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UTG s1e7 Steampunk Chic 27 February 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn the designers, in their mentor groups, created mini-collections inspired by the film Pompeii and The Getty Villa.

Not The Villages.

Nick's was the winning team, in spite of his micromanaging, and then distance.  Oscar was the individual winner.

Anya's was the losing team.   The judges could not decide which outfit was worst, so they didn't eliminate anyone.  Or something.

CPR?  Trying to glue fabric to fabric?  Copping a feel - badly?  I've heard of reading the bumps on the head, but … really?  This is the most excited I have seen Nicholas.   Is *that* what is going on with him, he's suffering from ennui and can't be arsed to do anything?

I saved him all those episodes ago, for *this?*

"Alright, black on my left, colors to the right."

The contestants and mentors meet up with Tim Gunn at Griffith Park. 

Tell me this didn't cross your mind.

Or this.

"I'm so excited about transportation."  

Yeah, you're Jim Carey in The Mask, Nicholas.
Don't show so much emotion.

This week's task: Create an avant garde look inspired by Steampunk.

Shan has never heard of Steampunk?

I wasn't alive then.  How am I supposed to know?

When I see them on the tracks I expect Tim to say, "The judges couldn't figure out who to eliminate last challenge, so we're going to run a train over all of you and see who can be eliminated that way."

Uncle Nick is back, eh?

They get $300 and TWO DAYS to create their avant garde Steampunk inspired look.  Tim has provided appropriate notions.

Wait, the mentors get to go with them to Mood?

This is a trial trip.  If they mess up,
I'll shoot them with my finger.

Nooooo!  Not the finger!

We get an Oscar sighting, 

and then a trash Oscar sighting.

But not this trash Oscar.

Back in the work room, everyone decides to base their design concepts around clocks.

It's a plan.

Blake is buggin' over his work, but it's only the first of two days.  Why is he so overwhelmed?  He scrapped his first day's work and will start over again tomorrow. Wait, that's it for the day?

On day two, Natalia explains her pulley system for raising and lowering her dress.  Nicholas has only put together muslin, not actual fabric.

Mentor mania!

Stephanie gets a short edit because she didn't use Tim's old, worn catchphrase.

I honestly thought he had trademarked it,
and I wasn't ALLOWED to use it.

Oscar wants to write the word "Revolution" on the bottom of the outfit.   Tim rightly calls it unsophisticated.

The mentors don't think Natalia can make her dress theatrics work in time.   She says she will rise to the challenge and get it done.

Tim interviews that Nick has much improved on his mentoring.  It's kind of hard to imagine he could have kept up that momentum after all the ensuing drama, but good for him.

Mondo thinks Asha's top is too quiet.  Same for Sam's entire look.  Okay, Mondo's critiques are going way too fast.  Betcha his minions are safe middle three.  Poor Michelle doesn't even GET a critique.   She must be on vacation.

Anya advises Shan that he and Nicholas will have the most amount of scrutiny, since they were bottom two last time.

Blake admits he is lost.  Anya calls him out on not picking himself up and attacking the challenge.  Blake interviews that he doesn't like her attitude, but, I think she was acting reasonably.

Nicholas hasn't even started sewing by the time Anya & Tim come around.  I can't see a clock, but it's believable that it is at least mid-day.    He seems so unengaged.   Too much Xanax?  Too little Red Bull?  I don't normally expose drug use, but Nicholas needs SOMETHING.

"I just wanted to report in: Nicholas is having a lovely lunch."

When did Tim become a tattletale caricature?  He's Stan Laurel meets Cindy Brady, s2e10 of course.  Cindy Brady realness indeed.

I don't know.  Is Nicholas supposed to be fasting until the work is done?  Just how long was he eating?  I do agree with Anya, though, in that he seems uninvolved.

I should walk away from this one.   Who am I to judge Nicholas?  And then he interviews,  "She seriously pushed me into the ground yesterday.  You can't run a car (in)to a pot hole and expect that you won't have to do maintenance on it."

Ah, stop that right now, mister. First, you are not a car that Anya is driving.  You are in control of your own destiny.  Do not use her being slightly stern with you as an excuse to shut down.  This is not a tragedy, this is an opportunity.

Do you think Brady would have acted like this, if Anya had kept him instead of Nicholas way back when?

Let's see how they did, then.

Joining Host & Super Mentor Tim Gunn, and judges Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi and Rachel Roy is Georgina Chapman.










Asha, Sam and Michelle are called out as the safe middle.  They and Mondo are banished to the back room.

The rest are deemed top or bottom, but it's not mentioned whether an entire TEAM is top or bottom.  Interesting.

Rachel Roy sees a costume in Stephanie's work.  Georgina doesn't like the lace or the gold Snow White belt.  Jen thinks there are decent ideas UNDER those bad choices.

Georgina is impressed with Oscar's draping.  No one comments on his "I was inspired by this huge train, to make it into woman because woman can conceives life so it's a revolution."   His original idea of the writing on the dress is rightly mocked.  Oscar thanks the mentors.  

Natalia explains her "Time Traveler Mistress."  Rachel is a believer.  Jen likes the delicate lace, and the pulley system.  Georgina is impressed that it could be done in the two days.

Blake says he wanted to make a 'Timekeeper."  Zanna likes the inspiration, but does not see 2 days worth of work.  Rachel sees too many ideas.  Jen calls him out on always saying he needs to trust his initial ideas, week after week.

Tim says Shan is back.  Rachel says Shan did was he does best, tailoring.

Zanna says she is happy she finally sees the menswear aspect that Nicholas likes.  She doesn't see a full two days worth of work.  Georgina doesn't mind simplicity, but the judges all agree that he didn't get things PERFECTLY constructed.

Nicholas' construction and Blake's taste have landed them on the bottom.  Shan and Natalia are vying for the win.

Stephanie is safe and sent out back.

Anya gets to choose who stays and goes between Blake and Nicholas.
She chooses Blake to stay.

It's no surprise that she went that way.
However, I did think that Blake's outfit
this week was worse than Nicholas's. 

This experience has been a wonderful … zzzzzz …

Blake and Oscar are safe and sent out back.

Shan is declared the winner!

Natalia had SUCH a heavy handed Winner's Edit, I was sure she was winning 10 minutes into the program.  I guess it was a fake out.

Everybody twerk!

Next week, an unconventional materials beach inspired look!  Who will fight like Epperson & Qristyl Jefferson?


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