things off instead of having a human face.

George's hair dryer torso needs tweaking.  Michael is concerned the viewer will be confused.

Niko has to be more powerful with his sculpt.

Tyler's head is looking too much like a person.

That just went entirely too fast!

Rashaad steers Niko away from having static arms.  He had glued some portions in such a way that the model never would have been able to move.  

Some of them are pre-painting on day three.  That still amazes me that they start painting so much earlier than on other seasons.  Good on them!

The guys celebrate Daran's birthday with red velvet cupcakes.  He interviews that he had forgotten it was his birthday.  Wow, someone's stressed by the competition, eh?

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.






Tyler wanted to create a surgeon robot that did the work of several humans.  Glenn likes the harness idea.  Neville sees the logic in his work.

Daran's "I don't do robots" mantra is indeed noticed by the judges.   The torso and cod piece are subpar.

Rashaad sought to create a heroic firefighter.   Glenn thinks it is his best work all season.  Ve thinks it is amazing.

Glenn sees that Niko did a lot of work, but calls the work clunky.  He seems to not like it, but Ve does.  Neville acquiesces that it is cohesive.

George's creation is a hit with Ve.  Neville calls the sculpt elegant and beautiful.  Gleen calls it strange and bizarre, which is a compliment?

Tyler, Rashaad and George are all considered in the top.  Rashaad wins, his first of the season.  Now every contestant left has won a Spotlight Challenge.

The judges deem Niko as middle safe.  Wow, that means Daran is the only one in the bottom and is eliminated.

I'm struggling with Daran's "I don't do robots" self-sabotage.  He's talented.  I guess anyone can trip himself at any time if Daran can do that to himself.

Next week, a challenge they can all sink their teeth into!


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  1. Here are the reasons that I like Nico:
    1: His hair. Can't help it.
    2: I love that his girlfriend was in the competition, but that he doesn't talk about her.
    3: I love that he doesn't so much interview about the other competitiors; he just talks about his own stuff. Not catty!

    I'm not sorry to see Daran go, but can I just say: George? How is he still here? I keep forgetting he's on the show! And I wish Daran's robot had gone far enough to be retro-steam-punk-cool, rather than failed-art-project-sad.