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Face Off s6e4 Guitar Gods 4 February 2014

Last time on Face Off the makeup artists created individual dragon creatures, 

each suffering with a particular kind of halitosis.

Tyler beat out Rashaad and George for the win.

Niko and Tess were in the bottom, but Daniel was eliminated for his vision of a dragon without any dragon elements like horns, teeth, or wings.   With Daniel gone, I guess Blanche Devereux can get her kimono back now.

It's morning in L.A.  Niko and Tess are reminiscing about life on the bottom.

Off to the work room they go, to meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and former full-time judge now just a periodic guest judge Patrick Tatopoulos.  You are missed, PT!

The Foundation Challenge: Pick a motorcycle and use its particular design elements in an original makeup concept.  Patrick says the bike is the key to their success.  He expects to see bike design motifs in the paint job, such as color & shapes, and he wants to be wowed.

For a minute I did think: "You get a bike!"  But nope, no Oprah moment.

They scramble to grab their bikes, and everyone seems to get their 1st or 2nd choice, except maybe Tyler?  He still seems happy.

We see actual evaluations for Tyler, Tanner, Corinne, Daran and Tess.

Cat, Chloe, George, Graham, Matt, Niko and Rashaad get one second shots.  I liked Rashaad's and George's work, better than some that got decent air time.

Patrick deems the top two are:


and Daran

Patrick awards the win to Daran.  
He now has immunity for the upcoming Spotlight Challenge.

Next day they meet up with judge Glenn Hetrick and host McKenzie Westmore.  The Spotlight challenge:  Create a character that has literally fused with their guitar.  He wants to see the shapes, colors and personalities of the guitars in the final looks.  No, they don't get to keep the guitars, either.

The makeup artists get to choose their teams of two.  The teams are:  Corinne & Graham, Daran & George, Chloes & Tanner, Matt & Tess, Cat & Niko (co-workers & lovebirds in real life,) and Rashaad & Tyler.

The teams get to sketching, and it seems that they all have decent ideas.  Daran wonders how he is going to incorporate the clear (lucite?) aspect into his & George's creation.  He wants to make the neck the face/head.  Does that mean the head becomes one giant forehead?  Or maybe something else?

Already it's the Westmore Rush-Through!

Matt & Tess are doing … a goat rock-a-billy look.  Goat?


Okay, I guess it can be done, she's been a rocker goat for years.

Michael Westmore tells Tess that her sculpt is nowhere near her sketch.  I guess that means that the sketch itself is acceptable?  The sculpt is a smiling kitty-cat.  Mere seconds later Tess has a melt-down.

"I am so sorry but I am having like the worst panic attack in the world right now."

Okay, that means you don't have to do any work.  Don't focus.  Let your emotions take you wherever you want to go, and just enjoy the drama ride.  I'll carry you, like I carried Margaret.

Geez, it's only day one.  Come back to reality, girl!  There's time to course correct, PLENTY of time.

Corinne & Graham explain their '60s psychedelic paisley idea.  Mr. Westmore suggests they cut a stencil for the paisley arm look.

Rashaad & Tyler's guitar's crackle effect has to be 'deeper' than what they have sculpted on the forehead.  He likes where they will incorporate the clear parts on the torso.

That's it?  There are three other teams!

Tess interviews that the competition is getting to her (really?) and that Matt & she are running out of time.  On day one?  Oh, please.  Yes, it's annoying to have to redo something.  However, you're not even one third of the way through all of your time.  Maybe you're one sixth of the way.  Maybe.

Are you okay?


Yeah, I'm with you, Tanner.

On day two, most teams are finishing up their molds.  Cat & Niko's horns are part of the big cowl/torso sculpt.  (Usually that would be broken into a few pieces.)  Not sure if they are doing this for ease, or for a smoother look.  They struggle, but they get it set and apart without breaking anything.

Rashaad decides on day two to go further with the torso, maybe show some innards through the clear covering.

Ugh.  Is that a toothpick, Matt?  Tess, I now give you a complete pass for that meltdown yesterday.  Toothpick people, no.

On day three everyone quickly gets to models for painting.  This sure seems different than past seasons where some of them weren't ready for the models.  Or maybe s4's Wayne just really made an impact.

You know it.

What?  You mean you couldn't re-glue the fret-horn in fifteen minutes?

Judging this week, as always, are Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Rashaad & Tyler

Matt & Tess

Chloe & Tanner

Corinne & Graham

Cat & Niko

Daran & George

When the judges go up to inspect up close, they are impressed with Rashaad & Tyler's work.  

Glenn asks the model to shake her head "yes & no," and one of Tess's fret horns loosens and keels over.  Uh-oh!

Glenn doesn't like the integration of the guitar into Chloe & Tanner's work.

McKenzie calls out Niko & Cat, and Graham & Corinne as safe.

Rashaad & Tyler hear nothing but praise.  Glenn likes that the guitar parts become internal.

Ve calls Matt & Tess's work 'very silly.'  Glenn says it lacks the complexness they are looking for.  He is mad that the horns fell apart.

Neville tells Tanner & Chloe that he likes the idea, but not the execution.  They're called out for relying too much on the red.

Glenn just blurts out, "Can't wait to hear this story."  George & Daran explain, and Glenn calls it genuinely unique. 

Top two are Rashaad & Tyler,

and George & Daran.    George & Daran are the top team.  The winner is —


and the Eighties!

Daran wins!  He's the first guy since Anothny in season 4 to win with immunity.

Bottom dwellers are Matt & Tess, and Chloe & Tanner.  

It's pretty obvious that Tess is the one to go.

Again we hear that this is such a talented group.  How do the newbies from season 5 and how will the eventual season 7 people feel about this overemphasis?


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