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Face Off s6e5 In The Shadows 11 February 2014

Last time on Face Off the contestants created guitar creatures.  Daran won with immunity.    Tess had a meltdown just a couple of hours into the challenge and never recovered, ultimately being eliminated.

It's morning in L.A.   Tanner and Rashaad are homesick.  Don't get TOO much camera time, guys, you might get the Loser Edit and be eliminated!

Chloe teases Rashaad, "How do you feel about always being the bridesmaid?"   Oooooh, burn!

Okay, something is really bothering me.
No, not my weak Photoshop skills.
Is it just 'cause I'm old?   Rashaad needs a hair intervention, IMHO.

I know, if all the girls have to have unnaturally magenta or red hair, 
it's only reasonable to expect the boys to color their hair, too

Suddenly they are downtown, walking into a dark warehouse, to meet McKenzie Westmore.

She introduces creator of the Paranormal Activity franchise, Oren Peli.  I saw one of them and thought it was the most boring thing ever.   McKenzie gushes over how exciting and suspenseful and scary it was.   Well, she is being PAID to say those things on camera, I guess.  Peli spews some nonsense and then some shadows appear on the wall.   The Spotlight Challenge is to fabricate a supernatural entity that casts the shadow.  Peli wants a full head-to-toe design that inspires fear.

The makeup artists choose their shadows and start sketching.   A few interview that they hate insects and that will find its way into their designs.

Back at the work room they are starting to sculpt and — what?  Michael Westmore is there for a walk-thru.  Already?  We can estimate they've been there in terms of minutes, not hours.

Matt gets some painting advice.  That was short.

George doesn't know if his fake teeth should be in the mouth or outside of the mouth.  Mr. W. steers him away from fake teeth.  Instead, he should use a rinse with dye and syrup in it, to give the real teeth a creepy flair.

Tyler is advised to use a stencil when painting his back element, to save time.

Chloe is advised to be aware that the model will have to move his head around.   That's news?

Michael likes that Niko is going to cover edges with fur.  That will save some time.

Tanner's face is too sweet and cute.

I get that all the time.

No, I mean his creepy character's face is too cute.


Tanner interviews that resculpting is going to eat up a lot of time.  They're only in the second hour on day one.   They have at least 15 hours ahead of work time.  Oy.

I wish they would show more of the Westmore Walk-Thru.  It's a wasted opportunity, when it ends up being a grand total of 18 seconds.  Annoying.

Cat is nervous that she is already behind.  That's the spirit!

On day 2 the contestants are back at work.  I guess they can't be melodramatic about being kicked out of the competition when it is early in the morning.   Toby Keith Tanner is making horns out of red solo cups.

Corinne has a scare, she can't open her mold.    She dumps it and uses a wig to suggest head shape.   Wow.

 ♫ And they call it "Puppy Love."  

Alright, which version popped into your head first? 

Thus endeth day 2.  On day 3 Tyler is determined to start painting early.  Cat is still working on various pieces, there's nothing going on the model.  Tanner uses plastic wrap to suggest wrinkles on the model's torso.

During the last hour before the reveal Tanner can't get his horns to stay where they are supposed to.  Everyone seems busy right up to the end.

Joining host McKenzie, and judges Glenn, Ve and Neville is guest judge Oren Peli.












McKenzie calls out George, Tyler, Chloe, Rashaad and Matt as safe, and sends them back to the makeup room.

When Graham is called for questioning, isn't is face adorable?  Alright, Rayce and Wayne might have some competition. 

Graham saw cockroaches in the shadow he chose.  Glenn is choked up, he likes it so much.  Oren calls it cool and creepy.

Daran's back mouth is a flop to Ve.  Neville sees a generic version of horror.  

Niko saw a bull in his shadow.   Neville thinks it is beautiful.  Oren says it is the scariest.  Glenn is impressed with the proportions being correct.

Cat was reminded of a beetle and a praying mantis.  Oren says it looks like a person wearing a mask.  Glenn is not happy.  Ve calls the paint job weak.  She doesn't like the yellow spots.

Tanner wanted an old demon with overgrown horns.  There is skin showing through in various places.  Ve doesn't like the torso plastic wrap.  Oren says it isn't camera-ready.

Corinne created a goblin that sneaks up on sleeping children.  Neville says it is plausible.  Glenn approves.  

Top three are Graham, 


and Corinne.

Niko wins the challenge!

Bottom three are Daran, 


and Tanner.

Tanner is eliminated for failing on a variety of fronts, especially for being cute, not creepy.

Tanner received such a strong Loser Edit that I knew ahead of time that he was going.  Can't argue with the decision, the model's plain skin was evident in a number of places.  

Next week:  Swamp Thing!


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