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UTG s1e5 Hit The Stage 13 February 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn the designers were inspired by "Vampireland."   Did they have to be inspired by the Vampire Academy movie trailer?  Did they have to be just generally inspired by the night and fog machine?  

Michelle redeemed herself by winning, after placing bottom three two weeks ago.   

Brady and Nicholas fought for the bottom.    It was supposed to be an unconventional materials challenge, so their looks consisted of 99% fabric.  They were told to take five bolts of fabric from the FIDM lawn.  Misleading?   At Tim's suggestion, the judges let Anya decide who would stay and go.  Nicholas was kept on, and Brady set free.

It's morning at The Apex, and the girls are talking about how Isabelle worked last challenge.  She says she listened too much to the mentors, instead of following her heart, or her own ideas.   Lesson learned?

Over in group therapy, Counselor Gunn and Nick are concocting their story to get back at Isabelle.  She's a liar now?  According to Nick she lied on the runway last time.  

Nick told her to change the silhouette (he complained the hips were too big.)  I *think* she was trying to go avant garde.  Her point of view doesn't count?  It has to be his?  It has been done successfully before.  (Think Leanne winning the car parts challenge s5e7.)  Model Ashley still looks emaciated, so they can't pull a Pamela Ptak on her (s7e2.)

Isabelle did modify her look after all.  She said so on the runway.  He gave her advice.  She tried following it enough for it to knock her off her game.   (Or, LET it knock her off her game.)  Nick said it during the model fitting.  Now he says she's talented and why did she have to lie?  Exactly what is Nick saying she lied about?

Tim says you give up when the designer stops listening.  Oh, really?  Tim, you give up too quickly and easily.  It's your job to mentor, period.  Not just when it is convenient, or when the designer is infatuated with you.  I don't like that you are abandoning your job, just because it is unpleasant.    You're the professional, you're the teacher, you have skills.  Reach the unreachable.   I'm not saying it's easy.  I am saying it is your job.  Shame on you for not sharing with those lesser than you.

"She *has* to listen to me.  I'm there to be noticed."

Almost.  I like what you said, but, really, you're there to make fun of her, roll your eyes and laugh at her with Tim.  Stop bullying.   Whatever she does, take the higher road, and do not use it as an excuse to mock her, or complain about her.

Okay, time to move on, huh?  I will grant that we don't see everything that transpires.  We only see a small fraction, what is edited to make it onto the screen.   Is it real?  Is it producer manipulation?  Is it ego on the part of the men?  Is it cluelessness on her part?  At this point all I'm willing to say is:  Isabelle is looking much better than Nick or Tim.    I sure hope Isabelle can navigate future challenges without having a mentor on her side, 'cause she'll be left high & dry, I predict.

On the runway Tim introduces the next challenge:  Create a performance outfit for singer/actress Zendaya.  She's got a tomboy side to her.

Hell, she's got a 1983 Parachute Club "Rise Up" Lorraine Segato meets 1984 Scandal feat. Patty Smyth "The Warrior" meets 1984 Face To Face "10-9-8" Laurie Sargent side to her.  If Zendaya puts eye makeup on her cheek I'll hurl a "referential!" at the screen.  At least I'll hurl.

Sam interviews that this is his aesthetic.  Eliminated Brady might have done alright on this one.  Captain Obvious Tim reminds them that she has to be able to move in it, and that is should look interesting at a distance and up close.

The designers sit with their mentors while they sketch.  Isabelle can't concentrate with Nick's talking.  Natalia is ignoring him and doing her work.  Stephanie is hanging onto his every word.

Isabelle whispers in Nick's ear to be quiet.  We don't hear exactly what she says.   She interviews that she calmly said, "I need a little bit of silence so I can think."   Nick responds, "Oh!  Okay."   He later interviews she said "shut up."  I can't tell for sure how to read the whole situation.  I will say this:  I don't think Isabelle was being cruel. 

"Ohmigod!  One of my designers told me to shut up!
That's my job, to babble on incessantly.
It's their job to fawn over me."

Over at Mood they have 30 minutes and $150.  Isabelle isn't sure what she is doing.  Oscar the human commits to only red.   Oscar the canine only shows us his backside.  Asha has her vision down pat.  

Back in the work room Isabelle is taking a break.  Taking a break?  The other contestants comment on her not working.  

Asha gets Isabelle to share that Jen's last critique is throwing her off.  Asha is quickly supportive and soon enough Isabelle is working.  Can Asha have the mentor's prize package for the season now?

Suddenly it's mentor time.

Natalia is working in B&W.   She'll have a big Z on the back.   Nick tells her to be big and graphic.  Um, B&W is high contrast, and a big Z on the back sounds pretty graphic.   Maybe he was supporting her design, but it sounded like he was trying to steer her in the right direction.

Tim & Nick aren't sold on Oscar's red only look, but that's the only color he has.  Tim mockingly asks for a cape.   If he has spare time, he ought to make one for Tim!

No.  No more fans, Oscar.  Sushino, okay.  Viktor, no, Oscar, no.

Stephanie is working with waxed denim.  Is that good or bad?  She has a strong idea for the jacket.  We don't see pants yet.   She is concerned about carrying out her vision,  The mentors are VERY concerned that they won't be flawlessly produced.

