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UTG s1e2 The Mentor Face Off 23 January 2014

Last time, on the debut of Under The Gunn, we met 15 fashion designers competing for twelve positions.  That would mean four each for PR alumni turned mentors Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra and Anya Ayoung-Chee.  Not only are the contestants competing for a typical PR prize package, but the three new mentors are fighting for prizes, too.

Half of the designers were observed creating an outfit of their choice out of predetermined Mood supplies.  (They had six hours and the same fabrics & notions.)  Seven of the eight made it through.  Melissa Grimes was the only one not accepted to move forward.  The remaining seven that didn't compete last week will compete for the five spots left this week.

Before we really begin, one quick observation:  Five of the remaining seven had air time last week, the highlighted two not so much.   Was that some sort of an edit?  Are they the first to go?  Are they top 2 for the season?

What does it mean?

How do we know that poor, already gone Melissa Grimes isn't any better or worse than every person not seen yet?  I wish that she could have been put "on the bubble" till we knew what the second group would do.

Hey!  That's *MY* phrase.  You can't say that!

Sorry, in limbo, or purgatory, until ALL can be evaluated.

I'll allow that, even if I don't believe in it.

Um, I'm certain Jesus could produce melanin better than that.

Ah, that's ... better?

At any rate, let me recap ...

Oh, be quiet.  I already did so above.  We know Anya has one empty position to fill, and Mondo and Nick each have 2.

It's another day in L.A., CA, and Tim + 3 meet up with the untested seven on the front lawn of FIDM.   Bolts of fabric sprouted up overnight, just like s7e1 in Central Park.  They are told to grab as much as possible.

Wait!  It's a trap!

I keep waiting for a catch, like they must use ALL that they grab, or that they can only choose 3 bolts, or they have to pass the fabrics to the girl on the left, or something like that.  Nope, it never comes, they can grab all they want and use as much or as little as they want.  Whew!

Mondo knows Stephanie already, from real life in Denver, CO.

As soon as they hit the workroom Amy Sims talks about her family.  We know what that means, but is it the Winner or the Loser Edit?

Isabelle is worried that the judges will mistake her dress for a spaceship.

Comme ça?

Her backstory of skateboarding across her country is adorable.

Has her head always been half the size of a human's head?

(No worries, it's just the photo.
She's just a bit behind the guys.)

Soon enough Nick, Mondo & Anya are traipsing through the workroom.   Nicholas is a menswear designer who will do womenswear for the competition.    Dang, I wish there was a menswear season of PR.  They can bring Emmet McCarthy back, and fly over Australia's Leigh Buchanan & Jordan Court, too.

At any rate, the new mentors are excited to see Nicholas's aesthetic in womenswear.  Okay, if they are so charged, then he MUST be staying, eh?   Anya interviews that his work could be amazing.  Mondo interviews that there is so much intelligent design, even if it looks simple.

So, my first theory (Stephanie & Nicholas will be eliminated) must be flat out wrong.   

I'm just as surprised as you are.
Now, to recap, Mondo has -

Oh, stop it, we're up to speed.

I don't mean Speed Weed.

Sam explains his vision, and that he listens to women.  Anya interviews that she is impressed.    Sam interviews that he is leaning towards Nick.  Mondo now wants Sam.  

Anya is glad some of Amy's bolts of fabric went on the floor.  Nick call's Amy's look refined.  Mondo says it's safe, not special.

Let me quote Isabelle:  " Okay, this kind of crazy, this whole shape in my head, cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it, cut it, and then I put it together, the shape."


Mondo is attracted to her.  Nick sticks his tongue out.  The Tonya Reiman in me says that can't be good.  Isabelle says she is counting on screwing up in the end.  What II?

Asha's fabric choice is a hit with the young mentors.  Anya loves Asha's work, she calls it 'just gorgeous.' Nick doesn't like the bare midriff, but he sees couture.   Or he hears Asha calling her work couture.

