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RPDR s6e1 RuPaul's Big Opening • 24 February 2014

Last year on RuPaul's Drag Race Jinkx Monsoon won the title, beating out Alaska Thunderfuck and Roxxxy Andrews.  We had no new Drag U episodes, and no All-Stars in the interim.  Logo did run the first season again, calling it the 'lost' season.  Honey, Nina Flowers has never been lost, she's been right here in our hearts and minds ever since 2009.

I hardly researched at all this season, so I'm coming into this fairly blind.  Yes, that was a pun.  

Adore Delano (Asuza, CA) is the first to come into the work room.  She explains she doesn't fit in to the mainstream, or even among drag queens.  I'm struggling with the outfit and hair color.   I guess this would pass if it were a 'character,' but if she presents herself as unpolished *all* the time, even on purpose, I'm not buying it.  She looks like a bad Christmas decoration.

BenDeLaCreme (no spaces?) (Seattle, WA) is exuberant, huh?   Her personality reminds me of Varla Jean Merman's, which can only be a good thing.  She calls herself "effervescent, optimistic," and "terminally delightful."  I  BDLC already.

Gia Gunn (Chicago, IL)  enters like a Kardashian.  The hula hoop purse is cracking me up.  She's coming off flat to me, but I do see that she is fishy gorgeous.

Laganja Estranja (Van Nuys, CA) makes an entrance with a split.  She describes herself as a dancer, ghetto yet glamorous.  She knows Adore in real life.

April Carrion (Guaynaba, PR) looks like she just flew in.  I guess if I can make a pun about my vision, she can make a pun about her name.   Jason is quite the looker out of drag.  April describes herself as a cross between Bjork and Coco Rocha, weird and glamorous.

Kelly Mantle (L.A., CA) is a working actor.  She takes a swipe at s4's Willam, but I'll ignore that for now.  She's got '40s hair.  Now that I think about these entrances, remember how Raja entered with the funny hat?  I wonder if any of them are coming in with a strategy, as opposed to just showcasing themselves?  You know what I mean, they come in underwhelming so they can deliver a real punch down the line.  Or, are they merely dressing for the inevitable photo shoot mini-challenge, and nothing further?

NYC's Vivacious gave us our first W.T.F. moment, and, regardless of the level of success, I am just over the moon that someone is THINKING like this.  Yeah, she had trouble with her reveal, but I'm a sucker for such theatrics.  So, good on you, Vivacious, 'living art.'   Now, SHE can work the fan, I'm cool with that.

That's it?  She Mail already?  There's only seven!

Ru comes out and explains what is going on.  Half (seven) will compete on the first episode, and the other half will compete on the second.  On the third episode, the remaining twelve will all meet each other.

The Pit Crew Grew!    Merci, Seigneur!

That last one is the first guy in the video for
DWV's "This Boy Is A Bottom," right?  
Miles Davis Moody, yes?  I  him, too!
Photographer Mike Ruiz shoots the seven contestants as they jump off a platform into a container of rubber cubes.

Laganja Estranja is proclaimed the winner!

"Honey, these legs are everything!"

Immediately Ru leads the seven out to a loading dock.  A truck is shown with boxes labeled after TV shows.  Because Laganja won the mini-challenge, she assigns each box to a queen.  Each box has clothing and items 'inspired' by the designated show.

Soon Ru is making the mentor rounds.  Adore has "Honey Boo Boo" and is mortified.    Wait, he was Danny Noriega on American Idol?  Well, now I'm looking forward to hearing him sing.  Just not some old Christmas song.   On AI he looked like a cross between Justin Beiber and Olvier Green (PR9.)

Adore doesn't know how to sew.  The first main challenge is always constructing a garment, usually out of unconventional materials.   Ru is surprised he hasn't caught on, or, worse, even cared.

Vivacious is steered away from wearing a plastic dragon on his shoulder.  Merci, Ru.

Ru tells Kelly Mantle that she reminds him of a young Carol Burnett.   Ru seems to approve of the direction of the dress.

Ru does NOT like that April is going to wear pants.

It's only mildly amusing that he keeps saying all he has is crap.  It probably is true, though.   

Gia doesn't know what she is doing yet.  She seems lost as she tries to describe what she will wear.  Ha!

No BDLC or Laganja?   Adore has trouble getting her outfit off of the mannequin.

Joining Ru at the judges table are Michelle Visage and Santino Rice, of course, but also Mike Ruiz and Adam Lambert.  Damn, he has never look so emaciated, huh?  I want his personal trainer!

Gia Gunn
Keeping Up With The Kardashians

April Carrion
Duck Dynasty

Laganja Estranja
Dancing With The Stars

Kelly Mantle

Downton Abbey

Adore Delano
Honey Boo Boo

Game Of Throes

Golden Girls

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth II?

Santino praises Gia for how well she is put together.  Michelle makes a few comments, and Gia responds with a flat "absolutely" each time.   What's up with that?  

Ru is excited that April ditched the pants and went with a dress.  Adam and April make plans for after the filming of the show.

Michelle rips on Laganja for tripping on her look.    She doesn't like the neck area, but Santino doesn't mind it.   I cringe when Laganja says "absolutely."  They must have made a bet backstage on who could say the word the most.   She seems to be on a different level than the judges.  I don't want to go as far as say she is high, but she certainly isn't on the same wavelength as the others.

Michelle sees bacon on Kelly's chest.  (They're flower petals.)  Santino hates the white polyester used for the dress.  Adam likes that it is feminine.

Adore looks like a deer in headlights when it's her turn.  She's says her inspiration was a 1980s prom meets early Heatherette.  She's already explaining that she can't sew before they start to pick on her.  

The judges tease Vivacious for her style of walking (ball walking, think Paris Is Burning, exaggerated and strong.)  Santino sees the horrible hem on the dress.

Michelle asks if BDLC sewed her garment. She gushes, "I didn't, this is all just a hot glue and desperation from head to toe!  I wanted the craftsmanship to go with the Golden Girls them and look like it was made by old arthritic hands."  Ha!

Gia Gunn, Laganja Estranja, and April Carrion are safe.

Condragulations, BDLC!

Kelly Mantle is up for elimination, as is Vivacious.  Adore is safe.

The LSFYL is one of the remixes of Madonna's "Express Yourself."  The edit seems real short, but I would *guess* Vivacious had more energy.   Did Kelly have trouble with her dress during the lip synch?

I wish Kelly could have stayed, in that I want to see how she would do in an acting challenge.   Maybe she would have aced The Snatch Game challenge, too.  Adore got *such* an edit, I swore she was going to be leaving, but I think the right person left.

Don't wear bacon!

Make love, not bacon!



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