Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RPDR s6e4 Shade: The Rusical! 17 March 2014

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the remaining queens, in two teams of six, starred in horror film movie trailers.  

Darienne Lake worked the head in a box part and won the challenge.

April couldn't make the butch queen part her own, and was bottom two.

Vivacious forget her lines and got her head handed to her, so to speak.  I did want to see more from her, but I didn't see her going all the way to the finale, so I can see her go.

We get a quick vignette of April vowing to show Ru that she is worthy of being on the show.

It's morning in L.A. and the remaining 11 queens play "Female or She-Male."  

BenDeLeCreme and Adore Delano are the winners, and you know what that means: Another team challenge!

This week the main challenge is a musical!  Shade: The Rusical.

BDLC's team performs Act One and AD's will handle Act Two.  Trinity doesn't have any musical background.  Uh-oh!

Each team gets rehearsal time with Ru's musician-in-crime Lucian Piane and his sister choreographer.

Lucian?  I miss Lucian and PR Canada.

Really?  Lucian had to explain a fart joke to Gia.  Ce n'est pas bon!

Trinity has a bad attitude.  Quelle surprise.  Gia is having trouble singing.  April is struggling, but is trying hard.

For the runway they are to wear Tony Award appropriate couture.  Gia doesn't know what a Tony is?  

We get a back story of the two Idol contestants:  Courtney Act auditioned as a guy and didn't make it on to the show.  The next day, she went in drag and made it onto the show.  Adore made it to the top 13.  He was coerced the entire time to not be gay.  Ugh.  You'd think by now we could let people be who they are.  And we'd have teleporters.  I bet we're not even living under the sea by 2021.

Joining Ru at the judges table are Michelle Visage, Santino Rice, Lucian Piane and Sheryl Lee Ralph (B'way Dreamgirls.)

Act One (BDLC) seems fairly good and even.  Courtney sounds fantastic.  Gia and Trinity did not bring their sections down, they knew their parts.

Act Two (Adore) wow! Adore sings well.  Not so sure about April's section, which knowingly nods to Dreamgirls.

The runway is horrifically short!

Bianca Del Rio

Trinity K. Bonet

Darienne Lake

Gia Gunn


Courtney Act

Laganja Estranja

April Carrion

Joslyn Fox


Adore Delano

Bianca, Milk, Laganja, Gia and Joslyn are all safe middle and sent out back to await the fate of the top and bottom dwellers.

Michelle couldn't understand Trinity.  Sheryl wants her to stick a cork in her mouth.

Michelle says Darienne got lost in the mix.  Darienne blames Gia.  Ru asks why Gia is safe and she isn't.  Oooooh, burn! 

Sheryl wants BDLC's outfit toned down.  Santino loves her work on the stage, Michelle wanted more.

Courtney Act impressed everyone but Lucian who was nervous for her during rehearsal.

Adore didn't cinch her waist again, just like Michele had asked her to do.

Sheryl thinks April has a beard on her forehead.  Michelle thinks April missed on her character's attitude.

Top three are Courtney Act, BenDeLaCreme and Adore Delano.

Courtney Act wins!

Bottom three are Darienne Lake, Trinity K. Bonet and April Carrion.  Darienne Lake is safe.

Trinity and April lip synch to Chaka Kahn's late 1978 classic "I'm Every Woman."  Trinity is safe.

¡Dios mío! Abril ha sido eliminado.  

I wasn't eager to see her go like Magnolia Crawford a couple of weeks ago, but it's okay.  Trinity better be on her tail, though.  She needs an attitude adjustment if she is going to stay long.

Over on Untucked Laganja gets a video message from her parents.  It's an emotional moment, but when the other queens move on to another subject, Laganja is upset that they moved on from her moment.   Wow.  I might have agreed with her, but when she demanded their attention again, that was too much.


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  1. I don't know how I feel about Trinity. She puts off this super-defensive vibe, but she actually does perform well in the clutch, and she does really use the feedback, even though she seems like she's blowing it off at the time.

    Bianca is growing on me.

    Not sure why Darienne is getting these free passes - she needs to up her game.

    Sorry to see April go - she was so pretty.

    I thought Courtney was incredible in the Rusical - she deserved the win this week, although I'm not really rooting for her overall yet. Not rooting against her by a long shot, though. I thought it was interesting that one of the contestants said you don't win by being fishy or looking like an actual woman - I totally disagree. I mean, RuPaul is over the top in stature, but he totally looks like a woman. I think Courtney could take the whole thing. I just want to see more of her; I feel like we haven't really seen the real personality yet.

    I do wonder about the cinched waist for Adore - are they allowed to go out and buy additional stuff (like corsets) during the competition? I guess this isn't a live-in deal like PR, but it seems like the production team would be pretty strict about letting the contestants go get additional supplies after seeing what the competition brings/the judges say.

    I want Milk and LeGanja to be better. I want to root for them. I think right now I'm rooting for Bianca because her comments often make me involuntarily snort milk out of my nose. (Is that a bad reason?)