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RPDR s6e3 Scream Queens 10 March 2014

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race we met the second set of seven queens.  They had a photo shoot with the 4 man pit crew in bed.  Trinity K. Bonet won the pillow fight mini-challenge.  Then they created new outfits for the runway with inspiration from themed party supplies.  Bianca Del Rio won the main challenge.  Bottom two were Darienne Lake and Magnolia Crawford, with Magnolia being eliminated.  Her attitude seemed quite unusual, not caring how well she did or how far she placed.

It's morning in L.A. and the 12 remaining contestants gather in the work room.   I have to tell you, Gia Gunn knows how to form an opinion.   She interviews that she doesn't like messy, cheap or manly queens.   There must be a story there. She's coming on way too strong to blame it on a producer's question.  Following this line of thought, she's intimidated, yes?  Or an interview whore.

When did Ru start using the power clasp when imparting important information?

He's becoming more like Tim every year!
Now I want Tim to wear a sequined gown on
Under The Gunn, for a Bob Mackie challenge.
And a wig, of course.

Pairing up with someone not in their original group, the queens do a lip synch in a beach setting.  You know, the legs are of one person and the upper body from the other.

The newer half of The Pit Crew bring in some beach attire & goodies.  The girls start heckling the boys, rightly so, they're amazing.

However, Miles Davis Moody seems to not be enjoying the hoopla.  Is he embarrassed and shy?   Can being fawned over get old?  Or, does he think the girls aren't even WORTHY to be calling out to him?  Curious.  You beautiful people, you.

 Milk & Adore are the named the winners.

You know what's next:  Movie Trailers!  Milk and Adore become team leaders for a horror movie acting challenge.  They chose their original groups.   How imaginative.  I think they actually chose those with acting ability first, and it just happened to fall along original group lines.  Maybe.

Side note:  Did it seem to you like the first episode was of one level, and the second episode of another?   Put first wave BenDeLaCreme in group two, and the latter has all my favorite season six queens.

Back at the point: We get some work room flailing, but you know how it goes, crappy beginnings, stellar endings, eh?  Well, not this time!

Gag me with a Della Reein.

Don't look at me!

Excuse me?
It's referenced SO much in pop culture,
up through today.  Even if she had never seen
the movie, she should know about the DeLorean. 

Oh, honey, she doesn't even know
she ain't gonna make it to the finale.

In front of Ru & Michelle, Trinity struggles quite a bit.  Everyone else seems to be doing well.

As Adore's team goes in front of R&M, she interviews that she was strategic, but she stumbles over her words – a great deal!  Foreshadowing?  She forgets her lines, several times.  Ru calls her out for not having them memorized.  Ru thinks they didn't even bother to rehearse!

Vivacious's bit as the headless daughter is falling flat, not to mention she is struggling with the dialogue and, well, just BEING there.  She's awfully monotone.


It's always a blessing to see Raven. 
I liked Jujubee's version from last week.
The fireman really is the best, for obvious reasons.

 Manilla!  Alyssa is doing alright, too, eh?
When does her show premier?  Must look that up.

I am so over the beard era.
Sketchy Jeff, take your comrades and run.

Him, too.  Ugh.  Makes me wanna be a busy barber.

Lastly, why has Logo decided to be a 4th rate sitcom refuge?
Roseanne plays on enough other cable stations.
How about some GENUINE LGBTQ programming
instead of an occasional gay character aimed
at the mainstream?  Such programs DO exist.

Sorry for that.

While getting ready for the runway Bianca and Trinity go at it a bit.  Trinity wants to portray Beyonce in Vegas.  I *think* Bianca was trying to say that Beyonce would be more difficult to perform as than most other singers, because she is merely gorgeous and musically talented, whereas many others have an extreme look and personality to make fun of.  Is that how you took it?  Trinity thought Bianca was coming for her.  I don't quite think that she was, at first.

Joining Ru, Michelle and Santino at the judges table are Lena Headey and Linda Blair.

Bianca Del Rio

Courtney Act

Joslyn Fox

Trinity K. Bonet


Darienne Lake

April Carrion

Laganja Estranja

Gia Gunn

Adore Delano



Before the critiques we get to see the final print for each team.  The first, a 1960's horror movie trailer, goes off without a hitch.  Each contestant does passable work.  Everyone applauds.

For the 1980's version, Adore, who was so ill prepared, does great.  She carried through on just personality.  Wow.  Vivacious had a long pause while she was trying to remember her line.  I suspect that these edits we see are their BEST work, so that is scary.  No one claps when the trailer ends.   Wow again.

"I found it a little funny that theirs
was in black & white and ours was in color."  

Oh, Lord, somebody needs some Luminosity, STAT!

Team Milk Wins!

Trinity is so moved that Ru inquires.  "I, just, for a moment I really thought, I put you guys down and I'm a virgin actor, but, thank you for seeing that I tried."  Ru praises her for taking direction.

Darienne Lake is the winner!
She seems surprised, that's so sweet.

Team Adore is up for critique.

The judges like April's runway look, but not her acting work.  

Santino admires Laganja's look, and thinks she was carrying April in their dialogue. Laganja seems much more reasonably acting and professional on stage this time around than she was on episode one.

Ha!  Ru calls out Gia for just BEING a vapid valley girl instead of ACTING the part.  Ru also notes that she didn't know the words too well.  They still got a good take, though.

Michelle clocks Adore for not being cinched in.  Ru thinks Adore has been riding on her charisma, and has not being putting in the work.   Ru doesn't seem out of line as she lays in on Adore.

BenDeLaCreme is praised for her acting work.  It's much too short of an edit.  Surely she is the best of these worst, though.

Michelle defends her appreciation of Vivacious's look, which I guess someone else had just called into question.  They show Vivacious holding her head piece so she can hear.  Not as much of an edit as I was expecting.  Surely she is bottom two.

BenDeLaCreme, Laganja and Gia are safe.  Adore is left dangling for a moment, but she is safe, too.

April and Vivacious are bottom two.  They lip synch to Selena Gomez's "Shake It Up."  Each performs reasonably well.  

Ru keeps April and eliminates Vivacious.  On Untucked we learn that the entire team had been asked who should be eliminated, and they all said Vivacious.    Vivacious is professional, and remains poised as she says her last words.  Dang, she earned being eliminated on the acting challenge, but I liked her.

Next week: Shade: The Rusical!   We'll get to hear singers Courtney and Adore, huh?


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