Isabelle is doing a jumpsuit.  She is stuck because she cut a piece wrong, and doesn't have more to cut from.   Nick immediately gives her a suggestion, Isabelle now has a way to continue, and everyone is happy.   Nick the mentor is back! 

Asha explains her vision of the play of a menswear plaid shirt wrapped around the hips.   Mondo likes that she can go crazy with studs.

Blake monotones that he is overwhelmed by the challenge.  He is worried that the drop crotch pant looks like a diaper.  

I am SO SICK of the diaper look!

Anya loves his sketch, which is something else.  She says, "This is the moment where you become a great designer."  Time to course correct.

Nicholas explains his shirt with an exaggerated collar, and shorts.  Tim calls it 'lackluster.'  

Shan impresses the mentors, as he has a leather jacket nearly done.  The back seems to be just fringe.   Anya advises that the pants need to be super cool.

Stephanie has fit trouble during model fitting.   I don't remember, does she struggle with that or not?  Her stuff fit on the runway before, yes?  I'm not worried yet.

Isabelle sews a piece the wrong way at the end of the work day.  She needs to pick it apart and resew tomorrow.  

"I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know what to do."

"I wish I could just disappear."
She's said that before, eh?  Good thing she doesn't have superpowers.

On runway morning everyone is still sewing.  However, Isabelle is still sewing up to THE very last minute.  Asha seems to be a calming influence, dare I say, a friend to Isabelle.

Tim comes in, gives her a stern 10 minute warning, and then complains to Nick that she didn't listen to him.  Nick goes into the sewing room and tries to get Isabelle to dress the model before time is up.  Isabelle is distracted by her bleeding finger.  I don't blame her.   Yes, her lateness and her workmanship look bad, but Nick and Tim especially seem to be overreacting.

Or maybe they want to be the next Calculon?  

"Well, we're past tough love with Isabelle."

"Oh. My. God. Okay. Thank you, Ashley,
you deserve a medal."

There's a Fashion Purple Heart?

ID: I- I- I need to see a doctor.
NV: You can't touch it, you can't —
ID: I'm not talking about the dress, though, I'm talking about my finger! I cut-
NV: You have more worries ... than finger."

You can't have it both ways, Nick.  You are right, she can't work on the dress anymore.  However, you can't tell her to stop worrying about her injured finger by focusing on the dress that she cannot do anything further with.  Let her have a band-aid, for God's sake.  Am I reading the situation correctly?  I get that she didn't handle her time well.   I get that it's hard to mentor someone who isn't meeting expectations.  Still, you keep mentoring, without taking it personally, yes?

Joining Tim on the runway are Jen Rade, Zanna Roberts Rassi and Zendaya.  No Rachel Roy?   =o(











Tim calls Michelle, Sam and Nicholas as safe, and they head back to the lounge.

Natalia wanted to honor the tomboy aesthetic, and create separates.  She wanted to make tight pants and a loose top.  Jen sees a backup dancer, not the star.   Zanna needs more glamor.  Zendaya likes it, but it is an every day outfit, not a stage look.

Stephanie wanted to take Zendaya's style, and infuse futurism.  The judges call her out on the poor fit.  Zendaya doesn't mind the vision, she just doesn't like the workmanship.

Oscar's critique is mixed.  His construction is admired.  Ice skater, camp, Beyonce, and hip-hop are mentioned.  Jen loves it more than any other look.

Blake wanted all white with hints of black.  Jen only likes the earrings.  Zendaya likes it, but the full-time judges do not at ALL.

Shan envisioned a young girl trying to break free and experiment with fashion.   The jacket is a hit, and so are the print leggings.  

Asha explains her tomboy but sexy point of view.   Will she be able to move in it?  Zendaya is okay with the little bit of skin showing in the middle.

Zanna calls Isabelle's look unacceptable.  Zendaya calls it homemade-y.  Disaster, atrocious, unacceptable.  Wow.  Zanna states the Isabelle isn't listening.  Tim asks if she works well with Nick.  She reluctantly admits no.

Nick says Isabelle has been draining.  His talent is being wasted.  Anya interviews that he threw her under the bus.  Mondo merely says he has a different mentoring philosophy than Nick does.  Ha!

"Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into."
"I'm happy to say you've been obliterated.
Serves you right!"

"No hard feelings."
"Don't ever talk to me again."

Tim calls out Isabelle as the one to go.  She is gracious and has kind words for all.  She hugs those in the back lounge good-bye, and interviews that she is a strong designer. 

Blake, Natalia, Oscar and Stephanie are called out as safe.   I know what I think, but I can't tell how they rated in the judges' eyes.  Are they really part of the bottom five?

OGL: Isabelle is going home.
NK: Did Nick have to choose, or anything like that?
BS: No, Nick got to speak, and (he said) nothing good about Isabelle.
SD: That's not respectful.
BS: It wasn't pretty at all
MU: Even if there was something negative to say, you can always find something positive to say, too.
NF: I'm just horrified to be in that position that Isabelle was in.  Like, I- I don't know if he would defend me or not.

Well, at least I'm thinking like they're thinking.  Dear God, don't let me be so thrown by how others act and speak that I can no longer focus, do my job and have a smile on my face.

Top two are Asha and Shan.

Asha wins!

We get a glimpse as to how it looked while she was on tour.  Good on you, Asha!

Wait, that was all for a lip-synch at the mall?

Next time:  Team mini-collections!  Nick micromanages.  Hilarity ensues!


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