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PRAS s3e9 Fashion Cents 2 January 2014

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the designers created 'the next trend' for fashion bloggers, incorporating the color 'radiant orchid' into the design.  

1.  Can you see the 'radiant orchid' in every single outfit?  Clutches don't count!

2.  You mean they don't NORMALLY have to create fashion forward looks?

Korto won over Seth Aaron and Elena.   Christopher tried to ignore the challenge, yet he was kept over Viktor.

Oh, and Nina and Christopher bonded over kelp.

Alyssa stops begging for quarters for Unicef to join the last four contestants on the runway.

Christopher interviews that it is unreal that he is even there.   Um … confidence?  Or the Loser Edit?   Alyssa asks how many challenges each has won.  Seth Aaron is the only one remaning who hasn't won a challenge this season.  Is this the Winner Edit?  The cameraman is nodding the camera 'yes.'  

There's a lot of that going around. 
At least Brittany Pierce Lisa Bevill Stephanie knew enough to wear some 'radiant orchid.'

Well, that was easy.  We're done, right?  Let's talk about Styled To Rock.

Like that's gonna happen.

Alyssa explains that the challenge is ready to wear.   The last regular challenge on PRAS is always that, huh?   This season they are to create a garment for Milly.  Instead of Mood, they select their fabrics from the Milly production studio.  They even get TWO days to construct.  Merci, Seigneur.

Over at the Milly studio they meet Michelle Smith, Milly fashion designer.   She explains that she wants them to design with her 'urban tribal' aesthetic, while honoring their own point of view.   They must keep that within the Milly brand, feminine with an edge.  The president and CEO Andrew Oshrin has to approve of the design and fabric amount, to reach the price point of $400 retail. 

Okay, I should have done this earlier:  Before any of this episode aired, who did you think would win and lose?    I thought the girls were in, and the boys would fight for the eliminated spot.  Now that we know the challenge, I think this is Korto's challenge to lose.  I anticipate Seth Aaron and Elena to do very well, but lose to Korto.  

That would mean 'ciao,' Christopher!

Well, no, let's keep an open mind.

Why bother?  They've already
FORCED the Winner and
Loser Edit down your throat!

Elena called Christopher "Chifonny," ha!  I had forgotten about that.

Both Elena and Seth Aaron interview that they love the Milly aesthetic, and would love to work for the company.     When meeting with the president, Korto has to drastically change her design.  The others have minor tweaking to do.

Later on day one, Christopher changes his design.  Then Elena rips her leather.  Or it rips on her.  Maybe Christopher's design changed on him.

Day two and it's dress two for Elena!   Evidently she was inspired by Seth Aaron's nonsense weeks ago.

It's Zannado and Michelle Smith time!   Way to hide poor Michelle, Zrr.   She's even wearing the right color, per Nina.

Michelle likes the angles of the top.  They don't love the bottom as much.  Seth Aaron changes it, of course.

I thought Elena had started dress #2, but she is showing Zanna & Michelle dress #1.  Zrr tells her to forget the 2nd and concentrate on the 1st.   Gracias, Senor.

Michelle questions the use of the fabrics that Korto has going together.    Korto interviews that she already knows what she is doing.

Christopher states he wants to do separates instead of a dress.  Michelle explains that even though it is the same amount of fabric, it isn't the same amount of cutting or construction.  Therefore, it no longer hits the $400 retail price point.  She is clear.  After Zanna and Michelle leave, Christopher tries to talk himself into being approved to do separates.  Refusal to follow directions, huh?

Seth Aaron and Elena don't have much work to do with the model fitting.  Christopher seems to be bugging about it.  Korto says her model fitting went great.  Not looking good, Christopher.  On runway day the others are amused by Christopher's last minute frenzy of work.

Joining Alyssa, Georgina (who?) and Isaac are Kristin Chenoweth, Nick Cannon, and Michelle Smith.


Seth Aaron



Alyssa says they all did a great job.

Isaac calls Elena's really fresh.  Kristin says it is very forgiving.  Or unforgiving.  Or that she wants a Big Mac.  Georgina loves the side profile, but wants a matching matte white zipper, not the silver that stands out.  Nick likes it.  He has trouble in real life getting clothes off of his woman?   Forget zippers, just go for velcro, yes?

Christopher hears lots of compliments.  Michelle and Isaac do not like the bodice.  Georgina says the humorous "I don't know who you are as a designer."  Like Nina saying it in season six, after returning from a long absence, it just sounds wrong when you say that without being there before.  However, compared to the other three, she is on to something.  Later the construction is called into the question.

The judges love the back of Korto's but not the front.   Isaac gushes about loving her aesthetic.   The belt seems better than it did in the work room.

Alyssa thinks she saw a nipple with Seth Aaron's.  Some of the judges like the bit of color, some don't.   Michelle loves the skirt, and both Nick and Kristin think it is the best garment.

Seth Aaron wins!  The look will be put into production and the proceeds will go to Save The Garment Center.  He is "guaranteed" a place in the finale.  Wait, what?  Guaranteed?

Elena is declared safe and has a spot in the finale, too.

Christopher & Korto are the bottom two.  Alyssa says they have another challenge, that the judges need to see more.  Ha!  Yes, Georgina DOES need to see more.  

They have one hour, and three prior challenge looks to reconfigure to make a new look.  They work right on the runway.

So over the exposed zippers.  Hem is neat, yes?

The hem?

Both are praised for their impressive work in just one hour.  Each of the 3 judges (not the guests) vote and Korto is in.

Christopher gets the elimination kiss & hug.  Is Alyssa auditioning for a romance book cover?

It's a tragedy for me to see the dream is over.

Did he just give me lice?

I'm a tough cookie.

Yeah, no.

I'm a free spirit.

Girl, I'm gonna miss you.

There is such a thing as willful ignorance.   Also, did Christopher really not utilize his time wisely, as Seth Aaron suggested?

Next time, a six piece collection for the finale!   Didn't Seth Aaron do that weeks ago?


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