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UTG s1e3 • Red Carpet Showdown 30 January 2014

Earlier on Under The Gunn 15 contestants vied for 12 positions, four each for PR alumni turned mentors Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra and Anya Ayoung-Chee.  It's all sorted out now, and the season can 'begin,' so to speak.

It's morning in L.A., and the 12 contestants are chatting it up at The Apex.  Soon they are meeting up with their mentors, host and mentor's mentor Tim Gunn and Zanna Roberts Rassi, Marie Claire Sr. Fashion Editor and UTG judge.

This week's challenge is to create a red carpet look.  They take a bus tour of Hollywood for inspiration.  Yes, s5e3 certainly comes to mind, not to mention PRAS 3e4 and Project Catwalk s1e1.

Now why is he pronouncing it ROH-dee-oh and not roh-DAY-oh?

They finish the tour and sketch right on the tour bus.  Anya has minimal input, and Mondo just lets them sketch.  Nick is micromanaging.  Is he that hell-bent on winning the mentor prize package that he is taking the helm on everyone's design?

Mondo interviews that he sees what's going on, and it ain't right.  Can Nick be disqualified?  What are the rules?  Tim just interviews that he is perplexed.

Sam is concerned, evening gowns are not his thing.  With guidance from Mondo he realizes he can do *his version* of red carpet, getting inspiration from Katherine Hepburn.

It's a one day challenge, and they have $200 at Mood.  Tim doesn't let the mentors go with them to Mood.  Smart man!

Camila pulls an Isabelle and refuses to stop gathering fabric when time is up.   I love the entitlement of the designers this season, they can just continue because they want to.    Or, are they so over-focused they can't help themselves?  I can't tell if the term "Designer Entitlement" needs to become 'a thing.'

Shouldn't Depends be sponsoring the Mood shopping segments?


Ah, now we get some backstory:  Camila is from Venezuela and doesn't have the English vs. Metric measurements memorized just yet.   Wouldn't you have just held out some fabric and begged, "How much?!" to the Mood worker?   Let them do the heavy lifting.   I'll cut her some slack.

But not regarding her sweater!

"My designers really need 'hands-on Nick.' "

Or maybe he just wants a cookie from Camila.

Nick is raring to get at the contestants.  Dang, reel it in, girl.  Boundaries.  Tim does give some advice to the mentors as they are about to go in to the work room.  Mondo and Anya, while not exactly the same, seem very even keel, and act appropriately.  Nick is the helicopter mom who does the kids' homework.  Did you see this coming into the episode?  I guess I should have, but, I really didn't.

Timmy & The Mentors hit the work room.  Mondo and Anya seem to be doing just fine.  Nick is redesigning for Natalia, then pattern-making, and then draping muslin!  Following this idea, will Nick win BOTH prize packages if Natalia wins the entire thing?  Oy!

Tim drags Nick to the back room and politely rips him a new one.   Ooooh, such a brute!  Oh, hey, how about that mentor-thru!

Stephanie has PRAS3 Viktor's ugly green fabric.  Ce n'est pas bon!  Nick starts correcting her drape.  It needs his help, I will give him that.  Tim calls him a control freak.

Nick's hands are all over Natalia's work.  She gives Tim a look of "can't you get rid of him, PLEASE?"  Ha!  Tim obliges.

Anya approves of Blake using rough edges on the bodice.

Anya is worried Shan's lapels are going to go 'too circus.'

Nicholas wants to put a bathing suit under fringe.  She steers him away from going vulgar.  Good work, Anya!

Next we have a montage of Nick taking over and doing everyone's work.   Tim has to beat Nick into submission.  Or something.

Mondo likes that Sam is doing pants.  He likes where Sam is going.

Michelle needs to shorten her dress so it doesn't go into "Hello Dolly" territory.

Mondo tells Camila to balance her look.  She doesn't care.  He says the judges will.  She decides to start over, with three hours left in the day.  Really?

I guess the main designer stories here are as follows.  Sam is nervous because he doesn't do red carpet looks.  Blake is a fish in water, since this IS his kind of challenge.  Several seem to have quite sloppy work, but they aren't finished yet, maybe they will all clean it up?  Only half of them are getting a lot of air time.  I know that means top 3 and bottom 3, but I am trying to ignore all of that, and enjoy the show.

