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UTG s1e6 Pompeii Team Challenge 20 February 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn the contestants created tour looks for Zendaya.  Asha won the challenge.  Isabelle not only was eliminated, but bus driver Nick Verreos got in his bus and ran back and forth over poor Isabelle until there was nothing recognizable left underneath.

Evidently I didn't kiss his ass enough while
I was asking him to let me sketch in peace.

It's morning in L.A., and the girls are talking about the last elimination.  Natalia wonders if Nick will support ANY of his designers.  Really?  There's a chance he'll be a completely different person today?

Tim pulls Nick aside for some individual therapy.  He explains that Nick went overboard with Isabelle.  Thank you, Tim.  Nick has NO IDEA that he didn't act appropriately.  Wow.  Going into this PR spinoff, I was certain Nick would be a model mentor (all that teaching experience) and I questioned Mondo and Anya being good at it.  Boy, was I wrong.  It's quite the opposite, eh?

Nick interviews that he is sorry.   (How convenient, not to her face.)  Do you think anything has changed?  How long does it take for Nick to return to his normal setting?   5 … 4 … 3 ... 2 …

The remaining 9 designers meet up with all the mentors at The Getty Villa. There's no shot of Christopher Straub admiring the moss on the concrete.  Wendy Partridge is introduced as a guest judge.  The challenge:  In teams, create a mini-collection inspired by the Getty Villa experience and the movie Pompeii.   For a brief moment I thought of an unconditional materials challenge with just molten lava and ash.

And robots.

The designers gather in their teams (by mentor) and start to formulate and sketch.  


Nick takes complete control of his designers and tells them exactly what they should do.   How sad, Nick is now a designer and the 3 former designers are now his personal assistants.   It took four minutes on the show, and I don't know how long in real life, but it is the same day, possibly the same morning.

What happens at Mood?  $500 and 30 minutes at Mood. Mondo's team and Anya's team had enough time to come up with working concepts, and they know what they are doing when they get to Mood.  Nick's team still hasn't come up with a solid concept, and they aren't ready to attack Mood with a plan.  Oscar is pulling one way while Natalia & Stephanie go another way.  Nick isn't doing too well at this mentoring thing, huh?

"Listen, Nick!"

Wanna bet he wins at the end anyway?  No, I don't either.

I bet we never have 2 Swatches at NYC Mood.

We get an edit back in the workroom that Nick's team is fighting, but I'm not buyin' it.  It's too early to be having such trouble.

Why is Natalia knitting booties?

On the mentor-through, Mondo tells his designers that their test dye pattern is too "arts & crafts-y."   Michelle asks if they should utilize a swirled pattern.   Mondo seems to approve.

While Team Anya tries to explain their vision, Nick's Team members are fighting amongst each other.   It's quite amusing, in a sense.  

Anya tells her 3 designers that they are compromising too much in order to be cohesive.  She thinks they should push further individually, and *then* work on cohesion.

Nick's team is eager to hear what he thinks.  Tim suggests Nick tell them to figure it out for themselves.  Ah, mentor by not showing up.  Gotcha.  Do everything yourself, or do nothing at all.  A little extreme?

"Maybe I was wrong."

Stephanie interviews that she wanted some leadership, and they aren't getting any.  I wanted Nick to not be so heavy handed at the beginning.  Now, during the mentor-through, he could have said a little bit.  Does this screw them up even more?

Right away Team Nick members get together and redesign their collection.  (Or, just design for the first time, eh?)  Natalia drops her knitting in order to be cohesive.  Atta girl!

During model fitting Shan is feeling down about his look.  In the sewing room, Natalia says she *knows* that she is the weakest link and least respected on her team.  If hers is the bottom team, she's gone for sure.

On runway morning, Michelle is thrilled with their dye job.

All I can hear is Michael Kors telling Laura Kathleen that she was inspired by Sweeney Todd.

Oscar has finished early and is helping Natalia and Stephanie.  Whatta guy.  Nick interviews that their looks all changed.  Well, they had to.  Good on them!

How did they do that without me there I'll never know!

 ♡ Commercial time with Scott Patric! 

Speaking of commercials, are you sick of the Jessica Simpson commercial yet?  Yes, JS, good on you for getting your body back.  But you're almost as ubiquitous as a Geico commercial.

Joining Tim on stage right of the runway are judges Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi, Rachel Roy and guest judge Wendy Partridge.










Tim announces the winning team:  Team Nick!

Team Anya is on the bottom.

Team Mondo is middle safe.  Team Mondo goes back to the lounge to await the fate of the others.

Stephanie, Natalia & Oscar share their vision.  

"When I saw your work last night, 
I'll be blunt with everyone,
it was a pile of hot stinky diapers."

Natalia explains that Oscar eventually took on a leadership role.  The judges compliment all three looks, admiring the design, modernity and cohesion.  Zanna sees costumes.  Oh, go back to Omicron Persei 8, Zrr.

Blake, Nicholas and Shan talk about their looks.  Blake gets a mixed, more positive critique.    Nicholas's execution is horrible.  The judges like his vision.  Zanna didn't like the upper front area of Shan's gown.  Wendy liked it, in general.  Shan doesn't like his own construction this week.   Jen sees bandages.  

The judges off stage contemplate whether to let Shan go or Nicholas go.

Oscar is the clear winner!

"This is worth it to be here."

What?  You think everyone believes otherwise?  Or did you not think it was worth it before?

He interviews that he was surprised.  Wow, that's sweet, he's humble.

Natalia, Stephanie and Blake are safe and sent out back.

Shan & Nicholas each disappointed the judges.  Yet, they are both kept.

Could you have chosen one to go home?  Yeah, I could have, too.

Next time: A railroad!  Steampunk!  Avant Garde!  Sweet Anya has left the building?


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