Thursday, March 13, 2014

Face Off s6e9 Mad Science 11 March 2014

Last time on Face Off the remaining eight makeup artists traveled to Japan for their Foundation Challenge, to create an "Oni."  

Daran won, earning him immunity in the Spotlight Challenge.  They returned to California to create their own anime alter egos.  Daran won the main challenge, yes, with immunity.  What's special is that he's done that TWICE this season.  

Bottom two were George and Graham.  Graham was chosen to be eliminated, but then the judges used their 'wild card immunity' and kept him on.  So, no one was let go and the top eight are still with us.

The contestants head over to the work room where host McKenzie Westmore introduces a variety of old devices or methods of wreaking havoc on victims.  Think Silence of the Lambs and Island of Dr. Moreau.  All I see is NIN's iconic video "Closer."  The challenge is to select one of the particular methods and show the person who was subjected to it.

The artists start sketching and explaining their concepts.  Most are like fish in water.  Rashaad prefers Sci Fi to Horror, and is not coming up with a concept.  Uh-oh!

Daran and Tyler are each sculpting multiple faces.  They read different, though, no worries.  

Graham is using his 'teeth outside of the face' concept again.  Will that be a problem?

Rashaad decides to sculpt, and while doing so comes up with his idea.  Whew!

It's Mentor Mosey Time!

Michael Westmore is tells Chloe that he once spent an entire day working on ears.  That's a strong hint to make hers a bit better, eh?

Corinne is told to vary the points of entry and depths of her leeches.  She shouldn't attach them all in the same manner.  She should make it as gross as possible.

Daran shows his 3 face idea and is told he doesn't need the third one on the neck.

Rashaad hears that he needs to vary his skin patch tones.  His idea is to have skin grafts from other bodies.

That's it? He only visited with HALF of them?  Ce nest pas bon!

Niko is doing the last minute mold clean dance that someone always does at the end of the day.

On day two Corinne is worried she isn't doing enough.  Graham is using L-wire to show that she is being powered by electricity.  Niko is making his girl pregnant. 

George's 2 herniated discs suddenly bother him.  He's lying on the floor face down.  Mon Dieu!  A medic and a cold compress later he is back, working through the pain.

Chloe does the mad adrenaline rush at the end of day two.  Day three everyone is working on applying prosthetics and painting in a timely manner.  It has finally hit me.  Maybe all the hype about this being a better season is because they noticed they were all painting earlier than on other seasons?   (We'd often see someone waiting until the final hour to begin painting.)  Just an idea.

How do they do?









During closer looks Ve examines Niko's baby ripped from the mother concept and calls it tasteless.  Um, it's horror?  They don't play nice and live happily ever after, in cleanliness and bliss in that genre.  

Tyler, Graham, Niko and George are called out middle safe and sent out back to the makeup room.  So, Graham made it through (the guy who was saved from elimination last week.)

That leaves Daran, Chloe, Rashaad and Corinne as best & worst.

The judges love Chloe's B&W take on a Frankenstein with a missing limb.  Ve loves her idea, but corrects her gray skin, which is reading greenish/bluish gray.  Her concept is lauded, Neville thinks it is her finest.

Rashaad's idea of a doll with pieces of skin from other sources misses.  All the judges hate the dentures on the side of the chin.  Neville likes the back of the head, but everyone hates the front.

Corinne's leech concept is proclaimed devoid of any interest.  Glenn calls it a virtual black hole of thought.  Ouch!  They question why she put any appliances on (they seem like a wasted opportunity,  and unnecessary.)

Glenn calls Daran's work beyond impressive and stellar.  He is creeped out by the faces being a little bigger than normal.  Neville says it feels alive, not merely a concept.

It's clear that the top two are Chloe and Daran.

Daran wins!  It's his third Spotlight Challenge win of the season, the first to win three.

Bottom two are Corinne and Rashaad, his first time on the bottom.

Corinne is eliminated for lacking inspiration and aiming low.

Did you agree?  Now that Rashaad has placed in the bottom two, every one of the seven remaining contestants has placed high, middle safe, and low at some point in the season.  Only Rashaad and Graham have yet to win a challenge.  Tyler is the only one to not be in the bottom recently.  It's almost anyone's game, eh?

Next time:  A Roald Dahl challenge!


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