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UTG s1e1 Who Is Under The Gunn?16 January 2014

Did you like PR sans Heidi Klum?  It vaguely reminded me of Fashion Star, but in a good way.  Here's what happened: This would have been season 13 of Project Runway, but when she became unavailable, the proceeded with a few tweaks.  Filmed at FIDM (like season PR6,) Tim Gunn serves as host and overall mentor.  The first 2 episodes show fifteen contestants being whittled down to 12, and those 12 get assigned a mentor, either Uncle Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra or Anya Ayoung-Chee, all popular and successful prior PR alumni. 

8 of the 15 designers were featured this week.  We'll see the other 7 next week.

Except, I may obliterate one of them for saying Gretchen deserved the s8 win over Mondo.  (Team Mondo here.) 

Michelle Uberreste, Oscar Garcia-Lopez, Melissa Grimes, Blake Smith, Camila Costello, Shan Keith Oliver, Natalia Fedner and Brady Lange are selected to compete this episode.  We'll see the others fight it out next week.

In the FIDM work room there are Mood bags filled with three yards each of six fabrics.  Each bag is exactly the same.  The contestants get six hours to make whatever they want to make.  Meanwhile, the mentors look at portfolios, and go into the work room to talk with the candidates.

Natalia designs, constructs, changes course and re-drapes a few times.  That can't be good!  Shan brings out a bomber jacket in no time.   His pattern use scares me.

Sort of mentor time!   The 3 former PR stars go through the work room to get more of a handle on the prospective contestants.  Nick says that he trusts Brady's use of print (he liked his portfolio.)

Oscar doesn't wow them as much as Brady did.  Mondo wants more of a surprise to the gold & black outfit.  Eventually he makes gloves and a hat.

Melissa is only using the navy polka dot on white print.  Nick won't be choosing her.

Anya asks Michelle what she did when she couldn't come up with an idea right away.  Good thinking, Anya. 

Mondo is concerned that Camila is doing a gold and black dress, just like Michelle and Oscar.  Uh-oh!

The three beam over Shan's bomber jacket.  What? To me it looks so busy and unworthy of any occasion.   Everyone on the show loves it.  Nick interviews that he didn't like Shan's portfolio, but that he loves the current outfit.  

Natalia's stress amuses the mentors.   Mondo mocks her for not looking up, but just continuing to work, when they come by.  Anya tries to understand whether she is always frantic.  They tell her to relax.  Natalia interviews that she scared the mentors.  Ha!

Poor Michelle on runway day does a "Cassanova" and gives hair directions to Scott Patric (bicep mustache makeup man.)

Let's see how they did ...

Michelle Uberreste

Brady Lange

Melissa Grimes 

Blake Smith

Natalia Fedner

Shan Keith Oliver

Oscar Garcia-Lopez

Camila Costello

All three mentors fight over Michelle, who chooses Mondo.  Anya & Nick want Shan, he goes with Anya.  All 3 want Blake, who selects Anya.   Mondo blurts out Camila, and she goes with him, even though Nick wanted her, too.  Anya and Nick both want Brady, and he joins Anya's flock.    Nick names Oscar, he wants to refine his look.

The last two waiting their fate are Melissa and Natalia.  The mentors all pass on Melissa.  Tim gives her some encouragement, and sends her on her way.  I keep thinking of PR2 Heidi Standridge who made a 'pretty' outfit and got eliminated for being boring.   Melissa's work came off like PR5 Kenley SUPER-lite.

Natalia cries so much on the runway that Mondo changes his mind and says he wants her to be on his team.  Not so fast, Nick wants her, too.  His technical skills seal the deal.

And there we are, half-way through the selection process.  I am intrigued and very hopeful for a great diversion from PR. 


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  1. I love your positive attitude and hopeful expectations of Under the Gunn. Your recaps are wonderful too. It is hard to keep everyone straight in the beginning--especially since there are 7 more designers to meet. I, too, think it will be an interesting season and concept of Tim Gunn mentoring the mentors. He makes it look so easy, but I'm sure all 3 will over involve themselves.