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Face Off s6e7 Open Sesame 25 February 2014

Last time on Face Off the makeup artists worked in teams to fabricate Cryptids.  Tyler won a 2nd Spotlight challenge, this time working with Chloe to create a Mapinguari.  Matt was sent home for doing too little on Corinne's Jersey Devil.  Remember that.  Remember that Corinne aimed lower and stayed (because of earned immunity.)

It's morning in L.A., and the three remaining girls are musing over their chances for a fully female final three.  Are we getting a glimpse into who wins and loses?  Betcha none of them are safe middle this week.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at The Magic Castle.  It may be exclusive, but it ain't no White Castle.

McKenzie has a bunch of wands for the artists to pick.  The Spotlight Challenge is to create the wizard the wields the wand they pick.

They sketch inside the little theatre inside The Magic Castle.  The few that speak to the camera at that point like their wands and their designs seem reasonable.

In the work room Rashaad is going simple.  Daran is going sightless.  Chloe is overly impressed with her wands filigree.

Already with Mentor Michael?

George explains that his wizard is merging with his wand.  Mr. Westmore wants the face lines to be deeper, to go along with the wand design.

Graham liked the creepiness of the wand he chose.   Michael says he never saw the teeth as jewelry look Graham has going.

Daran picked his because of the colors.  Brown?  I gotta take a closer look, that can't be right.  Michael wants the old age look on the face to continue to the neck.

Niko liked the futuristic aspect of his wand.  He's going for a robot human, but his sketch sure looks more robot.    Michael sees a Neanderthal Man sculpt, not a robot.   He specifically says the chest will look like a human chest, if he doesn't rework it.  Uh-oh!

Tyler beams that this is a character that he always wanted to do.  He hears not to showcase human pecs on his overtaken by wood look.

Corinne explains her concept to the Westmores.  He likes the sketch, not the sculpt.

Michael doesn't like Cat's nose.  He thinks it looks like it is physically damaged.   She later interview she is keeping the vines around the nose.  That's it, shun the expert's advice.

When Niko goes to vacuum-form his face, it isn't working.  Time is up before he can come up with a Plan B.

On Day 2 Chloe is starting to realize she can't finish her design sculpt in time.  What will she do?  Corinne has decided to go simple with her concept, and try to save it with a perfect paint.  Now, in all fairness, this is what the judges say to do year after year:  If you can't deliver BOTH a stellar sculpt and great paint, they prefer you deliver a wonderful paint job, at the expense of a poor sculpt.   So, I'm wondering when Corinne get to be called out for aiming low.  (She seems to have a record of aiming low like this.)  Rashaad fears he is going too simple and is all kinds of nervous.  Chloe is still worried about her design being too elaborate.  Tyler has already started painting everything.  Man, he is beaming!

On reveal day George's model become allergic to his adhesive.   George is prepared, he takes care of his model and has ANOTHER MASK all ready to use.  Smart man!

Two hours left in the work room, and most are painting.  Cat, Chloe and Niko seem to be the last to start painting.  Remember that.

During the last hour by the reveal stage Rashaad is struggling with finishing his paint work.  Niko can't get his glued pieces to stick.  Tyler is still on cloud nine over his work.

How do they all make out?










Upon closer inspection, they abhor Cat's work.  Chloe's isn't much better.  They like Corinne's and love Tyler's.  George's work fascinates them, as does Daran's.  They pick on Rashaad's edges.  He interviews he is worried.  Ve likes the paint work, although the edges are showing.  Graham's is cool, but Niko's paint is wrong.

Rashaad, Graham and Daran are called safe and sent out back to await the fate of the others.

"What?  I didn't win?"

Corinne saw 'tribal' and wanted to make a dark shaman.  Glenn loves the makeup.  Ve calls it stupendous.  Neville likes the Peruvian skull.

Ve doesn't mind Chloe's concept, it's just that the filigree is too thick.  Neville regrets she ran out of time.  Glenn calls it confused.

George saw his wizard as becoming metallic.  Neville swears as he explains that it is gorgeous.  Glenn is beaming as much as Tyler does.  Ha!  Ve loves the face paint work.

Cat introduces "Flora of the Forest."  Glenn loves the wings, and that is it.  Ve is disappointed.  Neville sees disease.

Tyler explains his wizard of the woods.  Ve calls it well designed.  Neville deems it authentic.  Glenn admires the nose and chin, calling then unorthodox.

Nico's paint job is lacking.  Neville says there is so much wrong with it.   Glenn says the metal is painted incorrectly.  Ve calls Nico's understanding into question.  Ouch!

Top three are Corinne,


and Tyler.

George finally has a win!

Bottom three are Chloe, Cat and Niko.

Cat is eliminated for her forest priestess.

Did you catch the end?  When McKenzie enters the makeup room, Chloe says, "really don't wanna see you right now."  Wow!  She's not a judge, she's merely the host.  She takes it in stride.

"I'm taking you all to Japan."

How are they all gonna sleep now?

I still want one of them to go help Vivacious over on RuPaul's Drag Race so he can have some more living art pieces to walk the runway.


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