Rey is making a blazer with pants.  Mondo says Rey over-designs.    Anya calls one of the fabrics safe, and Rey immediately tosses it aside.  Ha!  Mondo and Anya see the dated aspect of the jacket.

Stephanie says she is nervous.    Mondo is worried that her looks can be quiet.  Anya is worried that the detail, great up close, looks boring from far away.  Nick and Mondo want her to work more on the skirt shape.

Put the fuchsia dress in the window because
the customer will buy the black sheath dress.


I need to see the fuchsia dress.

Speaking of Nick, did you know he has 2 -

Oh, be quiet!

Tim meets with the 3 mentor minions.  Anya is pleasantly surprised, she originally thought (by portfolio) that group one was better than this group.  Nick just wants to be chosen.

During model fitting Isabelle loses her mind with her model, per Asha.  Well, not just Asha.  

On runway morning Anya shares that last time around it was obvious who would be in the bottom, unlike this time.  There's a lot of mentors talking amongst themselves.  I could do with more workroom antics.

Mondo has 2 designers of four -

And MUCH less of Tim recapping.

When Tim calls for time, Isabelle is still working in the Brother sewing room.

(In work room)
TG:  Where is Isabelle?
Nicholas: She's still in the sewing room.

(In sewing room)
Isabelle D: Ooooh my God!  I feel like I'm about to have a baby.
TG:  Isabelle!  I've already called time and the other designers and models are going down to the runway, RIGHT NOW.  You. Must. Stop.
ID: (Looking at Tim) Okay.  (Goes right back to her work.)
TG: You mu-  no!, NOW!
ID: Ah, here! I what I while I'm breathing.  I swear to you -
TG:   No! No! No! No! No!   You must stop now!  (Sterner) ISABELLE!   NOW!  This is not fair.  It must come out of the machine and go on the model.  
ID:  It's got to make
TG: No! No! No! No! No! No! No!  Absolutely not. We must go.

I love a stern, excited Gunn, don't you?

I couldn't have done it that much better.

It's at this point that I have determined:  I don't care who wins or loses, as long as Isabelle is here for all episodes.  She is SO funny — more than Vincent, more than Elisa, more than Suede, even more than Kooan.    I didn't say she was more talented, just more silly and crazy, in an entertaining way.   Hell, give her her own show!  Tim could be her next door neighbor foil, eh?

Let's get to the runway before Tim tries to recap again.

Love it, but she'll be accused of being too plain, huh?


I liked it better when Dominique did it on The Fashion Show s2e4.  Oh, hell, I really *do* like it.  Ya made me smile, Sam.  Nick calls it slouchy chic.

Now I want Iman on the show somehow.


Ya know, for being ripped out of the sewing machine, and Isabelle's hands by Tim, it doesn't look too bad.  I see ideas, that's got to be good, eh?

The coat reminds of me the early 1960s.  I kept hoping it would be modernized.  I don't think it was.

I'm with Nick, there's no need for the bare midriff.

Again, I love this, but the judges will think this is too plain, yes?

Nick blurts out that he wants Sam, but loses him to Mondo.  Anya explains how she wants to mentor Nicholas, and gets him!  She's got her four now.

Nick keeps whining in interview that he is not getting picked.  Oh, please, perspective, girl.

Anya calls out and gets Nicholas.  She's got her four now.

Nick calls out Isabelle.  He is intrigued with the innovative draping and avant garde aesthetic.  Mondo passes, and Nick gets Isabelle.

Mondo chooses Asha, and Nick let's him have her.

Amy, Rey and Stephanie are left.  They plead their case to Uncle Nick, and he selects Stephanie.

So, Amy and Rey are sent home.

Then the rest of them got bombed.
And Isabelle is ... well, what's the next step *after* bombed?
Is she really trying to drink from the SIDE of the glass, not the open top?

Next time we will see Rachel Roy (love her judging on PR,) Jen Rade and Zrr.  Don't know what the challenge will be, and don't care.  ISABELLE WILL BE THERE !!! 

I've got the cutest little 2BR / 2BA to show you that'll go for a song!


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