Thursday, March 27, 2014

Face Off s6e11 • Freaks Of Nature 25 March 2014

Last time on Face Off the makeup artists brought to life Roald Dahl creatures such as Vermicious Knids and Whangdoodles. 

Tyler earned his third Spotlight Challenge win, and Chloe was sent home.   That means the top six are all men.

It's morning in L.A. and Daran, Graham and Niko are musing over just that fact, that the top six are male.  "Except for Niko" quips Graham.  I immediately freeze.  Is that still acceptable?

Relax, it's perfectly acceptable behavior.

The last 6 contestants meet up with McKenzie Westmore and Neville Page at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.

Alright, the gnome challenge!

Well, no, mutant nerds, or, they are to make mutants.  They don't know what particular kind of mutation they are choosing initially, but the breakdown is as follows:

George has impenetrable skin, Niko is drawn to magnetism, Rashaad reaches for elasticity, Tyler gravitates to wall crawling, Graham picks tunneling and Daran is left with panoramic vision.

Neville expects them to push themselves.  Some student artists aid the contestants in computer sketching, sorry, I mean outright do it for them.  Seems like a recruitment ad for Gnomon.

No, mon.

Soon after they get to the work room the Westmores come in for some mentoring.

George is told to spend more time on the front, less on the back.

Mr. W. thinks Daran's concept isn't readily understandable.

Michael likes Niko's coil concept, but thinks it will be too flat and read like wrinkles.  He shows how he can make it more fully dimensional.  Soon he is actually sculpting for Niko.  Wait, you sure you aren't Nick & Oscar from PR's Under The Gunn?

Rashaad uses the Octopus to show his elasticity.  Mr. Westmore wants more pulling on the face.

But that would hurt!

Graham is told he has to paint his mole well.  You mean, that wasn't already apparent?

Tyler is told to allow for more shrinkage on his sculpt edges.  Isn't Tyler the one who had the entire head covered last time?

George is still suffering with his aches & pains, but he rallies through.

Daran plans on using LEDs in the white area that is supposed to be a continuation of the eyes.

They showed this once before: What words are showing up as a reflection on that building?  Is that "young" on the bottom there?  Uh-oh, must be a boring episode if I'm fascinated by the night-to-day vignettes.

No worries, Graham is ready to make me pay attention.  He gets a funny edit, for not setting down his empty molds before filling them — but couldn't he just grab a cohort and make him blow dry it or something?  What he's holding is small, yes?

Tyler interviews that he is nervous about time management with his fly hairs made from gently melting/molding foam noodles.  No!  Don't go home!

George and Rashaad suddenly each get a Winner/Loser Edit.  No!  Don't go home!  Well, SOMEone has to go.  Maybe they are Fake Edits.  Wait a minute, did they just say they were going to eat, and then they showed the Koi pond?  My stomach is churning already!

George and Tyler have to cut and re-imagine poor fitting molds.  

Graham starts talking in a Droopy Dog voice.  He thinks his is the worst mutation.    It is pretty funny.

Daran's LEDs don't make it into the prosthetic, and he ends up scrapping the idea.   Or, rather, the model accidentally ripped the LEDs out of position, and Daran doesn't have time to put them back.  They were an integral part of his makeup.  Uh-oh!

A few of them interview that they are running out of time, but they are painting before the last hour.  We've had worse in prior seasons.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is Oscar winner (Lemony Snicket) Valli O'Reilly.   She better not meet anyone with the last name Hill.







McKenzie calls out Rashaad and George as middle safe.

Glenn calls Niko's coils concept gorgeous and unique.  Ve likes the metallic look.  Neville calls it more costume than makeup but he admires it.  Valli sees the effort and meticulousness.  Top 2, right?

Graham's mole concept is a flop for Ve.  Neville calls it too obvious.  Valli wasn't sure about the story, she doesn't like the teeth length.  Bottom 2, eh?

Tyler's bat/fly inspiration is called beautiful by Neville.  Glenn calls is superb, and says he gets the story - which was the whole idea of the challenge.   Wow, he did better than I thought he was going to do.

Daran didn't want to go literal with a bunch of eyes with his panoramic vision guy.  Valli didn't see the white portions as eye matter.  Glenn chides him for not making his eye concept understandable, as does Ve.  Wow, they are harsh.  Bottom 2 for sure.

Top two are Tyler and Niko.

Tyler wins!

Bottom two are Graham and Daran and Graham is eliminated.  He is grateful for the second chance he had a few episodes ago.  I really thought they were going to go the other way.

Next week:  Human/machine hybrids!

I have decided to not blog on the Jim Henson show, but I am watching it.  Russ, get along with your cohorts, even if you deem them below you!



  1. You should totally post on the Jim Henson show. Isn't Brian just exactly as nice, insightful, and reasonable as you'd hope Jim Henson's kid would be? That was great. Tough challenge right out of the gate, too.

    I thought Graham's moleman was better than Daran's large blue marbleheaded person, but I think(?) that Daran has more wins (or more decisive wins?) than Graham has had, so maybe that carried him through. I did like that Daran didn't whine on stage about what had gone wrong, and what he had WANTED to do but didn't have time, etc.

    So I guess Tyler is the frontrunner, but I like Niko more. It's his hair. Sorry.
    I've got to say, a lot of these looks are ruined by the paint job for me. I thought Nico's was going to be way cooler, until he painted it. It was still cool, but less so. And whatsername's cabbage vagina from last week was made way worse with the paint too.

  2. That's exactly how the judges feel, that the paint jobs are ruining the looks. They'd rather have wonky construction with a wonderful paint on top.

    Cabbage vagina. Ha!