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UTG s1e9 Trouble In The Lounge 13 March 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn the designers used unconventional materials provided them at the beach to create their looks.  

Sam & Asha were top two, with Sam winning the challenge

He even won an extra $1,000 for his fun & flirty pineapple.

Bottom three were
Michelle, Natalia and Stephanie,
with Stephanie being eliminated.

Ah, now the episode where everybody proves that graciousness, sportsmanship and respect are a lost art, but acting like a spoiled brat is a skill admired and on full display.  We're getting a heavy edit of everyone thinking Natalia should have gone home instead of Stephanie.  Natalia's no good, she can't sew, she can't design, she sucks, she made that Malaysian plane disappear, etc.  It's almost to s3 Angela Kessler, s4 Ricky Lizolde and s8 Michael Costello proportions.   Well, no, not to such an extreme as s8 MC.   I exaggerated.  I don't think that we will ever see *that* level again.  An Obama will marry a Bush before that, huh?

Asha interviews that she wants Natalia gone, she doesn't take risks or provide anything new.  However, the judges praised her last look for having a different point of view, and for the effort she put into the weaving & braiding, even if the end result was a bit sloppy & ill-proportioned.  Surely *that* was a risk.  The judges aren't thinking like you are, Asha.   

Michelle interviews that she thinks there were people eliminated that had a lot more talent and drive than Natalia.

Drive.  You mean, like Nicholas?

Please see the situation for what it is, dearies.  The judges decide who wins the competition.  Whether they are right or wrong … they are right.  What they say goes.  If they say you did something, you did it.  Disrespecting fellow contestants not only showcases your lack of manners. it also indicates your failure to grasp the situation.

I'm not saying Natalia should or shouldn't be there.  I am saying to mind one's own business.  Competitors should ONLY compete.  Let the judges judge.

The contestants head over to the work room where Glade Plug Ins Scented Oils Customizable products abound.   In the spirit of women liking options, they are to create a look that transitions from day to evening, and they must show that on the runway.

Men don't like options?

Who cares?  I'm getting the Winner's Edit!
That's all you need to know.
You can switch over to Duck Dynasty now.

During sketch time Nick is shown emotionally supporting Natalia.  Wait, he doesn't want to kill her, too?  Wow, somebody likes Natalia!

Then he starts designing Oscar's next creation.  Argh.  Does Oscar *really* need the help?  Will Nick ever get himself disqualified?   The idea to take a shift dress and change it to a strapless dress is Nick's.  Remember that.

Mondo, Mondo, why you buggin'?

After $250 and 30 minutes at Mood, the designers have the one day to construct.  We've only had one 2-day challenge so far, huh?

Tim confronts Nick in front of Mondo & Anya, accusing him of being codependent on his designers.  (Mondo & Anya look so happy & content.  Just like Roberto on Futurama.)  Nick needs to learn to ask questions instead of just providing answers for the designers.  They'll never think things through for themselves, otherwise.  So, Nick was verbally reprimanded, but nothing serious went down.
I did expect them to tell Oscar to use a different design, but nothing is said.

Tim time!  Nick gets an opportunity to use his new skill with Oscar, who loves his own design.  Wait. That was Nick's design, right?

Natalia is on the verge of tears, being stressed out from being in the bottom before, and from the negativity of the others.

Sam interviews that her tears are fake. Not buyin' that, mister.   Okay, we don't know what's edited in, and whats edited out.   I'm guessing Natalia is genuine at this point.

Natalia wants to take a cowl and turn it into a purse.  Suddenly I wish TFS2's Calvn Tran was here.  He'd have FOUR looks out of one outfit, eh?  

Tim congratulates Nick on his new mode of mentoring.

Shan has a cummerbund that covers cutouts, and he has Godet zippers in a skirt.

Blake has pants, vest and a top that becomes a short cocktail dress.  Tim & Anya do not like the pants.

You can't be serious!

Asha has separates that morph with snaps.  Mondo seems concerned about construction later on.  Doesn't Asha usually have great execution?

Why do you think the judges aren't seeing
a complete point of view from you?

