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UTG s1e10 Crossing Teams20 March 2014

Last week on Everybody Hates Natalia (or was it Mentors Behaving Badly?  Take your pick) the remaining designers created day to evening looks.  

Oscar won the challenge.  Natalia placed 2nd.   

Blake & Michelle were bottom two, with Michelle going home. So, for last challenge, this is how they placed:

Mondo & Anya each made plain their disagreement with how things panned out.   It's hard to read from how everything is edited, but they sure looked like spoiled brats. 

This is how the top seven rank, scoring all their work in the season thus far:

So, just why is everyone ganging up on Natalia?  If she is as bad as they all say, she'll be gone soon enough, won't she?  Is it easier to complain about others, instead of minding one's own business?  Is it more fun to bully instead of focusing on one's own work?  I am not sure just what is going on, but the way Natalia has been treated has been over the top.  I can't say whether she is crying too much, or not as good technically as the others, but, geez, get out of her way.  We know that what is presented might not be the entire truth.  We probably won't know the extent of it till the season is over, if ever.

Alright, let's see how everyone beats up Natalia this week.  I am curious to see if Anya made good on that threat to beat up Rachel Roy.

It's morning in L.A., and everyone is missing Michelle.  Asha interviews that Natalia sucks and it's the Twilight Zone.  Natalia interviews that it is difficult to tune out all the negativity.  I'll bet!

The six remaining contestants meet up at Francesca's with Tim and Sei Jin Alt, Chief Merchandising Officer.  The challenge is to create an 'on trend, head to toe look that embraces the Francesca's customer."  In pairs they'll create 3 look mini-collections.  Poor Natalia is put with Asha, of course.  Oscar & Shan are together, as are Sam & Blake.  They're not paired by mentors.   Interesting.  The winner gets their design put into production. They are told that the Francesca's customer is youthful, fun, competent, and loves trends.

Soon Mondo is interviewing that he won't like working with Nick.  Mondo, you just get worse every time you talk.  I guess I'm burning all my "Team Mondo" propaganda from 2008 this weekend.

They get $450 per team for 3 outfits.  Asha & Natalia aren't working well, while the others seem to be.  Everyone *says* that Natalia is lacking so much confidence, that it's all her fault.  Tim is stressed.   What's strange is that we don't see Natalia acting that badly, not to the level that everyone interviews.  I'm starting to wonder if maybe there is truth to any of it.   Does she deserve to be treated so ridiculously?  I'm trying to imagine the scenario where everyone else acted appropriately.  I'm coming up short.

Asha has a crappy attitude even though she has a fake smile and says she is being positive.  No, you're still whining with your fake smile.  She is steamrolling over anything Natalia has to say.

Sam interviews that he has had to work to overcome 'the negative associations' with Natalia.   She has had such fear in dealing with the other contestants, and has grown the most in the competition.  I don't know why, but I believe him.  It doesn't seem to be *too* producer manipulated.    I know, we can't really see from this vantage point, but this intrigues me:  How much behavior from Natalia could there have been for every other contestant, and from two of the mentors, to just so summarily call her crap and be so firmly disrespectful?  It baffles my mind.

During the mentor-thru every team has to be course corrected in some manner.  Blake & Sam have a cool fabric.  

When talking with Asha & Natalia, we see Asha is already leaving Natalia out to hang.   Mondo lashes out at her when she is calmly talking about fabric selection, in response to his question.  He is way too terse and nasty for the situation.

I'm done, shoot him now.

I'm not saying that she shouldn't have been reeled in, but Mondo, aren't you just making it worse?  Seems like you weren't there to mentor both of them.  You were there to harass her, because Asha isn't going to win you a car anymore.

Shan gives a left-handed compliment to Natalia in the sewing room.  Asha interviews that Natalia has really tried her patience.

I don't know.  All I can say for sure is that the mentors have been less than professional, and that we don't know the whole story regarding Natalia vs. the rest of 'em.  I do feel terrible for her.  Even if she IS as bad as they say, did she deserve their scorn?

Not knowing whom to root for worked great on Aeon Flux,
not so much on Project Runway's Under The Gunn.

I'm just glad I don't hate Scott Patric, too.

Joining Tim, Jen, Zanna (!) and Rachel is Sei Jin Alt.

Oscar & Shan

Asha & Natalia

Blake & Sam

Sam & Blake picked up on the Southwest Bohemian vibe and wanted to go down that path.  Zanna is beaming.  Rachel & Zanna don't like the front (white) top.  Sei Jin loves the print that Blake picked.  Jen tells the boys they look good together.  Ugh, now all I can think of is Logan being kept in the game for his silver sneakers.

Shan & Oscar were inspired by the Boho-chic aesthetic, "Under The Tuscan Sun."  Zanna is all smiles again.  Sei Jin Alt thinks they did an amazing job.  Jen was concerned that they wouldn't work well together, and is glad she was proved wrong.  Tim asks who should win, and I'm, what, already?   They must already know before asking how everyone has placed.

Asha's dashiki is a bomb.  Natalia's dress has horrible construction.   Zanna calls the collection discombobulated.   They are asked who should be eliminated.  Asha cries, and it makes me think how wrong that is, after complaining about how Natalia cried in a prior episode.  Natalia falls on her sword and says Asha should stay.

It was the right thing to do.

Wow, good on you, Natalia.  She is eliminated but she has character and integrity.   Now I'm thinking that they all were mistreating her again.  She's probably just eager to go home and get away from them all!

Both Oscar and Shan win, for the dress and the jacket.

This is how they rank now:
Wear a hat, don't wear glasses?

I don't know.  I'm so thrown by the hate Natalia subterfuge that I can't tell if I wanted her construction to send her home, or if Asha's ideas should have sent her home.  Perhaps a double elimination was in order?

Next week:  Real women!  Tim says, "I've never been so disappointed in your work" but, to whom?

I'm going over to Cesar 911.  At least he won't beat up the dogs.


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