Saturday, February 8, 2014

UTG s1e4 Unconventional Vampire 6 February 2014

Last time on Under The Gunn the designers created red carpet looks, inspirited by a bus tour, and old Hollywood glamour.

Except for Sam, and he won.  Camila's plain white front black back dress got her eliminated.  Or maybe her Cookie Monster sweater did.

Nick micromanaged his underlings.   None of them went home.   Maybe he is onto something.

It's evening in L.A., and Tim and Mila Kunis Sarah Hyland meet with the 11 remaining designers and the 3 mentor trainees.   Do they watch the stars each night around a bonfire while Tim tells stories?  Is he telling ghost stories of leisure suits?  Crocs?

"We're getting married!  Sarah needs a dress.
Designers, whomever whips up one the fastest gets $1,000.
And a hit upside the head for believing
we would even BE a couple.
She's already taken."

I had to look up Sarah online to see what else she has done besides Modern Family.   She was the youngest sister on L&O SVU s3e1, the first episode airing after September 11, 2001.   You know, Amy Irving was the mom.  Mariska was still on phone shot #2 in the intro.

I wondered if Sarah Hyland was related to Diana, or even Brian.  While looking her up, I saw that she has a LONG history in the business.  She's only 23.  Geez, I've lived too long and too wrong.  At 23 I was working 2 part-time jobs and going to university.  Ms. Hyland has already lived a full life.  Next I'll discover Dakota Fanning has grandchildren.

Back at the point, everyone must go out and see Police Vampire Academy.  Or Mean Vampire Teens.  Or something.  (But, certainly not fresh, original ideas.)  The film industry won't make it without you.   We'll never see another vampire inspired story line if you do not rush out and see this movie.  Just don't text in the theatre.  Trust me.

Tim wants to see Vampire-inspired outfits.  "Your inspiration for this next challenge is your current surroundings, which is all about Vampireland.  It's you and your (Ms. Hyland's) role in the movie, it's the movie trailer, it's our Vampireland that's behind you with fog and smoke rolling through.  Honestly, it's anything that you see here that inspires you."

Wait, so their garments have to incorporate dry ice?  They really should have teamed up with Face Off for a challenge.

They are allowed to take up to five bolts of fabric, and all the wacky materials that they may wish, all from FIDM's lawn.  Is Tim underselling the unconventional materials aspect of the challenge?  No worries.  Nick will gather up all the leftover weird materials and foist them on his four designers at least.  With sketches and patterns.  We know that will happen, but you know what I'm thinking?   Nick is just going to take dresses from his own collection and GIVE them to his minions so that they all have something fully constructed every time.  Wanna bet?

Okay, according to the edit, the *next* day (which is still day one?) they bring in their fabrics & materials.   Did they sleep with them at The Apex?  Did the producers make them walk around all night carrying their fabrics?

"This is so up your alley."  "Oh, yeah."

The contestants share their ideas with each other.  Isabelle interviews that she is being inspired by tornaders.  Or is it tomaters?

Meanwhile, Tim leads group therapy for the mentors-in-training where Nick has an epiphany.  Maybe he should back off from his micromanaging?   So glad he's catching on.

It's Tim & Friends Time!   Michelle explains her idea of neck branches.  Mondo likes the delicacy of it.  Delicateness?  Or is he going to eat the neck area?  Well, that *would* be appropriate, vampires and all. 

Asha wants to create a tribal priestess.  Mondo doesn't like the sloppy upper frontals!  He guides her to the 'feathery' skirt idea.

Sam is worried he doesn't have any non-fabrics in use.  Mondo is stumped.  Tim steps in and tells Sam to commit to his idea, but to add the bat wings – somehow.

Brady is going to make a motorcycle jacket with teeth on the shoulder (for spikes/studs.)  Underneath is a shift dress.   Anya is concerned it looks junior.

Nicholas is covering chains with fabric.  He likes the hard & soft aspect of it. The mentors are fully on board.   Not Asha!

Oscar introduces his punk rock Vampire.  The mentors see Rihanna matador.  Nick starts ripping on poor Oscar immediately.  Is Oscar almost finished?

Isabelle shows her sketch, and the red & black fabrics but the judges aren't buying it.  Nick wants one color.  Nick spoon feeds a backstory.  Isabelle interviews that he isn't helping her.  The mentors look confused.  I'm starting to get a bully vibe when Tim elbows Nick. 

Mondo tells Asha that her jacket looks like a bathrobe.  Uh-oh!  She comes up with another idea right away.

Nicholas doesn't seem too far along when the models come in.  Shan's model wants her boobs covered.  Atta girl!

