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RPDR s6e2 RuPaul's Big Opening Part 2 3 March 2014

Last time on the season premier of RuPaul's Drag Race, the first seven of this year's 14 contestants competed. There is no immunity this season.   

 Laganja Estranja won the mini-challenge.   

BenDeLaCreme walked the runway looking like judge Michelle Visage and won the main challenge.   

Bottom two were bacon-chested Kelly Mantle and fabric challenged Vivacious.  Kelly was eliminated.  It would have been nice to see her in an acting challenge, or a comedy challenge, that seemed to be her specialty.

This week the other seven contestants compete.  They are as follows:

Bianca Del Rio is an insult comic.  She wants to show the world that some queens *have* good teeth and good hair.  

Oh, no, you better don't.

Actually I was thinking more along the lines of this.

Trinity K. Bonet thinks she is about as close as one can get to Beyonce.  Honey, there's pride, and then there's delusion.  Be careful.  Bianca says Trinity reminds her of her dead friend.  

Joslyn Fox is all about the look and showing body.

Milk is a club kid performer.  He's … memorable.

Magnolia Crawford is a white trash queen from Seattle.  Her whittled down nose is immediately the main topic.  TKB sees Peg Bundy.  Now I can't UNsee her. 

Courtney Act is originally from Sydney, Australia.  She was a finalist on Australian Idol, season one.  She looks like a real girl, and yet so handsome out of drag.

Darienne Lake was voted online to become a cast member.  She has a commanding presence, which can only be good.

You've got She Mail.

This time around the queens get a photo shoot with The Pit Crew.  Dang, I need a Pit Crew.  Or, a Mike Ruiz.

Soon they spring a pillow fight with lots of feathers on the unsuspecting queens.

In the work room Joslyn wants to model for Zulema. 

Mike Ruiz interviews that Courtney Act nailed the mini-challenge.

The winner of the mini-challenge is Trinity K. Bonet.

The Pit Crew guys bring in seven packages.  It's virtually the same challenge that they had last episode.


Darienne Lake struggles with explaining her concept.    Probably because she hasn't come up with much, beyond glamor executive.

"Hey, what it do, Mama-Ru?"

Ru isn't buying' Trinity's concept of Futuristic Princes Leia meets Princess Kate Middleton.

Courtney Act does a funny Michelle Visage accent.  (I won't say impersonation.)  Ru gives a punch line, but doesn't really seem to give *that* much advise.

"You can call me Jiggly."

Bianca explains her 'rolodex of hate" quick wit.  Bianca's day job is at a Broadway costume company in NYC.   Hey, can we expect amazing outfits from her?  Don't you get excited, like last season with Ivy Winters, when they know what they are doing?

Magnolia Crawford is none too pleased with her 'hoe down' box of hideous fabric.   She says her persona is that of a glamorous trash queen, but she doesn't get that she could use 'hideous fabric' in a couture way?  I don't know.

I have a question.  Is the green shirt she is wearing hers, or was it in the box?  The boxes are full of fabric PIECES, not fully constructed clothes, right?  More on this later.

Joslyn says she's narrowed down her fabric selection.   Narrowed down to fabrics IN the box?  Ha!

Milk is really reminding me of David Glasper of Breathe.

Hold me in the darkness, indeed.

Milk mentions pants, and Ru reminds her that pants might make her look a bit masculine.  

Milk is gonna wear FACIAL HAIR?


Weren't they always clocking Willam
for not shaving enough?

Hope you packed!

Joslyn's outfit is extremely busy.  

"I plan on being the black horse in the competition."

I've seen too much South Park,
all I could see was this.

Neigh to *that*, hun-neigh!

Joining Ru, Michelle and Santino is guest judge Khloe Kardashian.  Rats, I should have done a Bruce Jenner joke with Magnolia Crawford.  They have the same .... aesthetic, eh?

Trinity K. Bonet

Bianca Del Rio

Darienne Lake
St. Patrick's Day

Magnolia Crawford
Hoe Down

Joslyn Fox

Courtney Act


Michelle hates the pizza box behind Trinity's head.

Santino praises Bianca's craftsmanship.

The judges praise Darienne's face, but lament her choice of skirt.

Michelle takes Magnolia to task for the way she contoured her skinny nose.  Magnolia says she is attracted to fabric that is so outrageously bad that it is fabulous, but she shunned that fabric in her box and went for something cute, but not all that extreme, good or bad.  Now, she complains about the red & white gingham, but in the work room was wearing green & white gingham, remember?

"I've got a god-damn bow on my ass."

When Michelle calls her out on not doing enough, she complains to the judges.  That can't bode well, huh?  Ru later says she does get why she is being so defensive.

"Hello, you sexy, sexy bald man."

I should have mentioned it last time, doesn't Santino look good?  What a difference from his PR days, huh?

Magnolia didn't do enough, and Joslyn looks like she used her entire box!  Michelle does say Joslyn is beautiful, but doesn't need the OTT outfit.

Courtney has a very short critique.  Her dress was too long, but she was poised and put together.   She relied on her body too much.

Santino loves Milk's look, minus the beard of course.  The judges like that she is fearless.

Trinity is safe.

Bianca is the winner of the challenge!

Milk is safe, as is Courtney Act.

Magnolia is bottom 2, as is Darienne Lake.  That means Joslyn is safe.

The LSFYL is the 1976 classic by Vicki Sue Robinson, "Turn The Beat Around."   Darienne delivers a credible performance, while Magnolia has one expression.    Darienne is moving around the stage, showing dimension, range.  Magnolia's work seems … high school.

All publicity is good publicity?

That girl self destructed.  Last week I was sorry to see Kelly go, I think she had more to offer.   Magnolia, I won't miss as much.  She didn't seem to respect the opportunity that she had.

Okay, BenDeLaCreme, Bianca, Courtney, Darienne and Milk have my complete attention.  A couple of others are interesting.   Now we'll see if I am anywhere close to what happens on the show.


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