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Face Of s6e6 Cryptic Creatures 18 February 2014

Previously on Face Off the makeup artists made creatures that cast a particular shadow.  

Top three were Graham, Corinne and Niko.   Niko won the challenge.

Bottom three were Daran, Cat and Tanner, with Tanner being eliminated.

Another morning in L.A.   Cat, Niko and Corinne are saying their lines musing over Niko's win and Cat's near elimination.   Cat is determined to show she can do better work.

The contestants meet up with host McKenzie Westmore and guest judge Howard Berger (Narnia, Kill Bill, Breaking Bad) in the middle of nowhere.

Rashaad is eager to see Howard Berger.  
"I'd recognize that beard anywhere."

That's just TOO easy, Rashaad, I'll leave that one alone.

Did they meet up with them at Mr. Berger's HOME?

The Foundation Challenge:  Create an orc.

Not an Ork.

Not an Ark.

Mr. B. states, "Orcs are aggressive, they're brutal warriors, but, what makes them really scary is they never, ever bathe travel alone."

An Orc.  Then the King Family comes over the hill and  they learn that in teams of two, they are to make over 10 people in 2.5 hours.  One of the 10 is already designated as the leader of the other nine.   They'll spend more time on him, or at least design him to look like the leader, eh?

Randomly assigned teams are
Chloe & George

Corinne & Matt

Graham & Tyler

Niko & Daran

and Rashaad & Cat

Top two teams are Chloe & George, 

and Corinne & Matt.  
The latter is the top team, and Corinne wins immunity.

Next day, Spotlight Challenge time!   The contestants walk over to a swamp, and McKenzie rises out from the mist like that grand midwife from Kif's home planet, Amphibios 9.

It could happen.
Geez, now, I miss Kif.  =o(

Well, no, McKenzie says their next challenge is all about Cryptids, suspected, but not proven beings.  Think Bigfoot or The Loch Ness Monster.

But not Futurama's El Chupanibre,

or South Park's Jewpacabra.

The contestants pick their own teams, and then select coordinates to their mystery cryptic.  Hmmm, I wonder if anyone knew their geography well enough that they had a hunch what they were getting?

Niko & George chose Russia's Vodyanoy.  Corinne & Matt have The Jersey Boys Devil, from New Jersey, notch.  Cat & Tyler grabbed Mapinguari from Brazil, Daran & Cat work with Mexico's Chupacabra, and Graham & Rashaad got Australia's Bunyip.

McKenzie produces alien/creature actor extraordinaire Doug Jones, who will be a guest judge.   He advises them that their creatures must look organic (believable) and be able to move and emote.

The makeup artists scheme and sketch near the swamp, which, I swear, has to be fake.  I don't know.  Everyone seems to get along and have decent ideas.


Once they get back to the lab/work room, ce n'est pas la même chose.  Cat & Daran are disagreeing over the skin color.  Cat wants traditional green/gray.  Daran gets to have it orange/red/burgandy.  

Graham & Rashaad are putting everything into their Bunyip (they are following what a Bunyip truly is.)  Is that a bad strategy, having too many ideas?

It's in the middle of day one, and Matt is already nervous about his sculpting.   It's too early, just course correct.   Last week Tess broke down for the same thing at this point in the challenge.  She went home.  Uh-oh!

Graham & Rashaad do a mad rush on their mold at the end of day one.  Can't tell if they are hamming it up for the cameras, or if it was a genuine last burst of adrenaline, to work on their mold.

Day 2 Matt is worried that Corinne took the lead on their look.  I think she just filled the void.   Cat was worried about working with Daran yesterday.    Won't the judges be upset that they had few to no ideas included?

The day 2 footage is barely a minute.  Day three Matt thinks he went too subtle, and starts making hooves.  All teams seem to be painting long before they leave for the last hour and reveal.  That makes me think they are doing better than in some of the seasons where they only STARTED to paint during that last hour.  Or maybe it's that their sculpts are too simple?  Still, the judges always say, if you have to choose, make sure the paint job is stellar at the expense of the sculpting, and not the other way around.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore, and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is creature actor Doug Jones.

Cat & Daran

Chloe & Tyler

George & Niko

Graham & Rashaad

Corinne & Matt

After their closer inspection, McKenzie says everyone gets a critique.  Chloe & Tyler break down the work involved, and Glenn compliments them straight away.  Ve likes the fur treatment.  Neville and Doug enjoy the mouth on the torso.

Corinne & Matt are told that they didn't do enough compared to the others.  Ve really hates Corinne's wings.  So does Glenn.

George & Niko hear good things from Neville.  He says everything looks purposeful.  Doug likes the balance and cohesion.

Graham & Rashaad talk about their Bunyip. Doug calls the bullet list of everything incorporated as ridiculous, and yet he likes how well they did.  Ve sees they got stuck with a poor creature, and yet the judges are all beaming with how successful it is.

Glenn doesn't like the design ideas of Cat & Daran's work.   Neville hates the face sculpt.  Doug notes that it is limiting in what the model can emote.

Top teams are Chloe & Tyler, 

and Graham & Rashaad.

Chloe & Tyler have the winning look!

Tyler wins!
He is the first this season 
to win two Spotlight (main) Challenges.

The top people, plus George & Niko are safe and sent out back.

From the bottom four, Corinne is singled out as safe, having immunity, and is sent out back.

Bottom three are Cat, Daran and Matt.

Matt is eliminated for not pushing far enough, not doing enough.

Did you see it coming?    Do you agree?   I was very surprised that Matt CHOSE to work with Corinne that second time around, knowing she had immunity.   Neither he nor Cat ever have an idyllic team experience.  I don't know if fear is involved, or if they are just quite people.  Well, no, when Cat worked with Niko, they seemed more even.  I don't know.   One has to contribute fully, without overpowering the other.  Guess it isn't an innate skill.


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