Thursday, March 6, 2014

Face Off s6e8 • Ego Trip Abroad 4 March 2014

Last time on Face Off the contestants chose wands and created the wizard that would wield said wand.

 George won the challenge and Cat was eliminated.  

There is such a thing as going too orange.

At the very end of the episode the remaining eight makeup artists were told they would be leaving for Japan in the morning!

The artists pack up early the next morning and fly to Japan.  We get some random shots of the contestants out & about in Tokyo.  They eat sushi and take plenty of reference photos.

Next day they meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and Kazuhiro Tsuji (Men In Black, Planet Of The Apes) at a nearly 1,000 old temple.  McKenzie sounds like she is trying to enunciate, but I can't understand her.  At any rate, we have a Foundation (mini) Challenge!

They get two hours to create an original Oni, a traditional Japanese ogre demon. Kazuhiro expects some sort of fear of death to be represented, plus Japanese culture in general.

Mr. T. likes the colors George used.  He calls out the tear stain as inaccurate.

Daran used 2 noses and six eyes.  He used a building in the distance as inspiration.  It's unique, but it is still Oni.

Kazuhiro sees Rashaad's brush strokes.  Ce nest pas bon. 

Mr. Tsuji likes Corinne's colors and shapes.

The also rans are:

 Graham, Chloe,

 Tyler and Niko.

 Daran and Corinne are the top two.

Daran wins the Foundation Challenge.  He now has immunity for the Spotlight Challenge which McKenzie presents immediately.

They are to create a "hyper-stylized anime character,"  an alter ego of themselves.

The next day they meet up in the Akihabara section of Tokyo for inspiration, and then to sketch their concepts.  A few minutes into it, Hidetaka Tenjin (Macross, Gundam) comes in to guide the contestants in their design.  He tells Rashaad to make his weapon bigger.  Daran is going to use Koi on the head.  Tenjin wants water to be incorporated somehow.  That's it, no one else is shown for more than a second.  They fly back to L.A. where they have the standard 3 days, including the reveal.

On day one Niko interviews that he has a martial arts background, so he is excited to use that knowledge.  Graham blows some dust on the model form back into his face.  Oy!  Tyler is going to give his alter ego extra arms, to convey multi-tasking.

And there was this.

Corinne is worried that Chloe is doing something quite similar.   Chloe is not worried, she thinks they inherently always paint differently.

Niko is making Kid N Play House Party high hair, higher than his own normal hairstyle.  That's the end of day one.

The edit of day two is pretty quick.  George is worried about finishing on time.  There was no Michael Westmore mentor walk-through.   

Day three Graham is worried about his paint work getting finished.  George doesn't seem to be painting, while everyone else is.  Chloe & Graham run into each other, but seem to be alright.  No, wait, Chloe interviews that she was bleeding.

During their last hour by the reveal stage George finally starts to paint.  Graham interviews that his work is falling apart.  Then his airbrush dies and he has to hand paint.

Joining host McKenzie, and judges Glenn, Ve and Neville is guest judge Kazuhiro Tsuji.









Daran, Corinee, George and Graham are called out as the best & worst.  The other four are safe and banished to the adjacent makeup room.

Daran's alter ego wants to break free from society, in the form of a fish, evidently.  Glenn likes the attention to detail.  He calls it gorgeous and spot on with using the fish.  Ve likes the water .  Neville likes that he didn't just use the model's eyes, but designed them to appear to be nostrils. 

Graham wanted to make a laboratory worker that turned into a plant.  Ve doesn't get it even after it is explained.  Graham does think it matches the sketch.  Mr. T. thinks he ran out of time.  Glenn only likes the hair, nothing else.

Corinne loves Halloween.  Neville thinks she captured the anime essense in the eyes.  Glenn likes the reflectivity of the eyes.   Mr. T. thinks this is the most anime of them all.

KT likes the face paint, but nothing else that George did.  Glenn sees anime, and yet hates the whole thing.  Ve likes the sculpt of the face, but doesn't look like it belongs with the rest.  Neville calls it subpar.  The white on his head is reminding me of a papal hat.

 Top two are Daran and Corinne.

With immunity, Daran wins!

Bottom two are George and Graham.  George's face paint saves him.  

Graham is out.

Not so fast, the judges use their one-time save on Graham.  Glenn says he was expecting Graham to make it to the finale.  Well, now he gets another chance.  Be careful at corners, Chloe!

Will Graham make another mad scientist next week?


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