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UTG s1e8 It's An Unconventional Beach Party
 • 6 March 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn the designers
created avant garde Steampunk looks.  

Shan, who didn't quite know what Steampunk was, won the challenge.

Blake interviewed that sweet Anya had left the building.

Nicholas's portfolio was called into question.

Blake & Nicholas were bottom two, and Nicholas was eliminated. 

It's morning in L.A. and the contestants are feeling bad for Nicholas.  Questioning his portfolio wasn't appropriate, per Michelle.  Shan is not troubled by Anya speaking her mind.  Super mentor Tim Gunn thinks Nicholas got what he deserved.

I'm so proud of Anya for recognizing so soon,
and on her own, that the mentor is always right.

Well, we know Tim didn't say *that.*   It's hard to tell, since we don't see everything that transpires, but Anya came off so reasonable when dealing with Blake and Nicholas.  Yet, I felt so badly for Nicholas.  He seemed so ... defeated.

Blake has brass knuckles, he can take care of himself.

All I can think of is off camera and back at The Apex the producers were whipping the contestants and telling them they'd never amount to anything.  Maybe Ken Laurence was there, just out of camera sight with a megaphone?  Why else would they be so depressed?   Hmmm, maybe Kooan was onto something.

The remaining eight designers meet up with Tim at the beach.  It's an unconventional materials challenge!  It's referenced as THE unconventional materials challenge, but we had special fabric choices on the "Unconventional Vampire" episode, and even the "Steampunk Chic" one.  

Don't you wish they were given an hour and told to grab all the kelp & jellyfish they could, or something strange like that?  This just seems too easy:  Ten minutes to grab anything on the beach except for the Lifeguard chair, and all the clothes everyone is already wearing.  It's a one day challenge, to create a California beach-inspired look.  There is no trip to Mood.

Oscar interviews that he tore his pants, psoriasly.  Well, seriously, but he seems to be saying it differently.    I don't know, he still amazes me with his clean & precise construction, I don't have it in my heart to rip on him too, too much.

I see what you did there.

"This challenge is successful
when what you create transcends
what the actual objects are."

It's amusing that he would have to say this after 12 seasons of Project Runway.

Sam gets to draping mats for a jacket.  Stephanie is drawn to the leis.  

Natalia starts knitting grass from grass skirts.

A murder of mentors fly in.

Mondo urges Asha to use the palm leaves underneath her mats.

Michelle went for the bright plastic.   Mondo thinks it is kind of flat.

I see what you did there II.

Mondo thinks Sam's jacket is too boxy.   He had planned on using one material.  Mondo interviews that he is frustrated with Sam's laziness.  Mondo tells Sam he needs to push himself.  Will he get depressed and shut down like Blake and Nicholas before him?  Sam starts over on his design.

Blake is using a grass skirt as a grass skirt.  How innovative.  Anya calls him out on it.

Shan doesn't have anything on his mannequin.  The mentors like what he is playing with on the table, though.

The mentors respond well to Natalia's vision.  She interviews that Nick is helping and hurting.  Ha!

Nick tells Stephanie that he sees Versace.  I see muslin at the edges.

Oscar has two looks going.  Nick doesn't like either.  Tim is underwhelmed.  Oscar will rethink his vision.

Michelle interviews that she thinks she is being ignored by Mondo.  Interesting.   She has heard from him that she needs to have perfect construction and fit.  She wants more.

Nick struggles to come up with sports metaphors with Oscar in the sewing room.  Natalia interviews that she is worried about her time management skills, not just this time around, but for the entire season.

When their time is up, most looks are far from complete.  Will they be able to finish during model fitting, and hair & makeup the next morning?

Runway morning Mondo tells Sam to clean up his look.  Sam is unnerved and doesn't respond well to Mondo.

Sam confides to Asha in the sewing room.   Asha ain't havin' any.  Good on you, girl!

Joining Tim on the judging side of things are stylist Jen Rade, designer Rachel Roy and guest designer Georgina Chapman.  What did they do with Zanna?  Did she bolt to Cosmo, too?

Don't even.

"Lrrr demands to see Zrr!"









The Benefit Cosmetics Bonus Prize of $1,000 is given to Sam for making a fun, free-spirited outfit.  Or, for making a pineapple purse.   Does it function?  Or is it merely a Pineapple with a handle?  He seems genuinely surprised.  That's sweet.

Pineapple always wins the day!

Shan & Blake are deemed middle safe and sent out back.

One or more of you will be eliminated tonight?  Oh, please, we don't buy it when Heidi says the line, we're not gonna buy it now.

Oscar's socialite look is a hit.  Georgina calls it courture and easy even though it is a raffia.  Jen is impressed with how clean it is.  Rachel wants to see more from him (meaning compliment.)

Asha wanted to create a day party look.  Rachel likes the clean, modern, confident look.  Georgina likes the print underneath.  Jen is shocked and impressed.

Natalia used raffia and umbrellas.  Rachel likes the weaving idea, but not the construction, calling it the wrong side of sexy.  Jen says it is incomplete.  Georgina likes her point of view, as compared to the rest, saying, "Congratulations, but it didn't work for me."  Ha!

Michelle wanted to create something more playful, being inspired by the clear plastic at first.  Jen wants a hit of ecstasy.  She thinks the material is not all that unconventional, too.  Georgina calls it cheap and tacky.   Rachel likes the execution, but not the vision.

Stephanie says her girl is hosting a party on the beach.  All I can see is the muslin edges peeking out.  Georgina thinks it looks like a school project.  Rachel doesn't like relying on one textile.  Jen likes the skirt idea, but overall looks too crafty.

Sam explains which materials he used.  Jen is wowed by the execution and the cute idea.  Rachel likes that different women can wear it.  Georgina calls it balanced.

Natalia and Oscar are safe.  They are sent out back.

Bottom two are Michelle and Stephanie.

Stephanie is sent packing.  She is professional and gracious.  Good on her!

That leaves Asha & Sam as top two.

Mondo is told to make the decision and he gives it to Sam.   Did he award him the win because he felt guilty for troubling him to push hard and do better work?  Is Asha in a sense penalized for merely focusing on her own work, without the drama?

Next week's episode is titled "Trouble In The Lounge."  Jen isn't a gynecologist.  Maybe Rachel Zoe is.  Is *that* what happened to her, she went into the medical field?


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