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UTG s1e11 The Benefit Of Fashion27 March 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn the remaining designers created mini-collections in pairs for the Francesca's girl.

Oscar & Shan won the challenge.  Each has something being manufactured and sold at Francesca's.

Blake & Sam did well, placing in the safe middle.

Asha & Natalia had bad construction and worse communication.    Natalia fell on her sword and was eliminated.  Asha cried and got to stay. 

"The judges seem to like when she makes horribly constructed things."

That's it, always show the judges reverence and respect.  Never mind YOUR execution troubles, only those of your competitor.

We're down to five contestants!  They and the lite mentors meet Tim and a couple of burlesque dancers on the runway.  They perform on the runway for the contestants.  Well, just the two dancers, not Tim.

C'mon, baby, it's the ho challenge!

No, it's the real women challenge.

I don't envy these designers.  Those boobs are trouble.

The burlesque intro was to tie in with Benefit Cosmetics.   What, a free lap dance with every order over $20?    Risque is the new classy.

The real women models look fine, but each has a concern that the designer must address.  The models are preassigned.  Oscar's and Asha's seem like they were tailor made for them.  Oscar's client wants to look older, and he is often accused of skewing too old.  Match, natch?   Asha interviews that she likes to design for the curvy woman and her model is newly merely slightly curvy, so they go together, eh?  Blake's model kind of looks like Blake.

They sketch outside of FIDM, and everyone seems on track.  Shan says he won't let his model nor himself down.  Plot point, vraiment.

They get $200 at Mood.  Have you noticed how Oscar the dog doesn't bother to get up for them any more?  Maybe he's experiencing the ennui, too.

In a few hours Oscar is finished and the others are teasing him to make more pieces, accessories, etc.  It's pretty funny.  This is when it hits me, I want him to win, just like I wanted Seth Aaron to win way back on s7.  The contestants who finish on time week after week always amaze me.

Mongo Guerra: Can I tell you the immediate response?
Sam: Yeah.
MG: It reminds me of something that a nurse would wear in a war, and this treatment that you're doing to it, it looks like ... blood.  And, besides the paint, I feel this isn't ... you.
Tim Gunn: Sam, I've never been more disappointed in your work.  I'd jettison the whole thing and start over.

Can you recall a harsher critique?

I can.

Poor Sam is deflated, but he gets right back to work.  Atta boy!

Mondo is concerned that Asha is veering towards messy.  Honey, she's already there.

Tim calls Oscar's work "fabulous."  No comment about skewing old?

Shan's top impresses Anya.  She interviews that his pants have to match the level of the top.  That's an issue?  I mean, doesn't he work fast & well, normally?

Tim thinks Blake is trying to make the fabric do something it doesn't want to do.  Tim & Anya give Blake a bit of a pep talk and then the models come in.  Even though some designers have changed things, all the models are happy.

That is, until Shan's model has an allergic reaction to the clothes.  Wow, did you see that coming?  Oh, never mind the promos.  Now he is stuck making an outfit with the fabric that Tim didn't like.  Uh-oh!

Joining Tim, Jen, Zanna and Rachel is Benefit's Annie Ford Danielson.

It looks messy.   She has a flat stomach, but because of where the lines are, it give the illusion of a protruding belly.  Pamela Ptak and Allison Kelly are coming to mind.  Wait.  Is part of the reason I think it is messy just that it needs to run into some Static Guard?  Or is the fit off, too?

Color would be in order here, yes?   I do like the idea of cinching in the pattern at the waist.  The fit is off a tiny bit, or what is it that is creating all the pulling?

Perfect construction, and she got what she wanted.  I suspect the judges will say wasted opportunity.  Maybe he should have offered her a gown in real life right after the show, but for the show, give the judges something fresh and adult?  I do like it, though, because it is flattering.

It is more girly, more feminine.  However, it is messy, and the bottom hemline is all loose threads and a lazy shape.  It washes her out, some color needs to be near her face.  Is the belt the right width?  I want to see a thinner belt.

It's great for 1.5 hours.  I hate how the pattern isn't lined up in the back, but I am wondering if that is a pattern that can be lined up *anywhere.*  If that is the case, shouldn't the seam where the pattern is off be under the arms?  I'm not sure how to address this.  I don't think he had any other fabric.  No, he had black fabric, yes?  So, he should have used black on the back, right?

It just hit me, did they make a big deal about hair & makeup changes?  Usually they do.  I have to go rewatch for that.  Or just to admire Scott Patric.

Sam states that Norah needed something to go from work to evening.  Jen calls it boring.  Zanna agrees, plus reminds it isn't fresh.  Rachel notes it isn't appropriate for work, nor is it sexy enough for evening.

Asha wanted to put Erin in something that would celebrate her weight loss.  Erin is beaming, it's exactly what she wanted.  Rachel says that the construction is holding her back.  

Blake wanted to help Ruzena be fun and feminine.  She says she was reborn.  The print is a miss, it's not sophisticated enough.  Jen thinks it could have been salvaged if the print was placed differently.

No one says anything about the hem, or that the handkerchief skirt is a cop out.

Shan explains that he had 1.5 hours to create something new, once he learned the sequined top was out of the picture.

Sequinsed.  Sequinced. Sequenced.

Zanna thinks it is sexy and fun.  Brittany, the model, loves it.  Jen feels bad, now that she knows the story.  Jen wants the neck area lowered.  Okay, me, too, Jen.

Jen asks if Oscar's model Dani, wanted a gown.  Uh-oh!  The guest judge likes it as does the model.  Jen wants to see more than merely great construction.  Double uh-oh!

Tim announces that there is a fun $1,000 extra prize.  For embodying laughter, or quick fixes, or something, they give it to Shan.

Oscar places 3rd, safe middle.

Bottom two are Sam & Blake.

 Sam is in, so Blake is eliminated.  He is professional and polite, good man.

Asha and Shan are top two.

Shan is the winner!

So, we have a top 4.  Next time:  Designing for superheroes?  Tights for everybody!


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