Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RPDR s6e5 • Snatch Game 24 March 2014

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the contestants sang in Shade: The Rusical.

Courtney Act edged out BenDeLaCreme and Adore Delano to win the challenge.  

Trinity took her flipper/enunciation critiques either too hard or the wrong way.  She was all bent, she couldn't see the opportunity to grow.  She merely felt bullied.  She placed bottom two.

April Carrion couldn't bring to life and embody the part she was given.  Dios mio, she's a nice girl and will be missed.

There was no mini-challenge, and no Pit Crew sightings.  Laganja Estranja is acting like an attention whore, according to Bianca Del Rio.  Do you know many drag queens who blend into the woodwork?  Well, besides Darienne Lake on the last challenge.

After the She-Mail message, Ru comes out and announces it is time for the Snatch Game challenge.

But first Ru had to quote some Samantha Fox.  

"Maybe.  Just Maybe."

Adore is ready to embody Anna Nicole Smith, she s cracking Ru up.

Ru doesn't think that BDLC's Maggie Smith will make for an entertaining celebrity.  His back up idea of Alyssa Edwards falls flat.  I don't know, seems that Maggie Smith could be a reasonable choice.

Men stripping.
Where were these commercials when I was growing up?
They don't make up for the Pit Crew being MIA,
but they are appreciated.

Laganja seems to pass the Ru test.  She has her catch phrases down at least.

Milk is going to do Julia Child.  Ru asks how she's gonna make her funny and Milk flounders.  Wow.  

"I'd rather you have low expectations so that I can blow you away."  "Well, you succeeded."  Sounds like someone is trying to Magnolia Crawford her way out of the competition, huh?

Ru is so happy that Bianca is doing Judge Judy.  Ru says the pressure is on to deliver, but I'm not worried for BDR.

Gia Gunn is going to do Selena.  Ru asks how she can do her funny.  Gia is not fooling anybody, she can't sell free money.

Ru explains to everyone that they have to channel Ru herself when they do their runway looks.  THAT will be interesting, eh?

Joslyn asks Gia if she is going to change, and Gia does indeed switch to Kim Kardashian.  Good on her!

So, on the Snatch Game we have Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy.

Adore Delano did Anna Nicole Smith.

Milk was Julia Child.

Courtney Act impersonated Fran Drescher.

Laganja Estranja paid homage Rachel Zoe.

Darienne Lake portrayed Paula Deen.

Gia Gunn settled on Kim Kardashian.

Joslyn Fox serves us Theresa Giudice.

BenDeLaCreme embodies Dame Maggie Smith.

Trinity K. Bonet picked Nicki Minaj.  

When Ru sets them up, some make the most of the moment, and some (Gia Gunn, Trinity K. Bonet) drop the ball.  I would guess that Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano and Ben De La Creme did best.  Darriene Lake was good, too.  Of the rest, some were only fair, and a few were terrible.  I really thought that more would be hitting it out of the park.   

As for the runway —

LOVE Michelle Visage as RuPaul.   I'm so over her usual drag queen in black aesthetic.

Joining Ru, Michelle and Santino are Heather McDonald and Gillian Jacobs.

Joslyn Fox

Gia Gunn

Darienne Lake

Laganja Estranja 

Bianca Del Rio

Adore Delano

Trinity K. Bonet


Courtney Act


Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, Joslyn Fox and Trinity K. Bonet are called out middle safe and sent to the lounge outback.

Trinity heard Santino mocking her speech impediment while she walked the runway.  The others try to cheer her up and give her advice.

Michelle and Ru rip on Gia Gunn for not being funny.  Her runway look is picked on, too.

Laganja Estranja says she got in her head and didn't go as far as she could have.

Bianca was a real hit.   The only negative we hear is that maybe she wasn't 'Ru' enough.

Adore didn't really do Ru on the runway, but Michelle is thrilled Adore finally cinched her waist.

Santino praises BDLC's runway look.  The judges fawn over her Snatch Game work.

Milk's look both enraged and enthralled Michelle.  Santino is not shocked, he wants to see more glam.  Milk claims he can't do glam, Ru wants to see it, and to see the vulnerability.

BDLC wins!   She's the first to win two challenges this season.

Bianca and Adore were top 3 so they are safe.  Milk is safe, but Ru is not amused.  If she doesn't step it up, will she be gone soon?

Gia and Laganja lip synch to Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam #1 "Head To Toe."  Laganja can and does dance.  Gia spends her time in the back trying to reveal a different outfit, but spends too much time struggling with the clothes.

Gia interviews that she is mad that Milk is still there and she is gone.   She's sees the faults of Milk, but none of her own.  Interesting.

Next week:   More singing?  Rapping?  Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam?

It's possible, but I doubt it.



  1. See, now I can't say what I want to say. What I WANT to say is that if Trinity would just keep her mouth shut, she'd be fine. She's gorgeous, she actually looked a bit like Ru, and she comes through when it counts. It's just when she opens her mouth and gets attitude that she shoots herself in the foot. But now, if I say she should keep her mouth shut, it feels like I'm picking on her speech impediment, which I'm NOT. I'm picking on her judgment impediment. That's ok, right? Boo, Santino.

    Trinity - silence is power. Use it.

  2. Also - totally on Team Bianca now. I'm in.

  3. Thanks for the posting ... I'm grateful that I am still enjoying RPDR as much as I was in the early seasons.

    It's certainly fine to pick on TKB for not taking to heart all of the speech difficulties. When she is made, especially the last couple of episodes, she is easily understood. In other words, when she applies herself, she is fine. So, she is setting herself up for failure. I anticipate her going soon, just for that reason, not addressing what the judges bring up.