Nick is telling Isabelle that her look is unflattering.  Isabelle says it's her signature, to have big, pointy hips.  Or something.   Maybe Nick just doesn't LIKE her point of view.  He wants her to re-drape and do a different shape.

Suddenly Michelle is trying to mentor Asha.   Yes, we don't have enough mentors already.   Is she channeling s2 Guadeloupe or s8 Gretchen?

Don't blink or you'll miss Stephanie!

Okay, this is bothering me.  On runway day Tim is wearing the same outfit he wore during the movie trailer gazing, while traipsing thru FIDM foggy landscape. No one else is, so I think Tim only brought 2 outfits to film the entire season.   Maybe the next challenge is to make him his wardrobe.  Okay, that would be … interesting.   


Isabelle likes to work beyond the time constraints.  I don't blame her.  I keep hearing Michael Kors explaining to Alison in season three how you keep at it till the model is walking out onto the runway.

Maybe I just like poor Tim getting all riled up.

Judging this week are Jen Rade, Zrr, Trina Turk (in for Rachel Roy) and Zoey Deutch.


Was she even IN this episode?

I wish Nick had not told her to completely forget about her first version.  I liked that.  Okay, maybe that's too strong, but I was interested in what she was doing.  It wasn't a plain black dress.  I am assuming she has an avant garde aesthetic, I want to see her deliver on that.  She never will if Nick keeps telling her to hide her ideas.









A bonus prize of $1,000 goes to Oscar for helping others.  Tim says he even swept the work room?  He's starting to remind me of s8 Casanova, you know, always perfect construction.  Now if only Oscar would dress old ladies and sluts the comparison would be complete.  

Tim calls out Oscar, Isabelle, Nicholas, Brady, Asha and Michelle as the top and bottom.  A-ha!  I *knew* there was a reason why we didn't see Stephanie this episode, she was merely safe middle.  Stephanie, Natalia, Blake, Sam and Shan head out back.  Or maybe they all just go to The Apex to sleep.

Oscar tells the judges his inspiration was "Blood • Orthodox • Jewish • Vampire."    The judges rave over the craftsmanship.  Jen wants to see more.

Brady wanted to create a look for the mom dropping off her kid at the Vampire Academy.  


Zanna thinks Brady burdened himself by adding extra constraints to the challenge.  Jen thinks he could've stayed junior and done better work.   The thing is, the judges think it is junior, still, but not as good as it probably would have been originally, before his mentor critiques.  Ouch!

Asha wanted to created a modern day voodoo priestess.  The judges love the head piece and the red hay skirt.  Zoey doesn't like the purple jacket.

Nicholas's work is old, matronly.  Jen just says 'No.'   Who will he flog with that chain?   Weren't there a lot more chains on it in the work room?

Isabelle explains her widow spider aesthetic.  Jen makes fun of it.  She says Isabelle missed the challenge.  Zoey seems to like it.  Zanna likes the black dress underneath.  Nick interviews that he thinks Isabelle said it was all HIS fault.  We don't really hear that from Isabelle.  Hmmmm …

Jen loves Michelle's construction.  What a turned around from last week!  Zoey wants the dress.  Zanna doesn't like the neck piece, while the others do.

Nick was concerned with the hips on Isabelle's outfit in the work room.   Nick, please see the hips on Michelle's outfit.

Isabelle is called out as third worst, and is sent to the back room, she's in.

Bottom two are Nicholas and Brady. 

Tim tells Anya it's up to her to decide who should go.

"Oh, then, if it's up to me, Nick should be eliminated.  
He does too much of his designers' work.  
Well, that was easy."

"No!  You can't eliminate a fellow mini-mentor!"

Anya says she thinks Nicholas should stay, based upon his portfolio.   Interesting.  I don't blame her for choosing in that manner.

Poor Brady is eliminated, trying to honor a mentor's advice, that the judges didn't think he had to consider.

So, Nicholas is 2nd worst, but in.  Oscar is 3rd best, and is in as well.

Top two are Asha and Michelle.

Michelle is the winner of the challenge!  Dang, she looks like Toni Collette the more I look at her.

Do you think the right person went home?  Will they be gathering bolts of fabric from FIDM's lawn next time?   Will vampires ever be passé?



  1. LOVE THIS BLOG! Thank you for writing it!

    1. Wow, is that contestant Sam writing little ol' me? I had a brush with royalty! Imagine that. Thank you for your kindness, Sam.

      I know it's after the fact, but I am rooting for you to go far. I'm liking many of the designers this time around.

      Now I'm glad I didn't reference Sam Donaldson in the blog yet. =op

  2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  3. Who makes that yellow print dress that Anya is wearing??!!