Saturday, January 18, 2014

PRAS 3e11 • All Stars Reunion  16 January 2014

There's not much to recap on a reunion show when most of it consists of clips of prior episodes.  Here are the few things you need to know, and then some questions.

1.  Viktor knows how to hold a grudge.  Or misread the situation.  He apologized to Christopher for shunning him, only because Christopher needed it, not because it was wrong to give him the silent treatment in the first place.  All of this because Viktor had helped Christopher on a challenge where he ended up doing better than Viktor.   Moral lesson learned:  People don't matter, only prizes do.  Also, when you help someone and your own work suffers, it's not YOUR fault, it's theirs.

2.  Daniel knows how to crash a car!  Man, that was a scary shot, eh?

3.  I can't fathom what is involved in being M2F, but Ari sure seems to be doing it flawlessly.  

"I need to wear a bra."  Do you mean to say that before transitioning, you had NO IDEA that women and bras were a thing?

4. Korto's little girl is going to have a brother!  From the timeline, we can figure out that the reunion was filmed sort of recently, as opposed to the rest of the season in June/July 2013.

5. I have a question.

Why are we boycotting razors?

Jeffrey was costume designer for the Lifetime movie "Flowers In The Attic."

6.  I have another question.

Didn't she do a good job?
Doesn't she look really good here, too?  

I wasn't against Angela Lindvall or Carolyn Murphy.  However, Alyssa Milano has been much warmer and natural in front of the camera, which only makes sense with her experience.  Dear God, bring AM back for PRAS4, and make sure Fabio Costa, Shirin Askari and Allison Kelly are on it.  Please?

Yes, there was a lot of rehashing on the show.  Still, it was a pretty good season.   I am glad Under The Gunn has started, and PR13 has to come along mid-year, yeah?


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