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PRAS s3e10 Are U.N. Or Are You Out? (Finale)  9 January 2014

Last time on Project Runway All Stars the four remaining designers created ready to wear to retail for $400 at Milly.  Seth Aaron beat out Elena for the win, but both moved forward to the finale.   Korto and Christopher had to battle it out for the last remaining spot.  They had one hour to reconfigure three prior challenge outfits into one new outfit.  The judges chose Korto and eliminated Christopher.

Alright, before this episode aired, which way did you think it was gonna go?   I had no idea, but I was hoping for Korto to place 2nd, just because she placed 2nd twice before (s5 in 2008, and the PRAS Challenge special in 2009.)

Alyssa meets the last three standing over on the runway.  She informs them that they will make a six look collection inspired by their ancestry.

You get $4!

Well, no, they have four days.   Actually, they have three, but she says four.  Curious.  Alyssa sends them over to the U.N. to meet up with delegates from 'their country of origin.'  Only, that isn't right.  Korto was born in Liberia, Elena in the Ukraine, but wasn't Seth Aaron born in the states?   He gets Spain, at any rate.

Meanwhile, all I can think of is this,


— and this, of course.

At any rate, they have $2,000 to spend at Mood.    No crises or Swatch sightings.

On day one we learn that Seth Aaron is ignoring the muslin and going right to fabric.  Korto is working on the first look of the runway first.  Elena talks about freaking out, but the others won't have it.

In the morning on day two Zrr comes by.  Nice cut.

"This is not the Seth Aaron that I know."  She likes his pieces, but when she hears how he wanted to do something different from what he's done before, she thinks he won't be cohesive.  Uh-oh!

Elena explains her emotional basis for her collection.   Elena is worried about her cut outs taking too much time.

Zanna picks on one of Korto's looks, with wide legs and a huge peplum.  That's the only negative thing we hear.

Zanna brings in some eliminated contestants for 24 hours of help.   They are pre-assigned, yes?  Each of the top 3 easily delegates something to the assistants.  I like that Christopher has a good attitude about helping Korto out.

On day three Alyssa is waiting in the work room to reveal a twist.    Scarves from Theodore & Callum.

I swear I heard something else, though.

What?  I am *not* going to say
this is the best twist ever.
You cannot make me say that.

Alyssa tells them they have to create a seventh look that is at least 50% scarf.  Elena interviews that this is her worst fear come true.   I'm sure you or I could come up with worse.  They do have their helpers for a few more hours.

Seth Aaron is thinking Day Of The Dead.  All I can see ...

... is this, and this.

You're drowning in a cup of water.

Echa Pa'lante!

Day four is runway day.    Joining Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac over at the U.N. are Zac Posen and Gayle King.  No Judith Light, Tony Danza or Danny Pintauro.   =o(

Elena Slivnyak

Seth Aaron Henderson

Korto Momolu

Hmmmm .... I feel like I'm taking the GREs here.  And not in my native tongue.  Okay, they are all cohesive, that's good.   I think my problem is that on most seasons of PR, there will be some major element of surprise for the finale, and there isn't really any shock element here.

Okay, I never saw the Seth Aaron white dress underarm detail before, but that is it.  We've seen everything else from these talented designers.  There, that's it, it's THEIR fault.  It has nothing to do with my complete lack of fashion sense or knowledge.  It's the contestants' fault that I'm bored.  Oh, if only.

Seth Aaron's matador coat is a hit with the judges.   Georgina doesn't like the fishnet look.  Isaac calls the collection a styling disaster.

I didn't think it was a disaster.

Me neither!

Isaac does say that the clothes are great.   Zac gushes over the white dress.  Alyssa praises the scarf dress.  Gayle didn't like the neck work on the 1st look.  Seth Aaron interviews that his work was memorable.

Alyssa calls Elena out for spending so much work on the top areas and so much less on the skirts.   Hmmm, not so much reaction from the judges.  Elena gets a shorter edit than Seth Aaron did.

Georgina picks on Korto for the structured pieces.   Isaac compliments Korto, telling her she is the most inventive.  Again, not so much input from the judges.   Why?

Elena is summarily written off, like Ari (then Andy) South in PR8.   Well, that was quick.  Why did Alyssa strip, in protest?

Its down to Korto and Seth Aaron.  

Seth Aaron is proclaimed the winner of PRAS3.
Maybe Alyssa took off her clothes so Seth Aaron
could give one of the looks to her?

Did the season pan out the way you wanted?  Do you agree with the judging?   I am glad SAH won, but I don't necessarily agree with all of the eliminations.

And I can't get this out of my mind.   

That wasn't a compliment.

Bring on Under The Gunn!
I do pray that the former PR contestants
won't have to be Mr. G's personal chairmen.
Maybe he's taking a cue from Anna Wintour?


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