On runway day Shan is so intent on sewing that he proclaims he is afraid to pee.  What is it with these people?  If you're gonna be on the show, be prepared and get a colostomy bag.

On the runway we have judges stylist Jennifer Rade (remember s6e4 when she ripped on Valerie Roy, Qristyl Frazier's model?,) Zanna Roberts Rassi and Rachel Roy.  There's no guest judge this time.   We have Rachel Roy.  Who cares if we ever have a guest judge again, eh?

Host Tim Gunn surprises the contestants:  The winner will receive $5,000, and a celebrity will wear the look in Marie Claire.

Anya's Designers
Brady Lange

Blake Smith

Nicholas Komor

Shan Keith Oliver

Mondo's Designers
Sam Donovan

Asha Daniels

Michelle Uberreste

Camila Castillo

Nick's Designers
Isabelle Donola

Natalia Fedner

Stephanie Ohnmacht

Oscar Garcia-Lopez

In general, I was underwhelmed.  Normally when PR has a red carpet challenge, they get two days, right?  So, for a one-day challenge, maybe I should just accept the shoddy workmanship.  Between taste issues, actually finishing correctly and well, and being red carpet appropriate, I'm struggling to come up with the top looks, Winner's Edit notwithstanding.

As for bottom dwellers, there's vulgar, there's poorly made, there's boring, and there's not red carpet appropriate, but not necessarily all in the same outfit.  Which is the worse offense?

Tim Gunn calls Camila, Sam, Michelle, Shan, Blake and Stephanie as the high and low scores.

Michelle was inspired by the jewelry stores on Rodeo Drive.  Zanna sees the inspiration, but says it's an old idea.  Rachel notices the poor construction.  Tim is vagina phobic.  Jennifer is on the same page with Tim & Rachel.

Shan was drawn to the print.  Jennifer is impressed.  Zanna praises the construction, and that it is striking.  Rachel calls it interesting (in a good way.)

Sam talks about his insecurities about the challenge, and finding hope with the idea of Katherine Hepburn.  The judges ALL love it, calling it fresh and modern.  No one has an issue with the upper frontals.   I guess when one goes to VMAs or The Grammys, one gives the girls air.

Blake was inspired by the vegetation on the tour.  What?  Zanna calls it bang-on trend (pastels.)  Jennifer says it is editorial.  Blake didn't expect a good critique.

Jennifer says Camila's is not on the same level as the others.  The judges think the fabric will wrinkle, it won't function when they ride in a limo to the event.  Camila defends her fabric choices, and that being from Venezuela is a hindrance that the others don't have.  Oh, please, that's not valid.

Stephanie hears "tragic" concerning her fabric choice and … that's it?   Well, that was so heavily edited that we know she will stick around.

Camila gets the chop.  Ah, we're doing things in reverse.

It isn't clear whether Stephanie is second to last or Michelle is, but they are both safe.  Shan places third.  All three join the others outback.

Top two are Sam and Blake.

Sam wins!

I'm confused, the waist doesn't look defined.  Maybe that's the point.

Okay, I have a couple of not so on point points:

1.  Stephanie's last name in English is — Faint, Powerless, Weak, Palsy?  What?  Woman, we want America's next great designer to have boldness, courage and strength.    How about Starke or Geschicklichkeit?

2.  They did everything in just one day, didn't they?  You know on PR when they have a one day challenge, they do all the work, but then the runway is on day two, and they have 1-2 hours with models before the runway.  Well, look at the designers.  They all wore the same thing both days.   Maybe I could see one poor designer not being awake enough to shower and change, but, ALL of them?  Honey, they lied.  They probably filmed the entire season in a week.

Next week:  Vampires, because we don't have enough of 'em in current culture.    "No, Isabelle, no, NO!"  Are they just repeating last week's challenge?  It looks like bolts of fabric on the front lawn of FIDM again.    Instead of referencing Halloween, they should have tied in a challenge to Ground Hog Day, huh?  Or maybe Abraham Lincoln's birthday.  Someone in planning messed up, ya think?

I can hardly wait.


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  1. I think Nick failed to grasp the difference between a teacher and a mentor. A teacher is more hands-on, while a mentor's function is advisory.