They are, I just threw them off last challenge.

Where are you, honey?

Later, Michelle doesn't like her shoulder pads and abandons the idea.

On runway day Asha is still putting together her look.  Well, actually it looks like MANY of them are, not just Asha.  Did they spend the other day just interviewing?

Ah, at last, someone who isn't whining.

Asha interviews that Natalia's look is no good, and that she should be pulling out all of the stops construction-wise.  Will Asha's look be perfectly executed?

Let's see how they did.  Joining Tim at the runway are Jen Rade, Rachel Roy and Roger Klotz Ben Haggerty Macklemore.

Maybe it's the jacket.

Still no Zanna Roberts Rassi.  Did the contestants kill her on a practice run for offing Natalia?








Tim calls out Sam as the middle safe contestant, and sends him out back.

Oscar designed for the daughter of a family who runs a charity organization.  She's going from an important meeting to a gala.   Macklemore is impressed.  Rachel thinks the evening look has too much sparkle, but calls it fantastic.  Jen gushes, saying Oscar is a genius.  Tim asks if construction is ever an issue for him.   Geez, get a room.   It's not as bad as Isaac Mizrahi and Anthony Ryan Auld, but it's close.   

Asha's fit is called into question by Rachel.   Jen likes the day look but the night look has a bad shape.  Macklemore calls the mid section awkward.   It's just way too bulky.

Shan designed for a recent graduate.  Jen likes the cheerleader aspect to the night look.  Rachel has nothing but praise, as does Macklemore.

Michelle explains her L.A. look, low maintenance and cool.   Jen was bored, and hates the sack look.  Macklemore thinks the shoulders are super-hero-ish.  Rachel calls it costumey.  I was liking it, but I do see that there is less 'design' than some of the others.

Tim asks a strange question:  Given what the judges have just said, would Michelle do anything different with it.  Michelle responds that she is happy with it.  That would be a no, correct?  Does this factor into her score, not taking the judges' thoughts on board?

Jen calls Natalia's look classy, and that it's a great job.  Mondo and Anya look PISSED.  Why?  Macklemore calls it elegant.  Natalia thanks Nick.  

Blake wanted to create for an art director.  Rachel likes the top, not the bottom.  Jen calls it boring, and the night look is too short, even unwearable.  Macklemore likes parts of it, but wouldn't let his girlfriend wear it.  Jen rightly calls it Mrs. Brady.

Back in the lounge waiting area, Mondo & Anya are livid, and Nick can sense it.  Mondo blurts out that Natalia should go, and Anya backs him up.  She doesn't get it.

Nick interviews about what's going on, and he comes of SO level head and accurate.  Ah, then Mondo accuses Nick of designing it for her.

It's nothing personal, dude.

Let's think this through for a moment, shall we.  First, why are they picking on Natalia, when Oscar is the one Nick designed for?

Second, if Nick can design for his designer, and get nothing but a verbal warning, why can't Mondo and Anya do the same thing?

So, everybody is human.  Tim can make fun of Isabelle and Nicholas.  Mondo and Anya can act like spoiled brats when things don't go the way they want them to.  Nick can design for his underlings without serious repercussion.

Asha and Shan are declared safe and sent out back.

It's down to Blake & Michele for elimination.  

Michelle is let go.  She is gracious in her goodbye.
FINALLY.  Someone expressed their opinion
without acting like an asshole.
Ah, that was probably just edited out.

Top two are Oscar and Natalia.  

Oscar wins!  It's his second.  Only he and Sam have won twice.

Nalatia goes back to the lounge where her fellow contestants shun her.

Don't worry.  I just saw her on a NyQuil commercial.
She's doing alright, except for that cold.

The King & Queen of Entitlement never left the stage.  They argue about Michelle's elimination.  Jen reminds them they liked Natalia's idea, even if the construction was a bit off.   She had said that Michelle's was boring.

Next time, teams!   Asha is 'stuck' with Natalia.  Zanna's alive!  Who do you think will kill Natalia?  Mondo?  Anya?  Asha?  Maybe they'll hire Gretchen to do the dirty work?


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