Tuesday, April 29, 2014

RPDR s6e11 Glitter Ball 28 April 2014

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the six remaining queens made over grooms as brides.  Usually the makeover challenge is done when there are five, not six.  

I wonder why. 

Bianca Del Rio won her third challenge.  No one else has done that this season.

Joslyn is known for her own successful paint, but she wasn't able to translate that over to another person.  I didn't see that coming.  She earned her elimination.  Still, she will be missed.

Immediately after the elimination, the girls are reading each other.  Darienne thinks she should have placed higher than Courtney.  Adore thinks Darienne doesn't see just how badly she is doing.  DeLa thinks Bianca is coasting, which could hurt her in the end.

And Darienne pooped out her padding.

Will we see her here soon?
Drag Queens who eat their own padding?

The next morning Ru has them reading each other with puppets.

Everyone is pretty funny,

but DeLa's OTT take on Bianca wins her the mini challenge.

The main challenge?  It's a Glitter Ball, y'all! Create three runway looks:  Banjee Girl Bling, Platinum Card Executive Realness and Dripping In Jewels Eleganza.

Because DeLa won the mini challenge, she assigns the jewel tones to the contestants.

Damn, I need my own Scruff Pit Crew!

During the Ru-thru, Adore is emotional about not having the skills for the challenge.  Ru implores her to take her skills from other areas and imbue this challenge with them.

"Why haven't you won more challenges?"  Ah, Darienne is confronted with her alleged denial of how she is doing.  Interesting.

BenDeLaCreme explains his jeweled gown look to Ru, and – that's it?   Bianca and Courtney don't get any screen time on the mentor segment.   Hmmm, safe middle, eh?

Ru throws the standard song & dance to start the runway.  They usually do this challenge when there are only four.  


They practice and they seem underprepared.  Yeah, and they'll be fine when it comes time to be judged, trust me.

Joining Ru at the judges' table are Michelle Visage & Santino Rice, of course, but also Khloe Kardashian & Bob Mackie.


Adore Delano

Bianca Del Rio

Darienne Lake

Courtney Act

The judges don't like BDLC's first two looks.  Hmmm, the hat has a right to say that?  Santino is bored.

Michelle is so happy with Adore's work!   Bob Mackie loves the last look.  Adore explains she just knew it was time to give it her best shot.

Bob & Khloe pick on Bianca's last look, and that's *it?*  Oh, yeah, safe middle.

The judges just do not see successful looks from Darienne.

Courtney's Banjee look is a miss.  Santino loves the jeweled look.

Ru asks them all who should be eliminated.  ALL say Darienne, even her!

I love how the others react when Darienne starts in on the 3rd person speak.

BDLC gives Bianca a compliment in a snide manner, and Bianca is all over her!  Geez, see the compliment for what it is, even if the outer wrapping is wonky, girl.

During judges' deliberations, while they are over in the lounge, they seem to make up, at least a little.   Bianca gets a note from a young loved one, even.

Bianca is safe.

Adore is the winner of the challenge.
She has won three times, now, just like Bianca.

Darienne Lake is up for elimination.

So is BenDeLaCreme.

That means Courtney is safe.

Darienne Lake & BenDeLaCreme lip synch to Kelly Clarksons' "Stronger."  I thought it was clear that Darienne was going to leave, but she gives such an animated performance that she outshines DeLa and gets to stay.


Ru eliminates Mr. Tumnus.  Ce nest pas bon!  I do believe this is the first time in ages where I disagreed with Ru.  Darienne didn't do as well as DeLa throughout the challenge, but she did lip synch better.  

Wow, that was rough.  Next week is the video challenge, which is usually for the top 3.  Why is it for the top 4 this time around?   Will there be a top 4 in the finale?

Is this what DeLa wrote?
"Dear top 4- howz it going? I'm doing pretty good. Sometimes you have to have Mama Ru yell atcha a bunch of times before it sinks in. I guess I never reached that number of times, Darian. I knew the second I was up against you i waz out the door. You get it lady. I wish you all the luck in the world and only harbor enough resentment to write a long pointless message that you will have to clean and clean and clean and clean. But fo real tho you girlz are my heroes. XX BDLC"

Kudos to you, BenDeLaCreme, for writing the longest goodbye message on the mirror.  I'm crushed and disagreeing with your elimination, but I did not have you winning the whole thing, so I will have to pretend I'm alright with it for the moment, till I get used to it.

So, who do I think WILL win it all?